Delusional Conclusional
Lucky Charms: Delusional Conclusional
by: Kendra and Flair

Dedicated to Sylina - may you make the best of your days, and remember that with light, friendship, and the power of love, anything is possible.

DISCLAIMERS: We neither condone nor condemn characters for their orientations. Yaoi! Kensuke! Takori! As well as other couples, but they're not, uh, prominent. Plot ours, characters Bandai's, cereal mascots their respective companies, Ken Flair's ^^

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Best Overall Fic: "First Time" by Digitally Obsessed

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Aaaaaand now the Delusional Conclusional!


Somewhere in the world...

Wallace scrawled a hasty note to his mother and his Digimon: "Gone to Japan to help my friends save the mall from the Dark Cereal Masters. Be back by dinnertime tomorrow. Don't worry about me! Wallace."

That taken care of quite nicely, he ran out the door and into the busy street.

"Hey, Wallace!" a voice called behind him. Wallace turned, surprised, to see Michael running up behind him. "Hey, what are you doing? Did you hear about what's going on in Japan?"

"Yeah, I'm going there right now!" Wallace replied. "My uncle works for the airlines and-"

"Hey man, hell no!" Michael interrupted. "That'll take too long! Hikari and Daisuke'll have everybody killed by then! What we need is to get there fast"

"How? What oh!" Wallace exclaimed, his eyes lighting up. "The Digital World!"

"Exactly," the other blond nodded, grinning. "Let's go!"

Meanwhile, at the mall
*(Mission Impossible)*

Ken, dressed from head to toe in Kaizer-getup, cracked a whip and turned to face Takeru, a totally evil, proprietary grin on his face.

"Hell Ken, what" Takeru began, but had to leap out of the way as Ken's whip snapped to where he had just been standing. "HEY! WATCH IT!" Takeru yelled.

"We have something we need to settle, Takeru" Ken whispered icily, grinning hugely. "Now guard"

Takeru had only enough time to snatch up the whip that Daisuke had dropped and a large straw hat that could be used as a makeshift shield before Ken began his onslaught.

And with the Dark Cereal Masters
*(I'm Going Digital)*

"Honey Cannon!" the Honeynut Beemon cried.

"Taichi, duck!" Yamato cried, pushing his friend behind the counter as thousands of Cheerio shaped bees came flying at them.

"Tiger Trick!" Tony the Tigermon roared, and he put his two hands up.

"Hey, Stripes, nothing happened!" Taichi called out, sticking his head back up. "Your aim is off!

"Taichi, get down!" Yamato hissed.

"Tiger Trickwhat a lame attack!"

Tony the Tigermon merely yawned.

"Hey, are you listening, buddy?"

"Taichi," Yamato hissed, "I really think it's a bad idea to taunt the insane Tigermon..."

"What are you doing? Why are you waving your claws about like that?"

Plop! The bag of sugar Tony the Tigermon had summoned to materialize over Taichi's head broke, and soon a rain of sugar was pouring down on Taichi's hair.

"Awwwwwwwwww, you messed up the hair!" Taichi complained.

"Honey Cannon!"

"Uhhhh, Taichi, a lot more is going to be messed up if you don't get down"

In the interim, Le Chateau
*(Charlie's Angels)*

"Oh. My god."

Iori, Miyako and Koushiro stood facing a set of mirrors in the emptied Le Chateau. All wore tight pleather, silky, clingy sleeveless shirts, high platform shoes, and tacky jewelry. They had even donned trendily kawaii fashion glasses, for accessorizing purposes.

"Uh, now what, Iori?" Miyako asked, wrenching her eyes away from their reflection to look at the younger boy.

Iori tipped his green-tinted fashion glasses down on his nose, and grinned, running a hand through his dark hair. "Now?" he asked. "We get some weapons and kick some Cereal butt!"

