Here I am, the writer of fanfics no one reads(Or at least reviews).

Anyway, since I am in a digimon mood, and seeing as how it takes me to write complete fics, I'm posting a Halloween fic for you.
But I have to warn you, you could DIE of laughter from reading this (I'm not going to bash anyone in this fic, no matter how stupid I think they are).

As disclaimers go, I do not own Digimon, thier friends, and anyone associated with them. So all lawers, Stop Calling Me Already!

Oh, and I'm just basing the setting description on what happens around my area at fall. I have no clue what happens in Japan. I don't even think they have geese in Japan, but I can't write about places I haven't been.

Digi nickname for Digimon

Um, Angemon Rules!!!

oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo

The bright orange sun slowly sat behind orange tinted trees as the scent of fallen leaves filled the air. Geese honked as they flew above in the crisp air. However, the silence could only last so long.

Davis walked down the street, Demiveemon in his arms. Upon seeing what looked like a Bakemon in the window of a store, the little blue Digi did the only reasonable thing...

"AGGGGGGGG!!! A DIGIMON'S ESCAPED THE DIGIWORLD!!!" Davis looked down as Demiveemon crawled down the front of his jacket.

"GET OUT OF MY JACKET!!! Demiveemon! Stop! It's just a decoration! QUIT TICKLING ME!!!"

T.K. heard shouting from outside the costume store he was in, and, putting two and two together, he realized what was going on.

"Izzy warned us all that this might happen." He said to Patamon, who was busy trying on a top hat.

"What T.K.?" the little orange-and-white Digi asked, just before the hat slipped over his eyes.

T.K. smirked as Patamon tried to pull off said hat. "Izzy told us to prep you for the Halloween decorations, because you might assume that they're evil Digimon and attack, or in his case, get spooked out."

"But I can tell if they're Digimon or not."

T.K. shot a glance at Patamon, who had returned to trying on hats. He was right, but everyone knew that Patamon was different from the other Digimon since he beat Devimon four years ago.

"I know." 'That's why I didn't tell you.'

Davis stormed into the store, holding the struggling Demiveemon at least an arm's length away from him.

"T.P. I didn't expect to see you here. Are you getting a costume at Cotume Craze too??"

"I don't know yet. I'm more or less just browsing for now." T.K. turned twards Davis as Davis spotted Patamon trying on masks.

"Is this your way of trying to get Patamon used to 'Evil' Halloween decorations, T.J.?"

"Nope. This is T.K.'s way of letting me have fun." Both boys looked at Patamon as he put on a werewolf mask.

"I would have thought that you, as Angemon, would be out to destroy all the spooky scary 'Digimon'." Davis emphasised the last word, as a bony, slimy arm reached out and placed a hand on his shoulder.

Letting out a high-pitched scream, Davis jumped behind T.K.

"You know Davis, Patamon/Angemon isn't stupid enough to fall for Halloween pranks, unlike you." Matt came out from between the costumes on the rack, wearing a trick glove on his left arm. T.K. and Patamon were rolling with laughter, while Matt smirked at the color creeping up on Davis's face.

"Ha-ha!! You fell for it hook, line, and sinker." Tai laughed as he fell out of the costume rack.

"You should know, I always get even for anyone picking on my brother, or insulting his Digimon's intelligence level."

"Yea. But Matt and I almost died in there waiting for someone to come in so we could do that." Tai commented, wiping tears of laughter from his eyes.

"We tried to spook Angemon, but he didn't even flinch."

"He told us that we'd have to do better than that to frighten him."

"You guys just got lucky. Demiveemon had me down to my last nerve." Davis took notice of the fainted blue Digi on the floor. He bent down and woke him up. "You guys almost gave my Digimon a heart attack."

D-D-DAVIS!!! BEHIND YOU!!!" Demiveemon shouted, pointing at somthing behind Davis. Davis turned around and came nose to nose with two bloody, almost-fleshless faces.

"AAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!" Davis, color drained from his face, jumped behind Tai, Matt, and T.K.; who were suppressing laughter.

Davis sweatdropped nervously as the two ghouls and his 'bodyguards' fell to the floor, laughing hysterically.

"Man! Are you gullible, Davis!!" Matt managed to get out between laughs.

Yea! Twice in a row!!"

Davis blushed furiously as the two ghouls turned out to be Gabumon and Agumon in masks.

"You guys could wake the dead." All eyes turned to the front of the store and focused on a familiar Digidestined.

"Ken? You're shopping for Halloween costumes?"

"No, I'm getting a tux for my cousin's bar mitzvah. Of course I'm getting a costume. I'm throwing a Halloween party. Don't you remember?"

"Of course we remember. You gave us the invites personally." Tai replied, pulling off the rest of Agumon's costume.

"So Ken, what are you going to be?" Davis asked, his heart finally calming down.

"I'm not telling, but you have to promise not to freak out when you see it."

"Well wittle Davis here might take it seriously." Matt mocked, pulling on Davis's cheeks like an old grandmother would, and getting a few snickers from Tai.

"I have a lot more supplies to get for the party and such. See you in school." The bell over the door jingled as Ken left the store. All was silent fou a few seconds before things resumed.

"Hey Matt, what are the odds that we can spook Joe like this?" Tai questioned his partner-in-crime.

"Joe says he's allergic to fake fur and costume stores."

"I doubt it. It's probably an excuse to get out of a scare."

"Matt, Tai, listen. I think that if we can't bring the Joe to the spooks, we bring the spooks to the Joe." Davis added his two cents.

"Great idea, Davis." Without another word, Davis, Tai and Matt bought all the horrific stuff they could and began their trip.

"T.K. You in?" T.K. took a look at Patamon's 'puppy eyes of doom' and declined. So the three stooges set off on 'Operation: Spook-em'.

"I wonder what costume Ken's picked out." T.K. wondered out loud to himself. His eyes took notice of Patamon's pause and gave his Digimon a questioning look.

"What's up, Patamon?"

"I know what Ken's costume is, T.K."

To Be Continued...

Please note that the above is not bashing of any sort to any characters. I already have an idea for chapter two as far as that goes (And it's hilarious as heck!!).

And I bet a lot of you know what Ken's costume is. So if you want to tell me what it is anyway, go ahead. You are probably 99.9 repeating right anyway.