Birthday Surprise

Chapter 8: Going Home

After a long and rigorous day of...stuff, the party was coming to an end. That doesn't mean that it was dying down, though. Vash was running through the house with his shirt off and a pair of boxers (not his own, oddly enough) on his head. This wouldn't have been considered too weird for him, but he was even more clumsy than usual and kept talking to potted plants.

And if that wasn't enough to weird people out, the normally calm princess was acting like she'd gone insane. She was shouting at people, telling people off, and constantly hiccupping and belching.

"What...the crap?" Blu asked with a huge sweatdrop as her party began to get really strange. Everyone else was keeping their distances from the blondes.

Wolfwood slowly approached the Humanoid Typhoon. "Uhh...hey, Vash?"

"Niklus! Iya! Ya haveta have summa dis punch! Iss really good!"

"I think that's enough punch for you, Vash."


"Nope. Let's go home before Meryl depletes Gunsmoke's supply of coffee," said Wolfwood, dragging Vash out by his ear.

"Merl! Why didn' ya say so?!"

"Sorry about Mr. Vash! I don't know what's gotten into him!" apologized Millie, running out after the priest and gunman. "Bye!"

"I think Zelda's had enough of that pun-" Link began to say, but was cut off by the Princess's shout.

"i'll tell u wen i've had enuff, lenk!!1!!" Zelda garbled out and tripped over a couch. "Omg! liek, wtf?!1!!1!" she shouted as she fell. Link backed away and bumped into Malon, who was...uh, petting and caressing a Cucco.

"I think we'll be going now," Link said as he grabbed Malon's hand and made a run for it, with Cucco feathers flying everywhere.

"OMG! Malun is suck a bich!! lol!!1!" and Zelda tripped over another couch, but managed to make her way out the door, chasing (albeit very clumsily) after, Link and Malon, shouting obscenities throughout the streets...not that anyone understood what the Hell she was saying.

"...Uh, bye?" Blu waved bye-bye to the suddenly relatively empty room.

"So..." started Kenny, but Blu cut him off.

"On the first evening a pebble..." she sang. Everyone glared. "Umm...sorry..."

Just then, Zazie came in grinning. "I finally got rid of him for ya!" They all looked at each other then back to the boy.

"Got rid of who?" Kenny asked.

"...that fat guy in the green tights! He's been around here sneaking around all day! He almost made me go insane!" They all looked at each other again, but everyone shrugged. "AGH!" and the boy ran off screaming. Of course, the girls followed, yelling something about a hug. Once they came back (with Blu carrying the gung-ho's bandana and T9 with Blu put the bandana on over the boxers flapping on her head.

"So..." Kenny said again, but shot Blu a look before she could start again.

"What's next?" Blu asked. The two boys grinned at each other and then tackle-hugged both of the girls. "Happy Birthday, Blu!" T9 squirmed out and Blu grinned.

"Ok, so what now?" asked Hustino.

"DDR?" suggested T9. And that was the last Kenny and Hustino saw of the girls all night.

Guru-Guru: I think that party went well.

Hustino: I'd like to think so.

Guru-Guru: We had games, cake, a piƱata, a pool, and we tortured the psycho. We had it all!

Hustino: Yeah, and we had all of the birthday girl's favorite characters! ...well, not counting Tingle...

Guru-Guru: So...wanna go watch the girls play?

Hustino: Well, there's one last thing we should is a BIRTHDAY, after all.

Guru-Guru: Yep.