In the land of Daisies, errr...Daisukes
*(Mission Impossible)*

Daisuke clutched the edge of the half-destroyed cashier counter, watching with fascination as Takeru and Ken went all-out in a whip war. Daisuke weighed out each competitor; Takeru was a bit taller than Ken, and certainly a bit more muscular than the somewhat effeminate boy genius. He was also fuelled by anger and desperation, both of which were pretty scary things in the Chosen of Hope. But Ken had all the strategy, the mind-power, the grace, the flexibility, the experience with whips, the judo training, and an anger to match Takeru's. Plus, he was still sore about when Takeru beat him up before

"AAAAAAAAH!" Screaming like a banshee, Hikari tackled him from behind, and both tumbled to the ground. "Prepare to die, daisy!"

And the whip war

Takeru stumbled back a few paces, gripping the whip tightly in his hands. "Give up?" Ken taunted. "Seems to me you were a whole lot tougher last time we fought"

Takeru laughed mirthlessly. "Seems to me I was the one that won last time," he taunted. Ken's eyes narrowed, and he raised his whip.

"Not this time, TJ," Ken hissed. "I'm fighting for my honour, for my revenge, and for my love. I will not be beaten by a pansy like you again!"

"Pansy?" Takeru yelled, affronted. "You'll pay for that, pretty boy! WHAKISH!" he screamed, slashing the whip forward across Ken's guard.

"Whakish? What the hell?" Ken exclaimed, raising an eyebrow. "It's WHOOPAH!"





Takeru, fed up, grabbed his whip and cracked it in midair; it made a WHAKEESH sound. "HA!" he yelled.

"You were still wrong, you dope!" Ken snapped. Takeru stuck out his tongue and crossed his arms over his chest, cradling the big straw hat closely to his body.

"Well, it's closer than WHOOPAH!" he retorted.

Ken looked insulted. "WHOOPAH is better than WHAKISH!"

Takeru rolled his eyes. "Yeah, whatever!" he said in an almost-falsetto, his voice cracking at the most inopportune time as he rolled his eyes and held his hand out in front of him in the "talk to the hand" gesture.

WHAKEESH! Ken's whip slashed across Takeru's cheekbone - the blond didn't have enough time to get the pink straw hat back up in place as a shield. "WHOOPAH!" Ken yelled triumphantly.

Takeru stumbled back, dropping the hat, and held a hand to his bloody cheek. "Oh, you'll pay for that, Ken!" he hissed, clutching the whip in both hands and striking a fighting stance. The violet-eyed genius echoed the pose, looking somewhat more imposing in his Kaizer-getup. Takeru gave a feral battle cry and rushed forward

Just then, Hikari and Daisuke flew into the scene.

"AAAAH!" Daisuke yelled as he tumbled backwards, rolling over and over again on top of, then below Hikari. She was spitting and snarling like a rabies-induced cat, her eyes still glowing a bloody red. Daisuke managed to throw her off, but the movement caught them both off balance - Hikari went tumbling into Ken, and Daisuke fell to the floor right between them.

Takeru, too slow to pull back the whip-strike that was meant for Ken, whipped Daisuke right across his tightly covered black-leather bottom.

There was a somewhat stunned silence, broken only by the monotonous thudding bass of the Mission Impossible theme that was still playing. Then Ken roughly pushed Hikari off himself, turning to face Takeru with eyes narrowed. He slowly pulled the glasses from his face, crunching them beneath one shiny boot, his toe digging into the ground. He then shifted the whip in his hands, and, with violet eyes spitting fire, he gave a small, evil smile.

"Nobody," he said quietly and slowly, "Whips Daisuke's ass. Except me. Clear?"

And, without waiting for an answer, he launched himself at Takeru and the two of them crashed back into the racks of colourful clothes.

Daisuke and Hikari sat there frozen for a moment, the Mission Impossible theme still pounding in their ears. Then Hikari gave a hiss and launched herself at Daisuke once again.

