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Title: Do you even understand?

Chapter 1: It starts here...

"You broke your promise!" A green skinned by said angrily. "How do you think I can trust you again?"

"I did not break any promise" A cloaked figure started to walk towards her room.

"You promised... I was waiting for you... I wanted to give you something" The green changeling told himself softly, his eyes stuck to the floor. He shook his head vigorously to forget he said that and looked back at her.

"I said I would be back before the party, not on that specific day" The hood titan in black leotard specified her point in a monotone voice as she entered her room closing the door behind her. "There is nothing else to talk about, leave"

"What is with you Raven!? A person invites you to be his dat- to be there then you leave and come back 5 weeks later! What is up with that?!"

"I don't want to mingle" Raven said

"I get your problem, you don't want to mingle and be happy cause you are just a cold hearted person! An ice queen! A person with no heart!" The green titan yelled over the door before he left, passing by a very confused robot.

Curious, the half robot went to the door and knocked a few times, tapped it lightly.

"Rae? Are you alright?"

Silence was his response. He sighed and reached out for the handle when a sudden crash sounded from inside the room.

"Rae! RAE! Let ME IN!" the robot shouted as he knocked vigorously on the door. He continued to bang on the door when it latched open. He slid the door slowly and peeked in first. His bionic eye caught the sight of a moonlit figure sprawled on the bed, her face buried in the fluffy pillow. He heard muffled cries and sighs from the girl as he walked in, carefully closing the door behind him.

"Go away" A girl's voice spoke in a monotone manner as usual. "Leave me alone"

Cyborg walked softly towards the bed when he stepped on something that made a cracking sound. He bent down, using his bionic eye he searched for the broken material. As his eye caught a glass frame, he picked it up and looked at the picture inside. It was a picture of Raven and Beast Boy in the gardens. The green fellow was smiling at Raven, his arm circled around her waist, pulling her closer to him.

"You were blushing here, weren't you?" Cyborg asked as he gazed upon the Raven in the picture. Her eyes a little bit wide in shock, her body being drawn closer to him making her hood fall, slightly revealing her pinkish blush.

"So what? As if anyone cared" The shadow on the bed spoke with a little hatred in her speech as the electrical bulbs in the Titans tower burst. The whole place was blinded by darkness as silence took over.

The green-skinned titan stammered through the halls and into the main area. He sighed as he saw an empty room. He opted to go to the fridge and create a tofu sandwich until he dropped the idea when he remembered that nobody has done shopping yet. He breathed heavily once again and sat on the couch. He wanted to watch television but there isn't anything nice to watch. He dropped the remote and searched around, fumbling about. He transformed into a mouse and scurried inside the couch. He came out pulling a small, wide case along with him. He morphed back to his boy form and pulled the box out. He wondered how it got in there the first place but when he opened it, all traces of doubt disappeared from his mind. Inside was a beautiful hand crafted photo album, it was brown in color and was designed with flowers. He blew the dust off and opened it. Inside he saw pictures and dedications from each one to the other. He read about Cyborg saying sorry to everyone when he got so obsessed with his car on the third page. Robin admitting that he was sort of a jerk when it comes to trusting on the succeeding one. Starfire, in the next one, telling all the titans that they were her friends no matter what and his was on the page after that, he wrote about how to learn from someone, how he shall never betray the Teen Titans and how sorry he was for making practical jokes that could make people hate him... a lot... He turned his part and found the next one back to Cyborg's. 'Where is hers? Why isn't it here' he thought. He stared closely at it when he noticed there was a ripped piece of the page inserted between. He looked at it and read it out loud:

"...understand who I am..."

He scratched his head in confusion "What does she mean by understand who she is?"

"OH GLORIOUS! Friends! Come and see what friend Beast Boy has found! It is a paper compilation of us!" The green-eyed girl shouted as she peeped at the book from behind Beast Boy.

"You like it Star? Here! I'm done with it anyway!" The green skinned titan said when he had shoved the book in her hands before leaving to go to his room.

"So what if I blushed? It isn't like it meant something," Raven told the bionic teen as she turned her head from the pillow to gaze at the moon from afar. Cyborg walked to the windowsill and looked up at the dark velvet sky.

"I bet he would..." He told her as he turned around to face the figure in the dark. "Trust me... BB's sorta predictable, you get what I mean?"

"No" was the answer he got from the Azarathian girl.

"You'll soon know why he cares about every daring move you make, every mistake you might commit and every compliment you will throw at him," Cyborg explained as he walked to the door. "By the way, Tuesday is BB's birthday, I just thought you wanted to know that" He said as he silently closed the door behind him. He sighed and started to walk the corridor to his room.

"What were you doing in there?" The changeling asked, his eyebrow arched up.

"Yo! Cool down! I didn't do anything to your girl" The half-robot teen sweat-dropped.

The door slid open revealing a girl in a dark blue cloak.

"Your girl? When have I been a property of HIS?" As Raven shifted her lavender orbs from Beast Boy to Cyborg.

"Rae... chill, ok?" Cyborg waved his arms in front of her face.

"I'm... going to meditate..." Raven said as she slid past between Cyborg and Beast Boy.

"You didn't do anything nasty did you?" Beast Boy asked.

"Dude... I like Raven as a friend, but I don't like her like how you like her..." Cyborg explained.

"Ho-how did you know?" Beast Boy blushed tremendously as he pulled the collar of his shirt.

"The over blushing is a darn give away!" Cyborg smiled at the green boy.

"That obvious huh? Does everybody know? Did you tell them?" Beast Boy stuttered.

"Robin knows, but I'm not planning on telling Star, she has a really big mouth..."

"Why did you tell?!"

"Nothing much... I just wanted to see the reactions that's all" Cyborg said as he disappeared into his room, laughing.

"What am I going to do?" Beast Boy said as he solemnly went to his room, grieving of the coming danger.

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