My Daydream

By: Sinead

Part Three


Snorting and jerking up, Sinead yawned. "Whaa?"

"We're at school, you dope. You slept all way from Braintree to here."

"You're kidding, StarGazer."


Sinead yawned again, then looked around. They were just pulling into the driveway of the school. Was it all a dream? Yeah, most likely. Pity.

As they walked off of the bus and across the parking lot, Sinead looked through the swirling snow to see quite a few figures just standing in the middle of the driveway that split off of the main driveway and into the student's parking lot. Squinting as they walked forward, she saw that there were numerous smaller figures who all bundled up as she and StarGazer were.

Then . . . was it . . . really . . . ?

One of the smallest figures broke away from the group, laughing, to embrace Sinead, who laughed as well, and embraced her back. "Starath!"

"As always, sis! Who else would I be?"

Walking back with the author to the group, she looked up at her favorite, whose glare lessened slightly, then briefly flashed into a smile, before returning to the usual scowl. Sinead nodded to her Principal, who said, "You'll be having tagalongs today. Do you mind?"

"Me?" Sinead asked, smiling. "Not at all! Who's hungry for breakfast?"

In the lunchroom, the humans dismantled their layers of winter-wear to swarm to the food area. Sinead opened her bag to put her Diskman away, when she saw a stuffed toy occupying the space where the Diskman generally was. Pulling it out, she looked at the furry, light brown teddy bear. Nurannoniel was the first back, and she looked over Sinead's shoulder at the toy. StarGazer came over as well, then asked, "What's that?"

Nurannoniel's jaw dropped. "That's the teddy bear you brought with you!"

Snapping her head around to look at the Canadian, Sinead asked, "What?!"

StarGazer blinked at the two of them, then said, "It wasn't a dream?"

"If it was, we all dreamt it together," Nurannoniel replied softly.

Sinead looked down at the bear in her hand, then looked over at Dinobot, who was glaring down at Rattrap yet again. As if he knew she was thinking of him, the Maximal looked up at her, then down at the bear in her hold. He blinked, and straightened, his face showing his disbelief. Not caring who saw, Sinead ran over to him and wrapped her arms around his torso, burying her face in his lower chest. She felt his arms circle her shoulders gently as well, then felt his sigh. "So you are her. I was worried that . . ."

"I didn't think that you knew me," Sinead whispered. "That I'd have to start all over again with getting to know you."

Dinobot chuckled, then said, "Get your food. You're hungry, and both of us know it."

Smiling up at her favorite, the author did so, but without letting go of the bear. Maybe it would be a good day after all.