Meanwhile, American Pie
*(Run Around)*

"I thought you said that port would take us to Odaiba!" Wallace demanded, glaring at Michael with his hands on his hips. Both boys had just taken a few trips through the Digital World, and when they were finished ended up somewhere on the opposite side of Tokyo.

"Well, it's close enough we just need to take a taxi, that's all! Oi!" Michael yelled, hailing a taxi with his hand. A few seconds later, the yellow car screeched to the stop in front of them, rolling down the window.

"We need to get to Odaiba!" Michael said.

"Winaget Daiba?" the man asked with a heavy accent.

"No, no, Odaiba!" Wallace stressed the word, coming up beside Michael and leaning onto the cab.


"O-DAI-BA!" Wallace and Michael chorused. The man looked confused for a moment, then grinned, nodding. Wallace and Michael sighed with relief.

"Hai, hai Talhil, Hihvewtarice!"

The blonds sweatdropped and glanced at each other, exasperated. This was going to take a while

In the Meantime
*(Charlie's Angels)*

Takeru lay sprawled out on a clothes rack, totally spent. The gash on his cheek had clotted, leaving a dark red scar striping down his cheekbone, and his hat had long since fallen off. Likewise, Ken's Kaizer gear was somewhat disheveled, and his hair was almost flat again. He raised the whip one more time, preparing to finish Takeru off, grinning.

"I won this time," he said proudly.

"Yeah yeah, you did. Congratulations now, kill me, please?" Takeru panted. Ken raised the whip to do just that

and froze.

"Hell what happened?" he asked, blinking, and dropped the whip. "I Takeru? Are you okay?" Takeru raised his eyebrows and struggled to his feet.


"What just happened, Takeru?" Ken asked, confused. "What did I why am I?"

"Uh" Think fast, Takeru! "I think it was a side effect of the love potion!"

Ken looked horrified. "I almost killed you!"

"Well, you weren't quite that good," Takeru said dryly. "Even though you kicked my ass royally. Now"

He was interrupted by a shrill scream as Daisuke and Hikari once more tumbled into the scene, knocking the blue-eyed and the violet-eyed boy into a rack of red t-shirts.

"Ken! HELP!" Daisuke shrieked as he was slammed to the floor, pinned there by Hikari. Her teeth were bared in a feral grin, and her face was pressed very close to his as her hands pinned his shoulders to the ground. "Well, it's a good thing I got my rabies shots" Daisuke whimpered, closing his eyes tightly.

Takeru and Ken were flailing around in the clothes rack, trying to get themselves untangled, but only succeeding in further screwing it up.

Hikari leaned forward for the kill, and then froze. A ripple passed across her red eyes, and the glow faded. She loosened her grip on Daisuke's shoulders, and sat up then looked back down at him, smiling in a very peculiar way.

Daisuke's eyes flickered open. "Oh, crap!" he breathed.

"Y'know, Daisuke," she said in a sultry voice, "I've always liked you a lot better than Takeru"

"WHAT?" came two muffled cries from the clothes rack, and a second later, Takeru and Ken came flailing out.

"What happened to her?" Takeru exclaimed.

"I think it's Phase Two of the love potion," Ken observed. "Phase One was when we first drank it, and nothing really happened Phase Two is infatuation with the first person they see. Phase Three"

"Is psycho-mania homicidal fanatic?" Takeru filled in.

"Exactly," Ken nodded.

"So why didn't everybody go psychocidal?"

"I think it's because only Hikari got totally drenched with the antidote at the same time she drank the potion," Ken mused.

"Hey, enough with the philosophizing! HELP ME!" Daisuke yelled, eyes widening as he tried in vain to pull away from the trying-to-be-seductive Hikari.

Ken and Takeru glanced at each other, and then nodded briefly. Ken grabbed Takeru's discarded whip, and the blond grabbed the other. As an afterthought, they both donned sunglasses, and Takeru flung a blue-and-yellow Kaizer-cape (the styles you see nowadays in stores) over his shoulders.

Let the next round begin.

