Out of the city came he who was
A prisoner to Heroin because
His brother had done it, and so then had he
For we all will become that which we see

Angered and flustered and sick he came
To a world where nothing was the same
Pulled in by a man he never knew
With absolutely no clue what he should do

He plodded along at his captor's side
Avoiding the monsters from the shifting tide
Mind whirling and swirling like the ocean's waves
While his sickening companion rants and raves

For he was sick too, the prisoner knew
This dust-covered traveler with eyes of blue
His right hand was ruined, the prisoner saw
Torn near in half by a poisonous maw

And so, with not choice, the prisoner conceded
And found for his captor that which he so needed
The fever receded and the infection soon left
But the prisoner still was of his home bereft

Eventually respect, however, the prisoner gave
For his captor who had seemed halfway to the grave
Yet still persevered by willpower alone
Say true, a man stronger he never had known