Their swords clashed and they began their dance. Buffy matched each of Angelus' blows and he matched hers. She loses her footing slightly but blocks his strike he then asks her, "Now that's everything, huh? No weapons... No friends...No hope. Take all that away... and what's left?"

Buffy looked him defiantly in the eye and answered, "Me." She felt a surge of power go through her, she began to strike him, pouring out her guilt, sadness and anger out with every blow. Angelus knew he wasn't going to survive this fight, he could see the fire that he thought he had extinguished with his mind games and taunting return. For that brief moment Angelus, the Scourge of Europe felt scared, scared because he was going to die in the hands of the one woman he has ever loved. That's why he wanted to end the world, demons do not love they hate and destroy. That's all they're supposed to know and do.

Buffy cornered him towards Acathla and took one more swing at him and caused him to lose his sword.

Angelus put his hands up in surrender and he said, "My boy Acathla here is about to wake up. You're going to Hell."

Buffy took one good look at him and raised her sword, "Save me a seat," she said. Just as she was going for the kill Angelus screamed in agony and fell to his knees.

"No, not again..." his eyes glowed for a moment and all was quiet.

Suddenly, he spoke, "Buffy?" he looked around with genuine confusion written on his face. "What's happening? It feels like I haven't seen you in months."

Buffy dropped the sword and walked slowly to him, "Angel?" she asked.

He looked deep into her eyes, and she saw he was back. Her Angel was back. She ran to him and kissed him passionately and held on to him like it was their last day on earth.

She pulled away and was about to say something but the vortex had already opened, she looked at him fearfully.

"Buffy? What...what's going on?" asked Angel.

Tears fell down her face, her heart breaking with every teardrop that fell. "Shh. Don't worry about it. I love you." "I love you," he replied.

"Close your eyes," she said. She kissed him one last time, pouring all the love she felt for him in that kiss.

When he closed his eyes, she picked up the sword and plunged it into his stomach.

Angel opened his eyes they were wide-eyed full of questions and confusion. Buffy called out to him, "ANGEL!"

But the vortex and Angel disappeared and Acathla was once again in slumber.

Buffy stood in front of the statue, the sword still clutched in her hand. She raised the sword high above her head and let out an agonising scream as she swung away at the statue of Acathla. When the blades were blunt, she threw the broken pieces of rock on the walls and on the ground. She then broke down in the middle of the rubble and cried her heart out.

Later that day, as Willow was wheel-chaired into the school, Joyce Summers went upstairs to her daughters room, expecting to have see an upset daughter. What she found instead was a letter on Buffy's bed. It read:


I love you and I'm sorry for lying to you. But you have to understand I had no choice in this. I was chosen to save lives from the evils of the world. It means I get to be the hero and save the day, but it's not what I want. I just want to grow up, live a normal life. Get married, have 2.5 kids and live the American Dream.

But I can't have that, I'll never have that as long as there's evil in this world. I saved the world again from another apocalypse mom, when I should've been planning what to wear to school for the next week. I also killed the man I love to do it.

You turned your back on me when I needed you to understand me. I'm sorry for dumping it all on you in one night, but the fate of the world was at stake. I was forced to grow up and face responsibilities that someone my age couldn't even comprehend.

I love you mom. I'm so sorry.


Joyce sat down on Buffy's bed, crumpled the letter and cried.

Buffy took out all her savings and made her way to the bus station. She had nowhere to go. She couldn't go to her friends because she would just endanger them again after all she's a fugitive.

She boarded a bus to L.A. where she would live her life the way it was supposed to be for all Slayers, alone.

L.A. ...

The senior students of Smallville High were on a cross-country field trip to Los Angeles, California. Clark was reluctant to leave because of the unsolved deaths in Smallville, and because Kyla had been plaguing his thoughts ever since he walked away from her...

Clark's bike flipped causing him to land hard on the ground, but as soon as his back touches the ground, he fell through. He takes off his helmet and looks around, then he sees her.