Meanwhile, with those Dark Cereal Masters
*(Mission Impossible)*

"HIYAAAAAA!" Miyako screamed, leaping through the hair. "Die, Dark Cereal Masters, die! Huh"

"Check," the Honeynut Beemon said, moving his queen across the chessboard. "Your turn"

"Didn't you hear me?" Miyako screeched, flopping down in a pile of pleather, plats, and beads. She prepared to do a karate chop. "HIYAAHHHHHHHHH!!"

"Your turn" the Froot Loops Toucanmon said.

"HIYAAAHHHHAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Miyako shouted, shooting forward in one of those totally horizontal matrix-kicks.

"Check," Honeynut Beemon replied.

"Uh, Miyako?" Iori ventured, "Maybe we should just let them play chess. It's kind of good, don't you think, that they're doing that and not destroying us!"

Miyako shot him a murderous glare.

"Ummmmm, maybe that's not such a good idea, Iori," Koushiro said, rushing to help his friend, as well as to shield his buddy from that deadly look. "When Miyako gets her heart set on something, she's just as dangerous as the Dark Cereal Masters."


"Whoops, I got your knight," the Toucanmon chuckled. "Did you hear something in the background?"

"No, I don't think so," his friend said.

"There's a time to play and there's a time to fight!" Miyako fumed. "And now's the time to fight! HIYAAAAAAAAAH!" And with that she launched herself into the air.


Crash! Chess pieces went flying everywhere. Miyako landed on the chessboard between two very unhappy looking Dark Cereal Masters. Koushiro clapped a hand to his head.

"I really wish I had Kabuterimon," he muttered.

"WHOOOOOOOOPAAHHHHH!" Miyako screeched.

"That does it!" Honeynut Beemon said. "And right when I was winning too! We have no choice"

"But to start a new game!"

And with that Miyako almost fainted.

And somewhere in the world
*(Run Around)*

"Oh-dai-ba!" Wallace said. "Oh-dai-ba!"

"Ohdyga?" the driver asked.

"Odaiba! Odaiba! Odaiba!" Wallace came close to shouting. "Heighten View Terrace. Odaiba."

"Heighten vous Terreis?" the driver asked, with a very bad French sounding accent.

"Wait." Michael said. "Maybe he doesn't understand our language. Maybe it's because he speaks French! I think our problems are solved. Wait!" He sweatdropped. "Ummmmm, Wallace, do you speak French?"

"No," Wallace said, "but Mr. Genie does."



"I'll ring him up" Michael sighed, heading for the nearest pay phone. "Hello, I'd like to speak to Mr. Gennai"

"Francais?" Wallace asked.

The man nodded. "Ca c'est!"

"Not seis! Francais"

Meanwhile, Michael had dialed up Gennai. "Hello, Mr. Gennai?"

"Helloooooooooooo," a husky voice said at the other end. "Mr. Gennai is not here right now. Please leave a message at the song."

Michael blinked.

"Come on over, come on over baayyy--by...! Come on over, come on over"

Michael slammed the phone down.

"Well, any luck?"

"I'll try some other time," Michael said. "When Christina's not home how's it going with him?"

"I think we're making progress. Odaiba?"

The man nodded. "Oui"

"I think he understands!" Wallace proudly said.

The man held out a box of chocolates. "Godiva?"

Cue faint.

But in the mall
*(I'm Going Digital)*

"HEEEELP!" Daisuke shouted. "Ken, get her offa me!"

"I'm trying!" Ken cried. "I'm trying Hell hath no fury like a Hikari scorned!"

"Grrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!" Hikari hissed, picking up a high heel that she clearly intended to use to bonk Daisuke on the noodle with.

"Crimson Heel Top!"

"Ow! Ow! Ow!" Daisuke exclaimed with each bonk. "Watch the Raybands! Watch the Raybands!"

"Mini-skirts of Power!"

Hikari reached for a mini-skirt and a coat hanger.


