Here's the final episode. I hope you had fun. I know I did.

Spaz saves the world all by himself with nothing but speed, wits, and a large slice of cheesecake part 7:

Welcome home Spaz

Dateline: 4:20 p.m. Do you know where your children are?

Location: Floating above the planet Bozok.

"SPAZ! NOOOO!" The L.I.A.R. had been destroyed due to Spaz's brave sacrifice, but upon examination of the place where his hero once stood, 2U found only his boots, wrist bands, and after looking a little further, his gun. "He can't be gone! He just CAN'T."

2M walked up to his brother unit, and used his telescoping arm to pat him on the back comfortingly. "There there, 2U. We'll all miss him..." "I'm not the religious type," Added 2R, showing a rare display of sisterly love. "But, I'm sure if any of it's true, he's probably in the good place."

"Your right! This corner is definitely a lot better then standing in front of a big war weapon" The bots turned to the voice.

Out of the corner stepped a blackened, rabbity figure. He was barefoot, and didn't look as perky as before, but it was obvious who he was.


"Maybe cough but we're still checking. By the way, what happened to the rest of the Donkongeys?"


"What are we doing here, again?"

"I think we were going to destroy the inhabitants of that world and claim their planet as our own..."

"That doesn't seem very logical. Why don't we just take over a non-inhabited planet and save the trouble?"

"I don't know, I guess we just weren't thinking."

"I'm hungry, lets get some grub."

"I'm up for that, how bout Mexican?"

"I think the weapon exploding so close to its firing caused it to effect the conscious organic life forms on the SHIP rather then the PLANET!." Said 2M. "I think we don't have to worry about those guys again!" "Well, in THAT case," replied 2R. "Let's go beam down there and tell those guys who saved them." She turned into a cannonball, then added "Hey, Rabbit boy- make yourself useful and help me knock that door down." "Oh, OK." Picking up the transformed droid, Spaz threw her straight at the door, which gave in with a large clang.

Once they finally found a transporter, the four heroes found themselves standing on Bozok, in front of a large building that looked a lot like 'Cuddles' the fabric softener bear smoking a cigar. Standing in front of them were several million confused and frightened-looking Bozonions. 2M pulled out a blow horn and prepared to speak.

"GREETINGS... I'M SURE YOU'VE HEARD OF THE THREATS TO YOUR SURVIVAL..." "-THERE HAVE BEEN THREATS TO OUR SURVIVAL?!?!?" the Bozonians started screaming, running around, and pulling their feathers out by the handful. "NONONO! CALM DOWN!" The panicking stopped. "THE THREATS ARE NO LONGER A PROBLEM." A small voice piped up. "Does that mean we're dead already?" The panicking resumed again. 2M growled, walked over to the building, and started banging his head against it. "Um. I think I'll take it from here, pal." Said Spaz. Turning to the panicking crowd, he stated. "Don't worry about a thing, the evil guys have been taken care of, and you are free to do whatever you want again." The screams rapidly turned into cheers. One Bozonian, wearing a top hat and vest, pushed his way to the building, and shook Spaz's paw.

"Greetings, Mr. Rabbit." He said. "As the mayor of Bozok, I am to thank you for saving our fair planet." "Aw shucks..." said Spaz modestly. "It was nothing..." "Oh it wasn't? Well then forget about it." Said the mayor, turning to leave. "Uh, actually, I guess it WAS something, just not much of a something... or something." Said Spaz hastily, realizing his mistake. The mayor stood thinking for a moment before saying "Aw, skip it- I'm too confused. Anyway, as thanks for saving us, we offer you this."

The mayor reached into his breast pocket and pulled out-

A rock.

Spaz was a little disappointed. "Gee... Thanks... A rock. One can never have too many rocks..." -Gee, I wonder if Bro. ever got into something like this when HE was starting out.- he thought to himself.

2M whispered in Spaz's ear. "Mr. Rash, that's no ordinary rock: it's a genuine Bozonian rock. It's because of that mineral that the Bozonians get their special powers." "Course it only works if the owner looses all his/her marbles." Added 2R. "Still, sounds like a sweet deal to me." Ended 2U. "COOLNESS!" Spaz pocketed the rock. "Um... You don't think I could bum a ride off of you guys back to planet Carrotus?" he said to the mayor. "You see, my airboard melted in part 2 and..." "Oh, but of course." Said the mayor, pointing at two Bozonians sawing a hole in midair. "Just go through that tunnel. I'm sure you'll get back."

"Gee thanks." Turning back to his friends, Spaz said "I'll miss you guys. Hope we can meet again someday..." "Stay cool, Spaz." Said 2U, and with that, Spaz walked into the hole and disappeared.

"You don't really think that hole will take Mr. Pez back to his home world, do you?" asked 2M. "No clue whatsoever." Said the mayor. 2M groaned loudly.


DINGDONG "Humph. That must be the pizza... I'll get it." Eva, still angry from Spaz's eating everything not tied down, giving him the strength to eat everything that was tied down, got up, and stomped over to the door.

Lori looked at her watch. "It's been over 3 hours. Do you think he's all right." Jazz pushed the pause button on his video game. "I say we give him another... 30 minutes before we start worrying." He said confidently.


"What was that?" Jazz and Lori grabbed their guns, more out of reflex than anything else, and moved towards the living room, being the source of the weird noise. What they found surprised them.

Spaz was laying on the floor, looking like he fell on his head... well, that wasn't the surprising part. Just over Spaz was what looked like a hole floating in midair. However, it disappeared just after they noticed it, making them wonder if they didn't just imagine it.

Lori went up to her brother and started shaking him. "Spaz... Are you all right?" "Sancho?... Is that you?..." Spaz said. Shaking his head, he came back to his senses. "Oh, Hi Sis. Hi Bro.." "Spaz!" started Jazz. "How'd everything turn out?" "Bro., I have one question..." "Yeah?" "Did you ever receive... a ROCK as thanks for saving a planet?"

Jazz laughed. "Let me show you my collection sometime."

"Yeah, well... it's good to be home. Sniff Sniff Hey, is that PIZZA? You guys ordered PIZZA without me?" Spaz was unaware that a luminous shadow just fell on him. Jazz and Lori looked behind him with shocked looks on their faced. "Um... Spaz, I think it would be in your best interest to run like crazy..." said Lori, with a noticeable fear to her voice. "Huh? Why?" Spaz asked.

"EVA!!!" both Jazz and Lori shouted simultaneously.

Spaz turned around, and standing there, was a very peeved princess. Spaz managed a nervous smile before being grabbed by the ears and dragged to parts unknown.

"Too bad he couldn't tell his story before Eva read him the riot act." Lori said. "I'm rather interested in what happened."

"Me too. I just hope he remembers enough of- Hey... What's that?"

Down on the ground, was what looked like a large gun, except it had a dial on the side with the names of various birds on it, ranging from 'Humming bird' to 'Emu'.

"What kind of gun is THIS?" asked Lori. "I'm not sure." Said Jazz. "All I know is it's not from any universe I'VE ever been to..."

The End

... Or is it?