These six were family, ka-tet if you will
Not blood-related but family still
And such a strong bond could never be lost
They would each do their part no matter the cost

Ka had so bound them, as the Beams bind the Tower
For alone, none of them would have had enough power
To fulfill their journey, to see the quest done
Without each other the battle ne'er would be won

The Boy called him Father, the Prisoner too
This man who was Captor and mentor, say true
And the Lady, the Bumbler, the Artist as well
Of that there's no question, 'tis simple to tell

To have such a family, few are so blessed
For though this family was not nearly the best
By the Bear and the Turtle, this family was true
True, aye, so true, so I tell unto you

I would tell you this, too, if an ear you would lend
That though this ka-tet fell apart at the end
They all six stayed true and brought out ka's will
And at the end of the path destiny was fulfilled

These six were ka-tet, those bound by fate
And unto each other each one could relate
No one could e'er break a bond so strong
Say true, there is none who could silence their song

Sorry for how long it took me to get these three up. I'm exceedingly forgetful, it seems. Anyway, here we have it; the end. Hmmm...7 books, 7 poems. Ironic? I don't think so.

It must be ka.

And by the way, the title of this series of poems, "Markers on the Gameboard," came from a quote from Eddie in The Waste Lands.