Lucky Charms!

By Kendra, Digimon Empress andFlair

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Bandai owns the characters in this story. We own the plot. Flair doesn't seem to own a mind.

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Chapter One: Luck of the Draw

Daisuke Motimiya put the last drop of bright green liquid into the flash, shaking it gently. It bubbled for a moment, and then settled down to a dark purple color that swirled and frothed like a mixture of grape juice and shaken-up Sprite. Daisuke grinned like a maniac, his goggles glinting evilly – at last!

"Do you really think it'll work, Daisuke?" Iori asked dubiously. Daisuke jumped, then glared at Iori for ruining the mad-scientist mood. Of course Daisuke couldn't do this on his own – even though he was smart enough, in his way, he'd probably be in too much of a hurry and add chlorine instead of chloride, and then where would he be? Iori was the only one Daisuke could rely on to keep a secret – rely on, ha! Daisuke laughed to himself. He couldn't trust any of the others with this plan of his. Definitely not Miyako – she'd just get mad at him no matter what he did. Takeru – no way! Hikari, well she was the reason he was doing this. The older Digi-destined Daisuke just didn't know well enough. Even Tai, who he did know, was out of the picture because, well, Hikari was his sister. Iori wasn't even that good of a choice – even for such a little kid, he always got the better of Daisuke, and they were constantly fighting. "Like an old married couple," Ken had once said.

Ken. Some may ask why Daisuke didn't go to Ken for help with this – he was a genius, after all, and Daisuke's best friend. The truth was that Daisuke himself didn't know why he didn't ask Ken for help. It just…

"Hello? Earth to Daisuke? Did some of the chemicals affect your brain or something?" Iori called, waving his hand in front of the taller boy's face. "Daisuke?"

"What? It'll work, it'll work!" Daisuke exclaimed, clutching the treasured flask to his heart protectively.

Iori rolled his eyes. "The recipe came from a Froot Loops box, Daisuke," he said dryly.

"I don't care!"

"Well then, let's go. I don't know why I'm doing this…" Iori sighed.

"You promised!" Daisuke said hotly, heading out of the chemistry lab doors, Iori following close behind.

"Yes, I know I promised. That's what comes with being the Digi-destined of Reliability. You have to keep your promises. And when you're dealing with Daisuke Motimiya and his crackpot plans, that's not a very good thing." Iori replied, rolling his eyes. The two crossed through the hallway, heading for the open school doors.

"Did you just call me a crackpot?" Daisuke demanded, glaring at the solemn younger boy.

"Now is not the time, Daisuke. Here come the others. If you're going to slip Hikari the "love potion" I suggest now would be a good time." Iori replied as they stepped outside. "I just hope it doesn't kill her."

"It won't! It won't!" Daisuke insisted, vehemently. He slipped the small flask into his pocket and sauntered up to the other four Digi-destined, Hikari, Ken, Miyako and Takeru, who were waiting at the gates of the school for Daisuke and the smallest Digi-destined to arrive.

"Hi, Daisuke!" Miyako burst out. "What were you doing this afternoon? Finishing up on chemistry homework?"

"He needed help mixing things up," Iori said, and that was not the full truth, but it wasn't a lie either.

"You could have asked me, Daisuke," Ken suggested, grinning, his smile sending shivers up Daisuke's spine, though he did not know why. He assumed it was because Ken was reading his thoughts. He really ought to have asked the blue haired genius.

"Ahhhh, you have a busy schedule, Ken," Daisuke said, unaware that he was blushing. "You're captain of the soccer team, you're the school president, you're super smart, and involved in about two billion other things. I didn't want to bother you."

"I always have time for you, Daisuke," Ken said.

"So what did you mix up, Daisuke?" Hikari asked, running a hand through her hair.

"Ohhhh, just some things," Daisuke said, turning even redder as both Ken and Kari fixed their eyes upon him. "This and that. You wouldn't be interested in it at all, would they, Iori?"

"Ummmmm…" the shorter boy began, Daisuke gave him a kick. "Ummmm no! Of course not!"

"Daisuke's kind of jumpy," Miyako observed.

"Probably because he hasn't eaten since lunchtime," Ken said. "Low blood sugar would do it. We ought to stop by the cafeteria before we go home and fill you up, Daisuke."

"I'm fine! I am!" Daisuke cried out, almost causing the love potion in his pocket to overturn. To prevent anyone from seeing it, he quickly flung his backpack in the way, blocking the view of the potion.

"He's extremely jumpy," Takeru said. "I agree with you, Ken. Definitely low blood sugar. We're taking you to the cafeteria immediately."

"They have the juice I like, don't they?" Hikari wondered.

The gears in Daisuke's head began to turn…

"Yeah, they do," Miyako replied.

If he could only substitute the potion for Hikari's drink…

"They just delivered more of it yesterday!"

…then she would fall madly in love with him.

"I don't know," Hikari said, starting to have second thoughts. "I really do have to check with a teacher before I go home..."

No, no, no! She had to come…

"It's really urgent! But…"

"I'll only go if Hikari comes along," Daisuke exclaimed, waving his arms about and jumping around some more. "Otherwise I'm going to be really hyper and act like this all day and that wouldn't be good, would it, especially if we go to the Digital World!" To prove his point, he "accidentally" tripped on Ken's foot, sending them both sprawling forward.

Hikari sighed. "Coming," she moaned, helping Daisuke and Ken to their feet.