"Rrrrrrrrrrr!" A kick from Hikari's boot knocked Ken right into a heap of blue jeans, taking Takeru with him. "Jean Blast!" And an attack from Hikari effectively buried them.

"Daisukewhere are you, I can't see!"

"Right here!" Daisuke called out, holding up a stuffed little plushie of him and Ken as angels hugging. "Can you see this from where you are!"

"Cuteness is forbidden!" Honeynut Beemon shouted. "Stinger Whack!"

And he got out a huge rubber hammer

"No no no! Not the plushie!" Daisuke shouted.

"Venom Und" Hikari began.


The hammer hit her, and Daisuke cuddled his plushie. "It's all right, Ken, you're safeit's all right."


The plushie flew from Daisuke's arms, and hit Hikari in the side of the head; she fell to the ground, unconscious.

"My plushie!" Daisuke cried.

Meanwhile, in Godiva


Back to the Mall

As we figured out a long time ago, the mall was in complete and utter chaos. The Dark Cereal Masters, enraged at having their precious chess game interrupted by a psychopathic purple-haired chick in tight black leather, were now attacking in earnest, and it was all the Digi-destined could do to fight them. Taichi was covered from head to toe in icing sugar, and Yamato was dripping with milk, leaving puddles wherever he walked, but all else was fine.

That is, until the Honey Nut Beemon hit Miyako with his Stinger Whack attack. Squeak! Went the big rubber hammer, and Miyako was mad. And that was the underestimate of the century - to say that Miyako was mad would be like saying Bill Gates is rich. He's not rich - he's rich.

And Miyako was mad.

"Oh, you are going to pay for that!" she screamed. "Koushiro! Iori!" The two boys ran up beside her as she reached into the tight pocket on the inside of her shirt, pulling out a bright orange squirt gun. "Come on, boys! Cue the music, Sora!"

*(Charlie's Angel's Theme)*

Charlie's Angel's bay-bay

"Oh dear" the Honey Nut Beemon murmured. "Maybe that wasn't such a good idea" Yeah, well, seeing Koushiro, Miyako and Iori in Charlie's Angel's gear is enough to put anybody off their lunch

"Stinger Whack!"

"Sugar Blast!"

"Fruit Loop!"

Miyako dove out of the way, pulling Koushiro with her, but Iori didn't move fast enough, and was caught in a sticky cereal fruit net and reeled in like a fish on a line. Koushiro's laptop slid out of it's handy silver leather case on his back, snapped open, and Miyako gave a yell as the two of them were sucked into the now-open Digiport.

There was silence, broken only by the monotony of the Charlie's Angels theme song. Then Toucan Sammon laughed maniacally, holding his brown-haired little hostage up in one wing.

"Give up now, Digidestined, or prepare to meet your doooooom!"

Ken paused for a moment from kissing his precious, rescued-at-last Daisuke over and over again and sat up, whipping out a calculator. "Okay, so there's four Dark Cereal Masters" he murmured, "Against 12 Digidestined minus Koushiro and Miyako who just got sucked into a Digiport, minus Iori who's being held hostage by the 100-food toucan, minus Hikari who's unconscious and psychopathic, minus Mimi who's crying and fainting and Jyou who's crying and fainting and hyperventilating and having an allergy attack, minus Taichi and Yamato who seem to be encountering a little bit of a problem with that honey attack they got hit with, which equals" he gulped and looked at Daisuke.

"Me, you and Takeru?"

As if on cue, Takeru came running up to them, dodging a badly aimed Sugar Blast. "We're the only ones left! We've got to save Iori!"

"We can't! They're too powerful!" Ken protested as Daisuke wrapped his arms around the violet-eyed boy comfortingly. Takeru bit his lip and clenched his fists.

"We can't give up! And we have to save Iori - you have to help me, Ken, Daisuke! I" he blushed.

"Stinger Whack!"

"Watch out!" Daisuke shrieked, but it was too late - all three boys were nailed by the big rubber hammer and went flying, Daisuke and Ken clutching onto each other for dear life. They hit the ground with a thud and slid a few feet, Takeru right beside them. "Are you okay, Dai-chan?" Ken gasped.