"Lana?" he asks.

"Don't move," she says, her voice full of concern.

'Wow, she's beautiful.' "I'm fine," he replied.

"No, you're not. You just fell at least 100 feet, you're just in shock."

"I'm just lucky, I guess."

She looks at him incredulously then says, "That must be some luck you have there."

Scene change...

Clark is looking through his telescope while Kyla watches him from behind.

"You want a look?" asks Clark.

"No thanks. I like to be able to see them with my own eyes."

"So you believe these myths?" he asks.

"Clark, just cause something's a myth, doesn't mean there isn't a truth behind it."

She walks towards him and takes his hand she guides his hand up towards the sky and points out the constellation of a wolf. "You see where there is a missing eye? My ancestors believed that Numan came from that missing star."

Clark asked, "What happened to it?"

She turned to look at him and said, "You tell me, you're the one who fell from the sky."

Scene change...

Clark and Kyla went back to the caves to further explore the writings on the wall. Clark notices a picture of a woman standing on a turquoise square. But he failed to notice the faint outline of a phoenix over her head.

He points it out to Kyla who says, "It is the woman he's destined to be with. See this bracelet? It's been passed down through the women in my family. We don't even know how old it is."

Just as Clark was about to say something the cave rumbles causing Kyla to lose her balance and to fall.

Clark used his lightening speed to catch her, and a large boulder falls on them but Clark covered her with his body and took most of the impact, she then looked up at him, surprise written all over her face.

" did you do that?"

Clark nervously replied, "Adrenaline...?"

Kyla stared at him and Clark shifted nervously under her piercing gaze.

"You don't have a scratch on you, you probably shoot fire out of your eyes." She laughed a little but soon stopped when she saw Clark turn away from her. Her eyes widened with the realisation that he was the fallen angel promised to her people.

"It's you! You're Numan!"

Clark looked down on the ground and sighed, "I don't know who I am." He looked at thinking, 'any minute now, she's gonna run, or faint, or scream all of the above.' But was greeted with a smile. He then said, "You don't seem surprised."

She walked up to him and said, "Because I know what it's like to be different," she places her hand on his chest and gazes lovingly into his eyes. "You don't have to explain anything. I've found you, this is our destiny."

"But I don't want a destiny, this doesn't make sense, it's not me. And I can't be with you cause my heart belongs to someone else."

Kyla gave him a look of disappointment then angrily replied, "You can't walk away from your destiny Numan. And that destiny is me!"

Clark shook his head and walked away, no matter how beautiful Kyla was, she wasn't Lana. And the thought of being with her didn't seem right, it felt forced.

His thoughts were interrupted by the sounds of laughter from his classmates and the approaching footsteps of his two best friends, Chloe and Pete.

"Hey Clark, you wanna grab something to eat? All this sightseeing is making me feel hungry," suggested Pete.

Clark nodded his head in response, as they walked away from the group Clark notices Lana and Whitney having another row. It only got worst when Whitney saw Clark looking at Lana and put a possessive arm around her, Lana retaliated by moving away from him and walking towards her friends.

Lana gave Clark a smile, he smiled back and just as he did, he walked into a person.

"Hey, I'm walking here!" said a small blonde girl.

Clark held out his hand and said, "Sorry, I didn't..."

You were right

You came over me

What'd never been before

You slid under my door and now I find

A reason to admit I've been too lazy

The moment she took his hand, he felt himself burn inside.

But in this light

In this atmosphere

I'm starting to believe

The other side of me but who's to know

Honey..surely one of us is crazy

He was sure she felt it too because she jumped back the moment she touched his hand.

Maybe I... I'm not so easily stung

Maybe I... I got some love for someone

Maybe I... I'm not the story for you

Maybe I... I'll be the do you ought to do

When she looked into his eyes she lost herself. And he lost himself in hers.

