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Chapter 1: An Amazing Change

---The sweet smell of a great sorrow lies over the land

Plumes of smoke rise and merge into the leaden sky…---

Malik sighed as he stared over the edge of the bridge to the river below. Ever since the end of Battle City, there hadn't been much to do. Isis had forced him to move here and had enrolled him in the same school Yugi and his friends went to, but he didn't like school very much, and he missed the hot desert sun of Cairo terribly. He didn't know Yugi very well, and he knew the Pharaoh didn't like him very much. The only real friend he had was Bakura, but he'd disappeared somewhere, probably searching for another Millennium Item.

There just isn't anything interesting to do anymore, Malik thought sadly. At least when I was with the Rare Hunters, I always had something to do....

A sudden, thundering BANG drew the Egyptian out of his thoughts. He turned his head to see where it had come from; a billow of smoke was languidly making it way up out of the city. There were a few more blasts, and he could hear several different people's screams, and suddenly, Yami was running toward him.

"Malik! You have to come quickly!" the pharaoh shouted long before he reached the teen.

"What do you want, Pharaoh?" Malik answered dully, turning to look at the river again. "You might have noticed I'm a bit busy here."

"Staring at an unmoving river is 'being busy'?" Yami asked skeptically. The look Malik gave him told him plainly that the statement had been sarcastic. "Well, whatever. Come on, I need your help!"

"What do you want my help for? Go ask your other friends, like Jonouchi or Kaiba."

"No, I need your help. Your dark side showed up again."

"What?!" Malik turned and ran painfully back into the bridge's railing. "What do you mean he showed up again?!"

"Exactly what I said. Now come on!" Yami grabbed him by the wrist and started running toward the smoke-covered section of the city. Malik had no chance to fight back, though he desperately wanted to. It had been bad enough having Merik in laughing in the back of his head for the past five or so years, worse to have been possessed and shoved out of his body by him, so getting rid of him had probably been the best thing in the world. He didn't want to think about what could happen if they met again, especially since he was mostly responsible for sending Merik to the Shadow Realm. He couldn't even begin to imagine how the psychopath had gotten free.

They rounded the last corner to find a scene of destruction. Cars were sticking out of buildings, giant holes dotted the pavement, and a couple of fire hydrants had been broken and were now spraying fountains of water into the air. And standing in the middle of this devastation, laughing like a maniac to the sky, was Merik himself.

"What's he doing here?" Malik stuttered quietly. He's supposed to be in the Shadow Realm…He was supposed to never bother me again!

"That's what I'd like to know," Yami answered. "But first we have to stop him from causing any more damage."

"How? I don't have the Rod anymore, and I doubt you've been carrying it around."

"Actually…" Yami reached into his jacket and pulled out a golden staff. "You never know when it might be needed."

Malik was about to take the Rod from Yami's hand when he noticed it was suddenly very quiet. Merik had stopped laughing, and he was now staring at the two teens as if waiting to see what they would do. When he noticed they'd noticed him, he stepped forward, heading straight for Malik.

"Hello, my former host," he said calmly. Malik backed up slowly as the figure approached, wincing as his back hit a light pole.

"Go away, Merik. You can't hurt me anymore; you're not even supposed to be here…."

"No?" Merik stopped as he reached the teen, their bodies so close they were almost touching. "I don't want to hurt you, Malik."

The teen shivered at how close their bodies were and looked away. "Please leave me alone."

"I can't do that." Merik ran one of his hands over Malik chest while the other raised to caress his cheek. Malik stared up at his yami with total confusion.

"Merik, what are you doing?" he stuttered, squirming to get away from the yami.

::Don't fight me, hikari,:: said Merik's voice in his head. Malik almost screamed in fright but somehow managed to remain calm. :Why? You've done nothing but hurt me in the past. Why should I believe–:

He was cut off abruptly when warm lips touched his own. Unwittingly, he moaned softly and returned the kiss, pressing his body against his yami's. Why was Merik doing this? He'd never liked his pathetic, weak, sentimental hikari before, and he'd taken so much pleasure in trying to send Malik to the Shadow Realm. Merik's tongue darted into his counter part's mouth almost hesitantly, then again, as his fingers ran up and down the teen's chest.

But it was all too much for Malik. He was confused as to why Merik would suddenly be treating him like this, and he was scared for the same reason. With a single movement, he pushed the yami off and tripped a couple of times as ran away down the street.