Red Flower

Chapter 1.

By KuroiRuy


It was as far as she could remember. There was always snow. The sway of the snowflakes as they danced above her. The voices, muffled cries of pain and confusion and finally darkness...

It would always end at that memory...

A memory so long forgotten and unwanted...

Footsteps echoed in the empty hallway. A young girl followed silently behind an older man. His large frame and hunched shoulders revealed nothing to the nervousness that he was feeling. Tension seeped from his hurried gait as his heels clicked softly on the marble floor.

He was worried, no agitated! The girl behind him was exactly who he didn't want in here. She was brought in early this morning, but he wouldn't admit her until much later in the afternoon. Now treading patiently behind him he guided her to her class.

"Your locker would be assigned to you."

"Yes, sir", responded the girl. She was now moving beside him trying to hear his mumbled words. The man didn't bother to slow down. Then he stopped altogether. Voices were coming from the windowless door that they both were facing.

"Your class"

"Yes, sir"

Her slender hand reached out for the doorknob, but it was brushed aside as the man opened the door himself. Bright light illuminated the dark hallway and for just a moment she stood blinded. The man walked in sidestepping the dumbstruck girl. Voices hushed at once as the man was recognized.

An elderly woman stood by the blackboard. Her short white hair was tucked neatly into a bun that bounced up and down as she furiously scribbled on the board. The man approached her and gently spoke into her ear. Turning he motioned with his hand and the girl stepped in.

All eyes were on her. The girl stood in the middle of the class, behind her the man's harsh whisper came to a stop as he thanked everyone and apologizing left the class. It took a moment for the teacher to comprehend the situation, but recovering she introduced the newcomer and seating her immediately after.

For the rest of the class she sat at her desk taking notes. She was thankful to be placed so far in the back for it gave her a chance to observe without anyone noticing. Though occasional stares were directed at her when the woman upfront turned around to write upon the board.

The bell ended the class. Students waited, eager to get dismissed. Tiredly the woman approached her table and with a forced smile brought the class to an end. Suggesting for everyone to study as everyone ran out of the class.

She was last to exit, taking her time to gather her things. The hallway was packed. Students were packing their books and saying goodbye to their friends. Some chattering excitedly about the upcoming weekend and others simply trying to get away from the school and its homework.

Her appearance brought unwanted stares and more than once she wished that she could just blend in with the others. Having crimson pair of eyes and pink hair really stuck her out. Her complexion was pale ivory so white that it seemed as if her skin had never been exposed to the sun. The girl walked unhurriedly to the exit aware that every stare was directed at her with every step that she took.


Ok, this is rather short, but this is going to be the prologue in a way...Not really sure yet, gotta fix a couple of things first. The first story by this name was just a test run for the plot, I got pretty nice feedbacks so decided to continue. Until later!