What could Lilah be thinking, looking upon earth as Wesley and Fred's relationship develops? Close to "Smile Time" and "A Hole in the World". WesleyLilah undertones.

Lilah Morgan does not love. No siree. She has never loved, and she never will. So why is it that when she looks at Wes' life now, the inexistent heart within burns with rage?

Why is it she always discovers a solemn grimace upon her lips? It's that damn Winifred Burkle, that's what it is.

But no, Lilah Morgan does not become jealous. What's she got to be jealous of? She's got everything she's ever wanted here in the afterlife. The Senior Partners provide her with the latest trends and accessories for her loyalty and lasting concurrence to them, even in her death. And Lilah knows there's nothing else she yearns for here than the simplistic world of materialism. Because the only thing she wants isn't in this dimension, at least not yet, anyway.

Still, though, glancing at Wes and her, gets Lilah's unbeating heart in twinges. Seeing them smooching like two revolting high school sweethearts is enough to make her vomit her entire week's dinner (if she had the capacity, of course).

NO NO NO! Lilah Morgan does not love Wesley and is not jealous of Winifred Burkle. And that's final! Although, she's got to admit, she truly cannot wait for that one moment where dear old Wes' world comes shattering down. Winifred Burkle's time will come soon enough.