Chapter One

The HMS Dauntless flowed gracefully over the water of the Caribbean Sea as it pulled into Port Royal's docks. Commodore Norrington and his wife of two years, Tessa, walked onto the dock. The married couple, and their son, Jonathon, had been away from the city for the past year, and were glad to be back. They boarded a carriage, and were taken home.

"Isn't it great to be back?" James, (Commodore Norrington), asked his wife as they entered their home.

"It is." Tessa replied, pushing her golden hair behind her shoulders. James softly pulled his wife toward him, kissing her cheek softly.

"Darling." He began, "Now that we're back, I have to go see Governor Swann. However, William Turner, the blacksmith, is expecting me to pick up a new sword at noon. Would you be able to pick it up for me?"

"Of course." Tessa smiled, "I'll be sure to be at the shop by noon."

"Thank-you." James kissed her cheek, "I have to be off to meet with Governor Swann now. I'll see you soon."

"Yes darling."

The Commodore then left the house, closing the door behind her. Tessa sighed lightly, brushing her blond bang out of her face. The young woman looked up at the clock on the wall, it was quarter to noon. Seemings it was her first day back in the town, it would take her about just that long to get there.

Tess walked over to the door, her shoes clicking on the tiled floor. Within the next ten minutes she had arrived at the door of the blacksmith's shop. Raising her hand, she knocked softly. A light shuffling came from inside, but there was no answer. Sighing, the young woman knocked again, this time, there was no noise. Tessa pushed on the door, it swung open.

"Odd." She whispered to herself. A creaking came from above her, then, a sharp crack. A person crashed down to the ground in a thick cloud of dust. Both people coughed as the cloud disappeared. Tessa looked up.


"What'd'you want?" The man asked as he stood up, brushing dirt off himself.

"I never thought I'd live to see this day." The woman's voice changed slightly, it wasn't as soft. She reached over to her right side, slyly picking up a sword with her hand.

"Do you think you're going to fight me?" Jack asked, he swung his sword out of his sheath, holding it to the young woman's neck. Just at that moment, Tessa dropped the sword she had been holding, the door of the shop opened, and in walked William Turner.

"Jack!" He yelled, hurrying down the steps, "What are you doing?!" The pirate dropped the sword, placing it back in his sheath.

"Will, you got here just in time." Jack spoke roughly, not taking his eye's off the woman. Tessa sharply turned to face Will.

"Mr. Turner, I'm here to pick up my husband's sword."

"Mrs. Commodore!" Will exclaimed, "I didn't realize it was you," He walked over to a shelf, pulling down a new, shiny sword, "I'm terribly sorry about Jack. "He walked over to Tessa, handing her the sword.

"It's fine Mr. Turner." She smiled, then began to leave.

"You married the Commodore?" Jack seemed appalled, "How could anyone marry a man like him?" Tessa sighed at the door, turning to face the man.

"Jack, I almost married you. I can't get much worse than that."