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TK knocked on the door of the Ichijouji apartment, and waited patiently with his brother and their digimon. Gabumon wore a black top hat on his head, and a black half-mask for his face. Patamon had gone with the illusion of a ghost by rolling in incense ashes, to make himself look pale.
Matt wore a black ninja costume, hiding everything but his eyes. TK dragged a bag of other stuff for later with him.

"Couldn't talk Gabumon out of going as he was, huh Matt?" Without even turning, they could have known that it was Tai, followed by his digimon, Kari and her digimon, but they were curious as to what they came as. Agumon wore a mask similar to Gabumon's, and Gatomon had put on black fairy wings.

"Gee Tai, same to--" Matt began, but erupted in uncontrollable laughter when he caught sight of Tai's costume. "Nice costume dude"
"What?" TK, Gabumon and Patamon joined Matt when they heard the reply from a big gorilla costume, which had a pink ballerina skirt (AN: I found one at Wal-Mart and I thought of Tai). TK caught sight of Kari, and smiled from spotting the similarities of her costume to his. (AN: This is just the interpretation I got from reading the review; It may or may not be what the person had in mind. Many sorries!)

Kari wore light green sequined pants and soft, light green slippers. Clinging to her upper body was a sequined top in the same color of her pants, and she had a sequined hood-mask hiding her hair and the upper portion of her face; a shade darker than the other parts of the costume. The back of the hood cascaded down her back like a rippling green waterfall and served as makeshift tail at the bottom. TK's was similar in make; save the colors and a few details. His was mostly black where hers was light green, and red where hers was darker green. He had also fashioned a cobra's hood from coathangers and black material similar to what had been used for the rest of the costumes.

The door opened to reveal Ken, who currently was not in costume, but in a bathrobe. "Come on in guys. Izzy, Joe, Sora and Cody are already in the living room"
"Where's your costume Ken? Afraid we'd freak out?" Tai joked. Ken chuckled a little. "You'll see; that's why Wormmon's not here right now"
Upon entering the room, the four found themselves in the presence of a mad scientist;yelling at a Tentomon/Egor for eating his cookie, a surgeon; holding what seemed like a bloody seal/dog, a female pirate with a bigger-than-normal 'parrot', and a panda bear telling an armadillo about party ettiquete.

"Great costumes guys." Matt said, approaching Joe. "You do know that that blood looks like Kool-Aid"
"It is Kool-Aid. Gomamon just had the grace to knock a cup of it off the table." "Hey! How was I suppost to know that cup was full?"

Tai walked over to Izzy, who was arguing with Tentomon about who ate the cookie. "Tentomon, I told you. That was my cookie." "I didn't eat your cookie! I swear!" "I saw you eat it." "How could it be your cookie? It didn't have a name on it!" Tai chuckled, as Izzy ran a hand though his red-brown hair streaked white. "How would you....oh never mind....."

Kari and Gatomon came to the only female people at the party yet (excluding Ken's mom, who was out shopping somewhere). "Nice costume Sora"
Sora flipped up the eyepatch over her left eye an turned to Kari. "Thanks. I like yours a lot too. How long did you work on it?" "Three weeks tops." Biyomon flipped up her eyepatch and also made small talk with Gatomon.

"Armadillomon, I told you to be careful when drinking red liquids." "Shucks Cody, you make me sound like a pig." Patamon looked up from his cookie. "Don't worry, Armadillomon. Everyone knows that I'm suppost to be the pig of the group." "No you're not, Patamon." "This coming from the boy who once said I'd digivolve into a pig digimon?" "I said I was sorry!" The doorbell rang and Ken left to answer it, bringing with him Mimi, who was dressed as a slinky nurse in provocative white clothing (AN: This may or may not be interpreted as Joe/Mimi; It's up to you.), and Davis, who got the most laughs in a chicken costume.

"It isn't my fault Veemon ruined my costume! I was gonna come as Jason!" He declared, pulling off the chicken head and walking over to Tai. "Where's Yolei"
"She's not here." "Geeze! What takes girls so long to get ready?"

"What did you say, Davis?" The girls turned and glared angrily at the chicken, who remained silent. The host of the party quickly settled everyone down and left to finish putting on his costume. Davis, Tai, Matt and their digimon occupied themselves by bobbing for apples (which the digimon obviously won) and the girls socialized next to one side of the refreshment table. Cody, Izzy, Joe and TK stood next to the opposite side of the table while their digimon 'nibbled' on the many snacks. However, all activity stopped when Ken exited his room.

"What do you think?" There he stood, regally in his Digimon Emperor outfit, holding Wormmon in his arms. The small digimon had a black plastic ring where a real one once was.

"That's why you told us not to freak." "Yes. I may look it, but I'm still not evil anymore." Just then, the doorbell rang again, and everybody (excluding the digimon) went with Ken when he answered it. Everyone was just as shocked when they saw what Yolei was dressed as.