"Fruit Loop!"

"I'm fine" Daisuke began, but then gave a cry as he was jerked out of Ken's arms by the Toucanmon's attack and reeled in just like Iori had been.

"DAISUKE!" Ken cried, eyes wide with shock as he stumbled to his feet. "No!"

"Now you know how I feel" Takeru whispered, helping Ken up. "We've got to save them!"

"But you're not in love with Iori, you can't possibly know how I feel!" Ken protested, eyes wild, but at Takeru's blush, he stopped. "You and him and?"

"Yeah," Takeru replied defiantly. "And I'll be damned if I sit here and watch him and everybody else be killed by a couple of 100-foot-tall deranged cereal mascots!" He clenched his fists and bared his teeth.

Ken took a deep breath, dared a glance at the Toucan, and nodded his head bravely. "Let's go kick some cereal ass, Takeru!"

Meanwhile, in Oz

"Just click your heels three times, and you're home!"

Oh, wait wrong story damn

At the Cross-Dimensional Airport
*(Genie In A Bottle)*

I'm a genie in a bottle you gotta rub me the right way

"Uh, Mr. Gennai, sir?"

"I'M A GENIE IN A BOTTLE YOU GOTTA - huh?" Gennai jumped, looking over at the flight attendant, pulling his headphones from his ears.

"I'm afraid your flight for today has been delayed"

"What?" he exclaimed. "But I've got to get to the mall in Odaiba before the Dark Cereal Masters kill the Digi-destined and take over the world! And there's that problem with the love potion, and Hikari - poor deranged girl, I always knew she would snap someday - and Ken and Daisuke"

"I'm sorry, sir it will be a couple hours before the flight is okay due to heavy leprechaun traffic in the air"

"Fine," Gennai said crossly, snapping his earphones back on, but then he paused. "Leprechauns, hmmm?" he mused, a small smile growing on his face. "STEWARDESS!" he yelled. The woman looked up, surprised.


"Get me some Skittles, Dr. Pepper and a box of Lucky Charms"

*(Run Around)*

"Finally!" Wallace exclaimed as the cab started moving. "I thought we'd never get through to him!"

"That internet translator thing was a brilliant idea," Michael congratulated. He rolled down the window, sticking his head out.

"We may just make it in time to help them!" Wallace added.

Five minutes later


They had gotten caught in a traffic jam.

The taxi driver turned around, looking apologetic, holding out a box of chocolate. "Godiva?"

Can we hope

"Ken! Duck!"

The violet-eyed boy dodged to the left, diving behind a shelf of shoes just as a Crunchetize! attack hit the space where he had been standing last. Takeru levered a platform shoe in his left hand and chucked it at one of the Rice Krispies imps, knocking it successfully to the floor where it lay there writhing and screeching (and swearing, I might add, rather violently) in it's high little Rice Krispies voice.

"Ha, take that, elf!" Takeru yelled, grabbing another shoe. "Whatd'ya think of that, huh? Yeah, that's right! Your momma was a troll! Your daddy stole his Magic Dust from a crematory! Bring it on, imps!" He threw another shoe at them.

"Errr, Takeru? Maybe it's not a good idea to taunt the deranged imps and their 100-foot-tall friends" Ken ventured, eyes darting from side to side nervously as he dodged another Sugar Blast.

"Ah, right" Takeru agreed, running over to join his accomplice behind the shoe rack. "What are we going to do, Ken? We can't win!"

"I don't know, but we can't stop trying! We have to save Daisuke!" Ken said fiercely, clenching his fists.

"And Iori!" Takeru added.

"What are we going to do?" Ken pleaded, dodging a Fruit Loop attack.

"I don't know, Ken it's hopeless!" the Guardian of Hope cried. "It's hopeless! It's insane!"

