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Harry Potter walked down from his room into the Gryffindor common room. He noticed Hermione sitting by the fire re-reading Beyond the Kiss. At that moment she noticed him as well.

"Oh Harry, you look pale, did you have another nightmare?"

"Yes, you could say so."

"Was it V-Voldermort?"

"God I hope not."

"What do you mean Harry?" Hermione asked, sounding concerned.

"I had a dream," he started, "and uh Shuichi, the older one. Well he was lying there, and he was glowing gold, and uh…"

"Sorry I didn't catch that last bit."

"I uh well… I kissed him, and he woke up." Harry repeated quickly.

"That's great Harry." Hermione responded happily, causing Harry to turn bright red.

"No I don't, it's not like that."

"Oh not that, look here," She said pointing to Beyond The Kiss, "The lips are where life energy flows most easily in and out of the body. This is the reason that some one expires. It's from the Latin ex and spirare, to breathe out. They believed that the soul was exhaled at the moment of death."


"So," she continued "the dementors perform a kiss, sucking the soul out through the mouth. You see, in this book it conjectures that if a spirit was somehow freed from a dementor it could have a chance to reunite with the body. However in all likelihood it would not have the energy required to do so. A kiss would transfer the necessary energy thus allowing the soul to remerge with the body. Like mouth to mouth resuscitation."

"So, if I kiss him, he'd wake up?" Harry asked.

"That is a very real possibility," she responded heading to the portrait hole. "Oh, come on Harry we have to hurry, the soul by itself is a very fragile thing. Even the soul of a demon like Shuichi wouldn't last more than twenty-four hours without a body or ghost to protect it."

Following her, he asked, "Remind me again why I have to do it?"

Shiori cleared her throat, "What exactly do you mean by 'more close calls'?"

Kurama was about to state that it was nothing, just a joke. However Kuwabara spoke right over him, "Oh yeah, well Urameshi has died several times."


"Yeah you know," Kuwabara answered, "no heart beat, no nothing. First time he got hit by a car while saving a kid, but Spirit World screwed up. You see they didn't expect him to die, so they didn't have a place for him and sent him back."

"It's a good thing too," Kurama broke in, before Kuwabara launched into the Sensui incident. "Yusuke's experience is the reason that I thought of sending the dream."

"I thought 'Spirit World' sent him back?" Shiori asked, directing her question at Kuwabara.

"Yeah, see in order to come back Yusuke needed to receive a transfusion of energy, so he sent the kissing dream to his mom, me and of course his girlfriend Keiko-chan. So Kurama," Kuwabara continued slyly, "If you followed Yusuke's example, who filled the third slot? The part of girlfriend, huh?"

Kurama blinked. "It's not actually like that."

"Boyfriend then?" Kuwabara continued hoping to get a reaction out of him. He didn't, but the boy who had just entered the room looked very embarrassed.

"It seems we came in at the wrong time," he stated.

Kuwabara turned to the newcomers and said, "oh, I assume you got the dream, as you can see Kurama's already awake but if you want…"

Kurama hid a smile behind his hand, and then explained to Harry, "I sent the dream to you because, of the people that I knew here, you were one of the first ones to fall asleep. Getting back into my body was my only concern."

"Are you sure?" Kuwabara asked with a wide smile.


"Good," Harry breathed.

"First a demon attack, and then dementor invasion. You skills as a Dark Arts Professor amaze me." Snape remarked.

He and Shuzo were hiking through the forbidden forest, attempting to find the dementors that had attacked Shuzo's step-son Shuichi. Shuzo did not notice Professor Snape's comment; he was distracted by the shear amount of carnage on the ground.

"It seems that one problem has taken care of the other," he stated.

"I've never seen dementors taken out like that. You think it is the work of a demon."


"More to the point, do you think it was the work of that demon?"

"So you really are a demon?" Harry asked Kurama.

"Well, sort of," He doged.

"How can you 'sort of' be a demon?" Hermione asked.

"It's a long story." Kurama answered, but did not appear to be inclined to say more.

"I'm sorry about back in to forest." Hermione said, breaking the silence.

"Oh it's ok," he smiled, "no harm done."

"So, what happened in the forest?" Kuwabara asked.

"She caught me."

"Really?" Kuwabara asked in disbelief. He then walked up to Hermione and threw his arm over her shoulder. "Well I'm impressed, I mean Kurama can sneak up on Hiei, and well, Hiei has three eyes."

"Does Hiei-san really have three eyes?" Shiori quietly asked Kurama.

"Yes," he answered, "one is on his forehead, under that bandana he always wears."

"Oh I always just assumed it was fashion."

"So," Hermione asked, "how did you get away from the dementors?"

"Did you ever hear the story of ideal Spartan boy?" Kurama responded.

"No," answered Kuwabara and Harry.

Kurama smiled, "In Sparta, when training young men to be in the army, they would not give them enough food. The boys were expected to steal, but if they were caught they were punished heavily. One Spartan boy stole a fox to eat, which he concealed beneath his cloak. Rather than reveal that he had stolen he endured the pain stoically and allowed the fox to open his stomach with its gnawing and scratching. The boy died."

"Well that's nice."

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