The Black Line Continues

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Summary: AU. Slash. Mpreg. SB/RL. Sirius never fell, but he was seriously injured at the end of OotP. While at Grimmauld Place, the trio notice a couple of new things have been threaded onto the Black Family Tapestry and it involves Remus.

Warnings: See summary. Order of the Phoenix spoilers, if you haven't read that or don't like any of the warning I have given then don't read this. And don't say I didn't warn you.

Pairing(s): Sirius/ Remus, I haven't written a pairing involving these boys for ages.

The events at the Department of Mysteries will be modified for this story.


Chapter 1: Magical Tapestry

"Ha ha! Is that the best you've got Bellatrix?"



Remus Lupin jerked awake, wide eyed and sweating, his breathing was heavier and seeing such a vivid account of that memory made him feel sick to the stomach. He had been having the same reoccurring nightmare for days now, ever since the battle at the Department of Mysteries. No amount of Sleeping Draughts or Dreamless Sleep Potions would help, no matter how strong Snape made them but the thought of falling asleep and not knowing what was happening with Sirius made it worse on him.

He tried to calm his breathing down before getting out of bed, he pulled on a sweatshirt and headed out into the hallway, the torches along the walls were dying down and its was getting very dim, as it was very early in the morning. The exhausted werewolf padded slowly along the hallway, being as quiet as he could as he passed the covered painting of Sirius' horrible mother, and then he headed downstairs to the basement kitchen. He was thirsty, he was tired and he felt absolutely awful, though he had been feeling quite off for the last couple of weeks and he still wasn't sure why.

Remus entered the kitchen and found Harry sitting in there staring miserably down at a mug of what smelt to him like hot chocolate, "You all right, Harry?"

Harry smirked humourlessly, "No…"

Remus got himself a drink and sat down opposite Harry at the table, "I know, stupid question, right?"

"Was a bit."

Remus sighed; he had been so caught up in feeling sorry for himself because his lover was on his deathbed that he had almost forgotten about the other people Sirius' injuries would affect. "He'll be alright."

Harry finally looked up at his old Professor, he took into account that Remus looked even worse for wear than usual, "How can you be so sure? I mean…the Longbottoms lost their sanity when Bellatrix tortured them…what if that happens to Sirius to? …Assuming he wakes up…"

Remus frowned, "You may not have noticed while it was happening, Harry, but Sirius wasn't under the Cruciatus Curse for long. Bellatrix lifted it after only a couple of minutes…" He hated having to think about this, he felt even worse now because he was telling this to Sirius' godson. Harry gazed at him curiously. "I don't know what she used, probably one of Voldemort's own inventions…but whatever it was, it was that that did the damage to Sirius, not the Torture Curse."

Harry gazed back down at the table and squeezed his eyes shut for a moment before opening them again and looking back to Remus, "If it was something Voldemort came up with then…then wouldn't Snape know what it was?"

"Professor Snape." Reminded Remus, more out of habit than anything. "And no he doesn't, Voldemort only tells his most trustworthy Death Eaters about things like that, so they can test the curses. Bellatrix being one of the most trusted and also Lucius Malfoy…"

Harry sniffed, "I don't want him to die…"

"Neither do I, Harry…neither do I." Replied Remus sadly; he gazed at the chair at the table that Sirius usually sat on. The one he always precariously leaned back onto two legs, which annoyed Molly greatly. Just as he was about to speak, he felt some bile come up in his mouth causing him to retch.


Remus quickly jumped to his feet and ran to the nearest bathroom to throw up.


Sirius was being kept in the Hogwarts Infirmary because he was still an unwanted man, so he was unable to be treated at St Mungos by a group of Healers. Madame Pomfrey had been convinced by Dumbledore of Sirius' innocence and she had agreed to stay at Hogwarts over the summer to treat the injured and comatose Animagus.

After his morning's vomiting episode, Remus had had a shower and drank down half a pot of tea before heading off to Hogwarts so he could check in on Sirius.

There was still no change. Sirius had been unconscious for two weeks now, hanging on to his life by a thread. Nobody, not even Dumbledore knew what other curses Bellatrix had used on him while everyone else was busy duelling and subduing the other Death Eaters.

Another reason he had come to the Infirmary today was to find out what was wrong with him, why he was throwing up every morning. And by god did Madame Pomfrey's diagnosis shock him; he hadn't even thought it possible. Snape had walked into the Infirmary just as Remus had been told and the man became even more insufferable than usual, he had been positively gleeful to hear that Remus was in fact pregnant with The Mutt's spawn.

Remus was sitting in a chair beside Sirius' bed now, running his thumb over the back of one of the dark haired man's pale hands, "Did you hear that Pads?" he asked Sirius' prone form quietly. Madame Pomfrey had said that Sirius might be able to hear if he spoke to him. "I'm carrying your baby…"

Meanwhile Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny had all been ordered to clean up the Drawing Room again as it had become rather messy again, mainly due to Kreacher being left entirely alone one day.

"Ew, what the heck is this?" Asked Ginny as she used a pair of tongs to pick up something brown and mouldy.

Ron shrugged, "What did that bloody house-elf do to this place? It was clean when we were here at Christmas."

Hermione huffed; "God only knows…" She was busy trying to scrape something off the floor beneath the tapestry, which held the Black Family Tree. "I give up trying to be nice to that house-elf."

Ron raised an eyebrow in amusement at her before glancing at Harry who was smirking a little, "Good to know."

Ginny giggled, "Guess you wouldn't be against him having his head stuck to the wall with his relatives now, eh?"

"Damn right." Muttered Hermione, she stopped scrubbing for a moment and gazed up at the Family Tree, "You know, I think it would be quite interesting to trace your family back for centuries, I'd love to do that and see who my ancestors were."

Harry nodded, "You would…I wouldn't mind doing that either."

Hermione wiped her brow and went back to scrubbing, but she stopped dead and snapped her eyes back to the tapestry, "Oh my god…" She had seen this just before but it hadn't registered until just now.

"What?" Asked Ginny from where she had sat down in the middle of the floor.

Hermione gazed at the tapestry for a moment longer before finally replying, "This family tree must be magic or something…I think it adds to itself every time a Black reproduces."

"Why d'ya say that?" Questioned Ron curiously.

Hermione pointed to where Sirius' name had been burnt off the tree, "Come and see for yourselves."

The other three teenagers got up sluggishly and went over to the tapestry, upon seeing what Hermione was pointing to they all gasped in shock.

"Bloody hell!"

Harry blinked.

"…I always thought there was something going on there…" Said Ginny slowly.

Linked to Sirius' burnt off name in gold thread was Remus Lupin and joined to both of their names was the word Unborn.

Hermione glanced at the other three, "One of them is pregnant…" she said quietly.


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