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Story time!

Chapter 11: Exorcism

Harashi and Inuyasha faced each other. Inuyasha held Tetsuiga at the ready, sheer determination on his face. Harashi smiled and twirled her energy staff.

"Ready to die, Inuyasha?" Harashi asked.

"Not yet," Inuyasha replied smoothly and then he shouted, "Get out of her body!" and he jumped at her, swinging Tetsuiga down with all his might.

"Didn't we have this discussion?" asked Harashi pulling her magic energy staff up to block the swing, "You can't kill me with out killing her."

Inuyasha did not answer.

Outside the barrier the energy ropes holding Sango down disintegrated and the barrier between her and Miroku broke down as well.

"Sango!" Miroku called. He ran to her side and helped her stand up, "Are you all right?" he asked.

"Yes. I think I'll be OK. Where's Inuyasha?" said Sango.

Miroku nodded toward the power barrier, "Harashi set those up so she and Inuyasha could fight it out with out interruption from us."

Suddenly Kagome ran over, "What are we going to do? Inuyasha can't kill Harashi with out killing Shawn too! And we can't get inside the barrier. I've all ready tried breaking it with one of my magic arrows, but it won't bust."

"That must be because it was set up by another priestess," said Miroku.

"Does Inuyasha know he needs to break the crystal?" asked Sango worriedly. If Inuyasha was their last hope to save Kagome's cousin he needed to know what to do.

"Inuyasha!" called Kagome, hoping to get his attention, but at the same time hoping not to distract him.

Inside the barrier Inuyasha could faintly hear someone calling his name. Quickly he glanced around and spotted Kagome. He tried to run to the part of the barrier she stood behind, but Harashi flew in his way, "I thought this was supposed to be uninterrupted," she mocked.

"Get out of my way!" Inuyasha tried to dodge around her but Harashi landed in front of him.

"Make me," she taunted. Inuyasha swung Tetsuiga at the side of her head. The tip of her energy staff flew up and blocked. Then it shot out and struck Inuyasha's chest and he fell back. He quickly scrambled to his feet and blocked a strike to his head. Next he made a series of extremely fast chopping motions. All of them were blocked, except one. It struck Harashi's shoulder and she was flung off to Inuyasha's right.

While he had the chance Inuyasha hurried to where Kagome was standing on the other side of the barrier, "What?"

"The crystal that Naraku gave her; it's around her neck. Naraku said it contains Shawn's spirit," said Kagome.

"Tell me something I don't know!" cried Inuyasha, plainly ticked off.

"You have to break it. If you do Shawn's spirit can get back into its own body and get rid of Harashi's spirit."

Kagome finished just in time. Harashi had come up behind Inuyasha and now she grabbed his shoulder. He spun around to face her. Her staff was gone, but now there was fury in her eyes that hadn't been there before.

Harashi back handed Inuyasha and flew off to the right and away from Kagome. She bit her lip nervously, "Inuyasha," she whispered worriedly.

Harashi marched purposefully towards Inuyasha as he struggled to stand, "No one hits me!" She punched upward under his chin and he flew backwards again. Harashi was beside him before he could stand. She kicked him in the side and then picked him up, holding his collar with one hand, "I was mad before, but now you've really pissed me off." She punched his stomach and dropped him.

"Inuyasha!" Kagome screamed, scared for her friend.

"No more magic," said Harashi, "I'm just gonna kill you with my bare hands."

Inuyasha got up and raised his sword, "You can try bitch."

Harashi's anger flared and she grabbed Inuyasha's wrist, the one that held Tetsuiga. She kicked his stomach and snatched away his sword as the wind was knocked out of him. She tossed 20 feet away.

"Not so tough now, are you?"

Inuyasha bared his claws, "Let's finish this," and he punched Harashi in the jaw. Her head snapped back, but that was all. She turned back smiling.

"Is that supposed to hurt?" she laughed. Inuyasha kept punching and Harashi kept blocking. Harashi did a palm strike to Inuyasha's chest and he stumbled back a few feet.

"Did you really think you could beat me?" asked Harashi, walking closer, "You pathetic half breed."

That struck a nerve. Inuyasha swiped a clawed hand at Harashi's neck, but she jumped back with out a scratch.

"Missed again, you stupid dog."

Then Inuyasha did something very peculiar. He smiled. He was injured, his friends were endangered, his clothes were torn in several places, and he was losing the fight, but he was smiling.

Suddenly, Harashi saw why. In his hand Inuyasha held a green crystal. Harashi's hand flew the place on her neck where she had placed Naraku's crystal. It was gone.

"Who's the stupid dog now?" asked Inuyasha and with the crushed the crystal in his hand.

"NO!" cried Harashi. It was terribly loud and everyone covered their ears. Purple light flew from the broken pieces of the crystal and it soared into Shawn's body.

"Shawn's spirit," whispered Kagome.

Shawn/Harashi twitched and squirmed as if fighting some inner battle. After about 30 seconds of this the body stopped and stood stiff as a board. It screamed. Everyone covered their ears at the horrible sound. The face turned up towards the sky and blue light shot out from its mouth and eyes. It kept screaming.

Finally, it stopped and the body fell into a useless heap. The blue light formed a face above the body and cried in the most terrible voice possible, "You will pay for this!" before dispersing into smoke.

The group stared mouth agape at what had just occurred. Inuyasha was the first one to regain his composure.

"Shawn!" he called to the girl lying on the ground. He ran to her side as fast as his injured body would let him. Shawn did not react. Inuyasha fell to his knees beside her. Gently he shook her shoulders. She still did not respond. Inuyasha carefully picked her up, "Come on. Don't do this," he whispered. Inuyasha held her close, pressing her to his chest. He rested his head on hers, as unwanted tears started to fall.

Kagome, Sango, and Miroku came up behind the two on the ground and Shippo sat on Kilala. Sango was leaning heavily on Miroku. Kagome stood next to Kilala, wiping her eyes. The phantom castle around them turned to dust and blew away in the wind.

'So it came to this,' thought Kagome, 'After everything, this is how it's gonna end?'

Rain started to pour as if the sky itself was crying along with Inuyasha. He let his tears flow as he buried his head in her hair. He pulled her away for a moment just to look at her. To look at her face one last time. His tears slid off his cheeks and landed on her eye lids along with many droplets of rain.

Suddenly, Shawn moaned. Her eyebrows scrunched together and her eyes flickered open, "Inuyasha?" she whispered.

Inuyasha stared in amazement and a smile bloomed on his face. Sango gasped, Kagome cried out in joy, Shippo gave a loud, "Hurray!" and Miroku stood stunned.

Then Inuyasha and Shawn kissed. (Finally) They kissed there in the rain, not caring who or what saw.

When they finally finished, Shawn and Inuyasha stood up and suddenly realized what they had just done, right in front of everyone!

Feeling very embarrassed and not wanted to look and the laughing eyes of her cousin, Shawn looked around and took note of her surroundings, "Where are we?" she glanced at Inuyasha torn clothes and many cuts and bruises, "And what happened to you?"

Inuyasha was more embarrassed now that he had been a minute ago. Kagome, Shippo, Sango, and Miroku laughed.

"It's a long story," said Kagome, "We can tell you as soon as we fix Inuyasha back up."

Inuyasha growled at this comment. Shawn hugged him, "Come on. There's nothing to be embarrassed about if you were just saving everyone."

"Easy for you to say," mumbled Inuyasha. Then he smiled.

The End.

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