She stood regally in a feminine version of Ken's Emperor clothing, including a new pair of tinted glasses which matched his. She wore tall boots, a long-sleeved, short-skirted dress, and a cape; she even had Hawkmon wear a plastic Dark Ring.

"What? Do I have something on my face? Why is everyone looking at me like that?" "I think the costume may have something to do with that, Yolei"
"You're probably right."

"Why are we all just standing around here for? Let's Party!!!" Tai exclaimed and was answered by enthusiastic cheering.

....Meanwhile, on the roof of an apartment across the street, two figures stood watching the event; silently as the darkness around them.
"Such strange creatures these humans are!" "I know. I'm rather suprised that they beat MagmaDevimon that easily." "What do we have in store for them next?" "We'll know when the time is right..."

As soon as the novelty of dancing and teasing Davis's costume (Not bashing!) wore off, TK and Kari snuck their digimon to the bathroom to prepare another surprise for the group. The others tried to decide what activity to do next.

""I still say me and Kari play 'Spin the Bottle'." "How about ghost stories? That's always fun." "Except when Davis bores us half to death" "HEY"
"Let's have everyone tell one." Mimi went first.

"Um, okay. Like, one time, I was going to the mall, and this creep kept following me...."

"....And that's when I realized, my nail polish was blood."

"Interesting. Now I want to tell one." TK joined the group, followed closely by Kari, who turned off the lights and switched on a flashlight. "We both have one to tell."

"Once there were two little eight-year-olds, a boy and a girl." TK began, holding the flashlight under his chin. "They each had an older brother. All four of them had a cute monster, and they lived in peace between earth and a parallel universe." He handed over the flashlight to Kari, who held it in similar fashion as she continued.

"The two eight-year-olds were always told to stay out of the graveyard, especially at night, near where they lived, and that went double for their monster friends. One day, the two kids and their monsters were being chased by bullies with bigger monsters than theirs, and entered the graveyard, just as it was getting dark, to escape them." They switched again and TK continued.

"It wasn't long before the two kids got lost in the very center of the graveyard, and it was dark and spooky there. The girl's monster, being cat-like in many ways, led the way, while the boy's monster listened with acute hearing, to everything.

"Suddenly, humanoid skeletons and zombies popped up from the ground and quickly surrounded the four. In desperation, the two unlocked the powers of their light and hope talismans and fused the energy with their monsters." Kari took over.

"Two beautiful angels resulted, and lit up the surrounding area with their glow, as the two kids ran for a revealed shed. As they hid, the ghastly smog overcame the angels soon after they beat the zombies, and they became posessed by dark and mysterious forces. The children ran from their hiding places to congradulate their monsters, but that was a big mistake." She handed the flashlight to TK and he told the rest.

"The two monsters shed their pureness and released the darkness within, draining the souls of the eight-year-olds, cursing them to walk the graveyard everynight, except for the eve of Halloween, when they could wander everywhere. They became the mist; draining souls and corrupting them. However....the children and Dark Angels quickly learned that they could offer one soul to the graveyard each in exchange for a year of freedom from their curse." TK paused, looking around at the expressions on everyone's faces.

"Do you get it now? We were talking about the Digital World....and WE are the cursed spirits of the kids."

Davis smirked. "Really, TA, I think you have an overactive imagination or something cau---AGGG!!"

Everyone (Digimon included) minus TK and Kari gaped in horror as Angemon an Angewomon rose up from behind TK and Kari. Both had pale skin, grey wings, dull-colored hair, and wore black outfits. Neither contained traces of ever being 'good' angels.

"Don't try to fight us; you will only lose your souls in the way ours were taken." Angemon noted, opening his grey wings.
"We crave freedom, so I hope there isn't any hard feelings between us for doing this. You'll soon understand." Angewomon did the same as the male angel had.

Everyone screamed, closed their eyes, and waited for the end to come.(Hey, they've been through a lot of things that may have seemed impossible; Of course they're scared.) What they heard was unexpected. Laughter caused them to look at the four 'ghosts', who shook with it on the floor.

" guys are SO gullible!! Hahaha!!" TK managed to say.
"I....I know....hahaha!!" Kari laughed. Angewomon tried to calm herself, but broke down into more laughter and leaned against Angemon, who had trouble just keeping himself at least in a sitting position.

"I...I knew that..." Davis stuttered, as everyone laughed.
"Yea right Davis. We all know you almost wet yourself with the rest of us." Tai joked. "You guys didn't really wet yourselves, right?" TK asked.
"No way!" Matt answered.

"I don't know about the rest of you, but this has been the best Halloween I've ever had." Ken noted.

"It sure beats trick-or-treating or handing out candy." "Cody, what's trick-or-treating?" "Well, kids dress up in costumes and....."

The End....

.....or is it?

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