"Perfect!" Daisuke exclaimed. "Well let's go!" He grabbed Hikari and Ken by the hands and started running. The other Digi-destined weren't far behind. Daisuke slid into the Cafeteria, nearly slipping on some spilt milk, and catapulted towards the juice and cereal table.

"Woah, calm down, Daisuke!" Hikari exclaimed. "You're going to end up killing somebody!"

"Sorry, 'Kari," Daisuke said quickly. "Juice?" he held out a glass to her, mock-bowing. She gave him a weird look, but took it. "Oh here, Hikari, let me pour some for you!" he said, jerking it back and turning his back on her.

"Um, okay," she said. Daisuke reached forward, pouring the berry juice that he knew Hikari liked into the cup. Quicker than lightning (or so he thought) Daisuke whipped the purple potion out of his pocket and sloshed a bit in. He didn't use up all of the potion – just to be safe, he and Iori had mixed up three batches, so there was still quite a bit left. He turned around, presenting the cup to Hikari, who was at the moment talking to Miyako.

"Here you go, Hikari!" he exclaimed. She took it with a smile.

"Aren't you going to have something, Daisuke? We came in here to get you food in the first place," Ken remarked.

"Oh, right!" Daisuke exclaimed, grabbing the first thing he saw. It was a box of Lucky Charms. He jammed his hand into the box, popping a handful of marshmallows into his mouth, watching Hikari very closely – she hadn't drunk any yet. Since he was so fixated, he didn't seem to notice that the bottle in his pocket slipped out of his pocket and fell into the full pitcher of berry juice...

Miyako picked up a cookie, biting into it. "What time is it?" she asked.

"3:24," Iori replied. "What time are we supposed to meet Tai and the others?"

"Oh my gosh, 3:30!" Hikari exclaimed, just as the glass touched her lips. She nearly dropped it in shock, placing it hastily on the table. "We'd better get going! I had no idea that it was so late! It's your fault, Daisuke!" she exclaimed, though not vindictively. It was, after all, his fault. "Come on, we have to get going!" She, Miyako, Iori and Takeru ran for the door. Daisuke stared after Hikari, stunned. No! She had to drink it!

"Daisuke?" Ken asked. "What's wrong? We'd better go with them." Daisuke turned to Ken just as the blue-haired boy picked up Hikari's untouched glass and took a long sip.

Daisuke felt his stomach churn. "NO, KEN!" He cried out. "What are you doing?! Don't drink that!"

But it was too late. Ken had swallowed and was now wiping his mouth with a napkin. "You really are excited today, Daisuke," the boy genius observed. "It's only juice. Come on. You should try some of it. It's really good…"

Daisuke's jaw dropped. "Uhhhh, no, that's okay!" he stammered.

"Come on, Daisuke. It's great. You'd really like it!" Ken insisted.

"Some other day!" Daisuke exclaimed, pushing Ken's hand, which was holding the glass, away. He was starting to sweat, expecting at any moment for the love potion to take effect, but so far it hadn't. The cereal box had said it would be instantaneous.

"Are you sure?" Ken asked.

"I'm positive!" Daisuke said, his heart fluttering. Not that he wanted to see the potion work on Ken, but it would be nice to know that it wasn't a dud…"I'm full! Really!"

"You haven't even eaten," Ken said, giving him a funny look.

"Oh! I lost my appetite!" Daisuke cried, and he scampered off to the other side of the Cafeteria. He needed to find Iori fast to double check that love potion recipe. Maybe he had added chlorine after all and Ken was about to horribly sick.

As Daisuke ran off, Jyou, who had come from the high school to tutor at the 02 Digi-destined's middle school, strolled in. He just happened to bump into Ken.

"AAAH!" Jyou yelped. "Oh! It's you, Ken!" he said, recovering quickly from the fright. "What's that you have there?"

"A new drink," Ken said, finishing up the glass, and then laughed, "it's the best. You should try some."

"I don't know," Jyou said. "I'm allergic to most foods…"

"But it's the best," Ken insisted, and Jyou had to give in. Ken reached for the pitcher of berry juice, not noticing the purple liquid that leaked inside from Daisuke's dropped flask, and handed it to Jyou, who hesitantly took a sip and then nodded.

"It's pretty good," he said. "By the way, Sora's throwing a party, and she asked me about refreshments, but I haven't a clue what to get."

"How about you use this drink?" Ken suggested.

"Hey! That's a good idea." Jyou said. "If you like it and I like it, I'm sure everyone else will. Why don't we give each of them just a taste of it, see how they react to it, and if all of them think it's a hit, whip some up for Sora's party?"

Ken smiled. "I'll try some on Miyako, Hikari, Iori, TK and Daisuke…"

"And I'll give some to Taichi, Yamato, Mimi and Sora," Jyou said, beaming. The stress he felt at having to help out with the party was lifted. "If you don't mind, I'll take this pitcher for now…" He removed it from Ken's hand, then without further explanation, wandered from the Cafeteria and went on his way.


Ken turned. Iori and Daisuke were rushing up to him, Daisuke bouncier – no, let's say jumpier – than ever. "What is it, guys?"

"Ken!" Iori stammered. "Where's the juice? What did you do with the juice? You didn't drink it all, did you?"

"I don't have it anymore," Ken simply said, and that was true. "But why are you so excited? You're treating me like I'm sick or something. I'm fine, I assure you, I'm fine."

"Then I guess you're overreacting, Daisuke," Iori said. "I told you that a Fruit Loops recipe wouldn't work."

"What's this?" Ken asked.

It was Iori who had spoken, but Ken looked past him, for suddenly all he saw was Daisuke…