Hello, this is The Lady G. in my second fanfiction, and my first multi-chapter fanfiction. I know that Harry Potter, Yu Yu Hakusho crossovers are abounding, and meny of them are astoundingly similar, so I will make a promise that this crossover will be different. How? Well that is for me to know and you to find out. I also promise that there will not be a Mary-Sue or any OC in a leading role.

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or Yu Yu Hakusho.

It was mid-June and Kurama, known in the human world as Minamino Shuichi (1), was walking back from his part time job, working at the flower shop of his step-father, Takagaki Shuzo(2). He was feeling vaguely lonely as both Yusuke and Hiei were still in the Makai, and Kuwabara was out of town with an advanced study group. The extra courses to help collage admittance had never crossed Kurama's mind, he would rather stay home be with Shiori.

A small smile crossed his face at this thought. Shiori was the first being in the three worlds to truly love him, not just lust like so many demons that he had meet, and now that he thought about it she was the first person that he loved. Sure he had had as close to friends as one could have in the Makai, but nothing can close to what he felt for her. It was just that, well Takagaki, he made Shiori so happy, but still Kurama felt that he was losing time with his mother. At one point he was willing to give up everything to make Shiori happy, now, it's not that he was jealous; it's just that he wished that he could be the one making her happy.

"But that is jealously," he said to himself, as he reached their front yard.

At the sound of his voice a great snowy owl (3) flew from the front of his house. He turned and to watch the bird fly off. He blinked a few times with confusion, for although he had seen this type of owl before, he had never seen one in the middle of the day, nor the summer months.

"Now that's a good omen," He thought to himself, stopping in front of his door. He opened the door, walked in and while swinging around to close the door something bright green caught his eye. There was a letter where the owl had been. Stooping down he picked up the envelope and read the address, Takagaki, Shuzo was all that it said(4).

(1)Please note that all names' of Japanese characters will be written family name first.

(2)I do not know Kurama's step father's name so I made this up, if you know the step father's real name please tell me.

(3)Snowy owls or Shiro fukuroo can be found in Japan, but only in the winter and even then it is uncommon.

(4)I know Harry's letter had more stuff on the address, but by this time Dumbledore would have been fairly crushed for time so he would not have bothered...

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