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Last chapter: destroying the barrier

Raven's POV

'I love you' those were his three whispered words that I always thought would be the last words I would hear. All these emotions, anger, sadness, hatred, and jealousy… all these could consume my whole being and turn me into a monster rather than a person.

I turned my body around and sobbed softly in his shirt, my face buried as I gripped on his sleeve. He didn't mind, instead he held me closer to him, putting his chin on top of my head.

"I can't take this anymore…" I told him, I continued even if the thunders were booming stronger than ever, I wanted to tell him everything. "I don't want them anymore, I … don't want my powers… if they are just going to keep me away from you, from my friends, from the people I love" I admitted to him. Lighting blasted through the heavens while the rain poured stronger than ever, making us invisible to prying eyes. "I don't want my powers if they are the cause of your sufferings… I can't just stand here, enjoying my emotions as I see you with pain all because you won't let me go…" I wanted to tell him more, to express everything I want him to know, to show him how much he means to me. But, he just placed his finger on my lips and hushed me.

"No matter what happens, I will be here for you, I will protect the both of us… I like you for who you are Raven, not by your powers nor by how you look, just being plain you is more than enough. Nothing can ever change my mind about that" The rain started to subside as I saw a smile crept back on his lips. He raised his hands and cupped my face, wiped my tears that had streamed down my face together with the very few droplets of the strong pour. Inching closer, he was now only a few distance away, his breathing I could feel, his heart I could hear and his face I could see, we almost…

"MY FRIENDS! WHA-" The green eyed Tamaranian interfered. She blinked at the sight of me, my head slightly faced upward, my whole body levitating a little bit off the ground, and my arms looked as if I was holding something. She looked at me with very confused eyes as she shrugged then went back down.

"Go on, out of my cloak" I said as I saw a furry thing wrapped against my waist. It went down and transformed itself back into the green haired boy. He beamed at me then grabbed my arm, before I knew it I was in the main room with everybody just looking at me with curiosity written all over their faces.

"What… are you looking at?" I spoke once again in my normal monotone voice.

"Well…" Boy wonder started "just look at you two… I never expected that you would be together, are you guys sure this won't change anything?"

"Come on! You're pulling my leg right?" Cyborg laughed while pointing at his bionic foot "You're not…"

I rolled my eyes and wondered about these people's missing sanities until I felt something brush upon my foot. I looked down to see a cat holding a little gift in its paw. I took it with care then looked at it. Beast boy appeared once again and gazed at it for a long time. Giving it to him, he snaked his arm around my waist, pulled me closer then landed a quick kiss on my cheek. He let go and started to tear the wrapper out, when he finally got it opened, his green orbs lay upon a weird looking thing, it was cubical in shaped but he could not see what it was because of the brown paper swathed around it. Upon removing the paper, a rose frozen solid was inside a cubical chamber. It was red, pure red. Beast boy stared at it closer and pondered over whether it was real or not. Finally deciding it was real, he turned it upside down to see an inscription engraved in gold letters.

'Love the unlovable side of others, for anyone can love a rose, but only a great heart can include the thorns'

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