Red Flower

By KuroiRuy

Wolf's Rain belong to Bones, I am simply borrowin the cast for my own sheer amusement! Dun sue!

Chapter 4

He was angry. The desk was the only thing that barricaded the larger man from destroying the rest of the office. Standing with his palms upon the cool wooden surface of the desk, his golden eyes locked with a pair of blue ones that regarded him with sheer amusement.

"She did it to herself, Blue!"

The woman's presence had seemed to release some of the tension out; tiredly he grunted and suddenly tumbled into the armchair. Fuming slightly he ran his hand through his hair, desperately trying to cool off and yet not finding solace to do so. Blue said nothing, but kneeled down to pick up a small pile of papers, gently stacking them.

"And yet Tsume, your poor secretary just can't seem to satisfy you need for the 'right' coffee?" she replied. "We are supposed to keep a low profile and yet here you are fussing like a spoiled pup!"

That stung! The man stirred uncomfortably across the room, while his fingers played with a pen. Laughing, Blue walked over and disposed the papers unto his desk. Instantly Tsume brought up his angered gaze to the woman in front. Amusement still lingered within her eyes, she gave a slap upon his back and gently whispered, "It is being cleaned up this evening, now get to work."


It smelled like flowers! The scent was here but strangely it had changed into a more distinct fragrance of a plant. The essence of liveliness filled his nostrils as he lay sprawled upon a warm softness. Fuzzy happy atmosphere disappeared as a pair of ruby eyes glared up at him.

Smiling, Kiba brought his face closer to the girl beneath him, her warm supple body pliant beneath him. He would have lingered longer within the peaceful coexistence of the moment had not a hard shove sent him crashing upon the floor. Cheza shoved the young man off her, desperately trying to get back up. She glared into the pair of ice blue eyes that regarded her silently.

"The fuck is wrong with you, are you indecent as to not look where you are walking? "

"Indecent, as you should talk!"

She tried to get in control of the situation and hadn't paid any attention to her state of dismay not to mention at the gratifying look the attractive looser was giving her. Cheza swallowed a blush had worked itself into a darker shade of pink; her head up as she brought her skirt down, not before flashing exposed skin and a pair of white undergarment. Not to bother with anymore humiliation the young girl began to pick up the pile of papers as fast as she could.


He had watched her with a twisted smile and managed to pick up a number of papers next to him. Tagging as the girl's shirt, Kiba leaned over her and thrust the papers into her hand. Hugging her from behind, he squeezed her gently and nuzzled her ear, smelling the intoxicating fragrance once more. Smirking, the young man muttered an incoherent apology and just as suddenly released her; not bothering for the consequence Kiba swiftly ran to the end of the hallway and disappeared behind the staircase.

Cheza stood dumbstruck for the second time this day. She muttered a curse and gathered the rest of the sheets as the bell rang for the class…


A large black pick up truck accelerated through the traffic, the driver dead to the rest of the world. The highway sign flashed before him as he turned to the left and drove for the next thirty minutes before finally coming to a halt.

The body bag had been provided for the job, putting on a pair of filthy gloves the driver set to work. The headlights had been turned off from the parked vehicle as he walked onto the forest oblivious to the darkness within. Sharp senses provided a much better overview of the forest that a flashlight ever could.

He smelled it before he could even see it. The gleaming bones and rotting flesh sent tingling essence of hunger; even the stomach rumbled its protest. Sighing, the driver carefully unfolded the bag and gently began putting the contents inside. Organs and such delicate parts had been eaten, only the uneaten muscle and bones remained.

He grabbed the bag and hauled it over his shoulder before as he headed to the truck. Shoved into the back the driver gathered his things and dusted his hands on the old pair of jeans. A phone in his pocket vibrated, he checked the number and smiled to the voice at the other end.

"It's finished Blue"

"Thank you, Hige" was the response before the line went dead. The cell phone was stuffed back into the pocket as Hige slumped into the driver's seat and pulled off onto the night.

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