So now I stand I never stood before

What's better left unsaid is done

Buried and dead and you're alive

Girl, I think you might just stay the night

'It's too soon, this is crazy I don't even know him' she thought. But she couldn't help the fire that she felt burning inside. The fire that had burnt out the moment she kissed her love goodbye. It burned brighter than before.

Maybe I... I'm not so easily stung

Maybe I... I got some love for someone

Maybe I... I'll write a story for you

Maybe I... I'll be the do you ought to do

'Is this what being destined together means?' thought Clark. He helped her up but held on to her hand, like he was afraid he would never see her again.

I'm not trying to take it easy

I'm not trying to help you see

I'm not trying to take us over

I'm just trying to believe

She could feel his grip tighten when she turned to walk away. 'This can't be happening, not again, I can't get hurt again.'

Maybe I...

Maybe I...

Maybe I...

Maybe I...

Clark couldn't help himself, he acted on his impulse and pulled her closer to him, with Chloe and Pete just watching the display between Clark and the blonde.

Maybe I... I'm not so easily stung

Maybe I... I got some love for someone

Maybe I... I'm just the story for you

Maybe I... I'll be the do you ought to do

'Oh, God' they groaned simultaneously at the sensation of the closeness. She looked down, afraid to lose herself in his blue eyes again. But he lifted up her chin, he wanted to take away the pain and the sadness he saw in her green eyes.

Maybe I... I'm not the one for your love

Maybe I... I'll be your heaven above

Maybe I... I'll write a story for two

Maybe I... I'll be the do that you do

Blue eyes locked on to green, She felt her knees go weak when she felt his breath on her lips. Clark licked his lips, his mouth had gone dry from her scent of vanilla and something else that he knew was hers and only hers.

He leaned into her and she closed her eyes, the moment they kissed, an invisible wave of energy burst through them both. To those of the supernatural world, they would have seen the Golden Phoenix floating over her head and engulfing the two figures in her flame. But to those normal human beings, all they would have felt was the heat radiating from Clark and the girl.

Clark felt an incredible surge of power radiate from her, and he felt himself losing control. He wanted to take her away, just the two of them, alone. Yes, he wanted to be hers and she would be his and only his.

When they finally pulled away, Clark noticed the tears trailing down her cheek. He cupped her face and wiped them away with his thumb. She leaned into his hand and closed her eyes, losing sense of time and place at the feel of his caress.

They were interrupted by applause and cheering from the spectators, mostly the Smallville students. This woke Buffy from her trance, she looked away, tears falling down her face and said, "I'm sorry, I can't do this." She then walked away and never looked back.

Clark went to go after her but was suddenly lost in a crowd of his classmates and Chloe and Pete.

Clark managed to free himself and caught up to her, "I'm sorry, I don't know what came over me. Please at least let me know your name."

Buffy stopped, turned to face him and managed to give him a small smile. "Anne, my name's Anne."

"Hi Anne, I'm Clark Kent." He held out his hand and she took it, he then kissed her hand and smiled. She looked down at her watch and said, "Well, Clark Kent, I should go, my break just finished. It was...certainly interesting meeting you."

She walked away leaving a smiling Clark, "I'm going to see you again Anne, and that's a promise I intend to keep," he whispered to himself. Unaware that with Buffy's Slayer sensitive hearing, she heard him. She then whispered to herself, "If you can find Joe's Diner around the corner."

Unbeknownst to her, he too had sensitive hearing. He smiled to himself and walked back to his friends who asked him a barrage of questions.

"Who is that?"

"Do you know her?"

"When did you meet?"

"Why did you do that?"

Clark only answered, "She's beautiful isn't she?"

Pete and Chloe looked at him like he lost an eye, then Pete asked jokingly, "Okay, where is the Clark Kent we know and what have you done with him?"

Clark just smiled with a dreamy far away look in his eyes.

Chloe looked at him and grinned, "Well, Clark, the least you can do is tell us her name."

"Anne, her name is Anne."

As Clark walked away with his friends, he failed to notice a dark figure emerge from the alley, it shape-shifted from a wolf, to a human female...