My favorite fanfic I've ever done, and it is finished. For those of you who will question why its so off-the-wall, I have 3 reasons:

1) This is based on an RPG game that I have fallen in love with called Toon. All I did was come up with the story, put Spaz's stats into it, and see what mayhem occurs (If anyone wants to know what his stats are for the story, I'll post them later.).

2) THIS IS SPAZ WE'RE TALKING ABOUT for crying out loud!

and finally

3) I wrote this, and I happen to like oddball stuff. It takes my mind off the thought of the dentist drilling into my molars.

I should note to you Jazz and Lori fans that they are not going to be here all that much. Please exit to the rear of the theater. I've noticed that my personal favorite bunny has been getting taken for granted/ insulted/ beaten up for a while in certain stories (I'm not giving names, but YOU know what I'm talking about.), and I've decided to even the score a bit by having him save a planet.

I should also note that as this story was played out in the RPG, so even I didn't have a clue as to how it was going to end up. That made it as Spazzy as possible. In addition to Spaz, it stars three robots I created for the Toon game: S.O.C.K.E.T. 2M, S.O.C.K.E.T. 2R, and S.O.C.K.E.T. 2U. Anyone wishing to use these robots must talk to me.

And so, with that in mind: let the craziness begin:

Spaz saves the world, all by himself, with nothing but speed, wits and a large slice of cheesecake part 1 (Sorry couldn't fit the whole title in the subject.)

The electric cats cradle message

Dateline: Noon

Location: Carrotus castle

Spaz was finally free from all the nagging. It was the first day of vacation for him and his siblings, and Jazz, Lori, and Eva decided to spend the next couple of days camping. Due to his past experience camping (that ended in a disaster involving smores, a trout, 3 sausage weenies, and a tub of gasoline dripping into the campfire.) Spaz had been confined to spend the while at home. Fortunately for the furniture, Eva had had the incite to put an asbestos drop cloth over everything.

Spaz had made himself a nice moderate staying-home-alone snack (Enough food to feed a third world nation for a decade.) and sat down in a chair to watch some TV. He had previously found a long strip of wire, and was fidgeting with it, making an electric cats cradle with his ears. He had bent it for about 20 minutes, when all of a sudden, the TV burst into static. "AW, MAN! Why does this have to happen right when Scully was about to declare her undying love to Cancer man?" said the disappointed rabbit, and he got up to see what was wrong with the TV. As he moved closer, an image appeared on the screen. It kind of looked like a football, a basketball, and a boomerang moving around. The picture was a little fuzzy, but Spaz could swear that the sports equipment had LEGS... And were wearing large, thick glasses. At the same time, he heard a strange voice. He turned off the TV, but he still heard it. IT WAS COMING FROM THE WIRE WRAPPED AROUND HIS EARS!

"... And furthermore, you know as well as I do that these people are idiots. Wiping them out and populating their home world is a humane gesture..." the voice whispered. It seemed like it was far off. Suddenly three voices called out in unison, two male, and one female "HELP US! ANYONE GETTING THIS MESSAGE HELP US!"

"Oh... MY... GOD..." Said Spaz, slowly realizing what this meant. "I'm an audio witness to a plot to overthrow a planet... AND a cry for help... I gotta call bro." He ran to the phone trying to remember Jazz's cell phone number, then he stopped. "Wait a sec. Maybe I could handle this on my own... Jazz always said I got potential... And he wouldn't like his vacation messed up... OK, World! Look out, Spaz Jackrabbit is coming to save the day. Wait, I think I'll probably need a snack to take along with me..." Moving to the fridge, Spaz noticed with disappointment, that the only thing he had left in his feeding frenzy was a large slice of (You guessed it) Cheesecake. "Ah well, it'll have to do." Sticking the frozen pastry in with his blaster, he wrote out a message and stuck it to the wall;

'Dear Bro.., Sis., and Eva.,

I have received a message about a plot to capture a planet. Be back soon. I hope nobody wanted that piece of cheesecake, because I needed it for the trip.


Grabbing his airboard, Spaz rode to his mission... and his destiny.

To be continued... in Chapter 2: The bunny has landed.

(Hope you like it so far. This was my third story after"The story of Devan Shell".)