"Dear Jack"

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"Dr. Jackson must have thought he wouldn't make it back alive, Sir. We found this letter in his pocket. It's addressed to you," The nurse explained as she handed Jack a crumpled piece of paper.

"Thank you," Jack said, taking the letter. He walked over to where Daniel lay unconscious on a nearby bed. He hadn't thought that Daniel would make it back alive either. As Jack sat down on the stool, he watched his friend for a moment. His chest rose and fell steadily, and Daniel was finally getting some color back into his face. It had been a close one, although the mission should have been anything but dangerous. Daniel had gone to PXR-677 to assist SG-7 to negotiate for a piece of alien technology. A rebel group unexpectedly invaded the negotiation killing the leader and kidnapping the others. Daniel and one member of SG-7 were the only ones who made it back alive.

Jack rubbed the letter back and forth between his fingers. Should he read it? Daniel did make it back alive, and maybe nothing in this letter mattered anymore. Except that it did matter to Jack, now more than ever. Jack guessed that the letter contained words that friends often never said to each other until it was too late. Jack knew he was guilty of that avoidance probably more than anyone, using his sarcasm and bravado to hide his real feelings. He opened the letter and skimmed over the words, the writing getting progressively worse until the last words were illegible. Jack looked up at Daniel, and then back down to the letter. After reading it, Jack ripped off a section from the bottom before tucking the letter into his pocket. He scribbled something onto the piece of paper. After folding it, he leaned it against Daniel's water pitcher on the bedside tray, where Daniel would likely see it when he woke up. Heading towards the door, Jack stopped the doctor.

"Call me if there's any change."

"Yes, Sir," The doctor answered before returning to his patient.

Two hours later, Daniel woke in a fog of pain and confusion. After the medical team completed their tests, Daniel was told to get some rest. Alone for the first time, Daniel noticed the folded piece of paper on his tray, his name written in Jack's handwriting. Daniel panicked. The letter! Where was his letter?

"My letter?" Daniel asked in a hoarse voice to the nearby nurse, unable to manage any more words. He never thought talking could be this tiring.

"Don't worry Dr. Jackson, I made sure General O'Neill got your letter. Oh, he and the others should be here shortly," The nurse answered before walking away.

Daniel struggled to remember what he had written, as he was in a lot of pain at the time and thought he would never get off that planet alive. Did Jack read it? Did the letter make sense? With a sigh and a trembling hand, he opened Jack's note. It read, "Daniel, You're right. -J."

Daniel smiled as he closed his eyes and layed back against his pillow. He remembered now what had written, and although he doubted Jack would ever mention the letter again, he was glad Jack had read it.

What do you think the letter said? If you want to find out, go on to Chapter 2. If you rather leave the contents of the letter to your imagination, read no further. Thank you for reading my story!