Taste the Rainbow
*(Genie In A Bottle)*

"Uh, Mr. Gennai, sir? What are you doing?" the stewardess ventured.

Gennai didn't respond at first; he was crouched down on the ground, an open bag of Skittles in one hand and a box of Lucky Charms (the ones with the crystal balls) in the other. The Pepsi bottle was sitting on the ground beside him He was furrowing a hole in the soft dirt of the lawn outside the airport, pulling up strands of green grass and hunks of soil. "I'm calling a leprechaun - he's the only one that can help us, now" he said, then poured the bag of Skittles into the dirt, watering it with the Pepsi.

Nothing happened in the immediate time after that, but soon a low rumbling was heard, and the Skittles began to glow

The stewardess started to shriek and ran away, screaming bloody murder.

The ground beneath Gennai cracked open, and a rainbow spurted from the ground, arching up and out and cutting into the clouds above, parting them and sending rays of color through the sky. Now was time for the Lucky Charms Gennai emptied the whole box into the base of the rainbow.

"Lucky, I need you!" he yelled.

What better way to call a leprechaun than with a rainbow?

And the Bringer of Hope

"It's hopeless" Ken echoed.

And just as the two of them were almost ready to admit defeat, and they would have if not for the fact that it was their loves they were trying to save, a rainbow split through the sky.

"Ken, look!" Daisuke shouted.

"Wh-what?" Ken whispered.

"Look!" Daisuke pointed, as the sky began to shower

"Hearts!" Miyako cried.

"Stars!" cried Sora.

"Horseshoes!" Iori called.

"Clovers!" said Jyou.

"And blue moons!" Takeru shouted.

"Pots of gold!" Taichi said.

"And rainbows!" said Yamato.

"And red balloons" Daisuke gasped.

Mimi began pouncing up and down. "My hair! Ewwwwww! I'm going to get sugar dust in my hair!"

Takeru sweat dropped. "Wouldn't you rather sugar dust then"

"Rrrrrrrrrroaaaaaaaar!" snarled Tony the Tigermon. "Nobody is going to stop us! Tiger"

"Marshmallow Attack!" a voice rang through the air, and a big sugar coated heart dropped from the sky, effectively squashing Tony Tigermon. Daisuke and Iori both stumbled to the ground as they were released from the Honeynutmon's grasp - both stumbled over to their respective lovers.

"Did you call me?"

"Lucky" Daisuke whispered. "He's here"

The little leprechaun dropped to the floor. "Did ya catch me Lucky Charms? They're magically delicious!"

"Well," Ken said, drawing Daisuke into his arms. "It looks like we finally caught Lucky."

"Rrrrrrrrrrr!" growled the Toucanmon.

"Eeep" Taichi said. "This does not look good."

In a taxi

Somewhere over the rainbow
Skies are blue

In a mall gone insane

"Crunchy Cereal Mall Crash!" Captain Crunchmon shouted.

"Gold Rush!" Lucky shouted, sending Captain Crunchmon flying into a pot of gold coins, which materialized behind a counter.

In the heads of two very frazzled passengers

There's a land that I've heard
Where dreams really do come true.

At the mall

"Gates of Rainbows!" Lucky called out, as all four Dark Cereal Masters and the Rice Krispies imps gathered around. "Leprechaun Charm! Okay, everyone, this is it!"

"Pink Shirt Power!" That was Mimi.

"Crimson Boxer Toss!" Taichi.

"Spider Stockings!" Sora.

"Metal Jacket!" Yamato.

"Fist of the Pleather Princess!" Hikari, who had come to and been sprinkled with Lucky's sugar dust. Contains 100% nutritional value for the fashionably dressed insane.

"River of Waistcoats!" Jyou.

"Giga Belts!" Takeru.

"Touch of Blue Jeans!" Koushiro.

"Overalls Attack!" Iori.

"Trump Platforms!" Miyako.

"Mega Raybands!" Daisuke.

"Leather Bandage!" Ken.

"Crunchy Cereal"


Somewhere in the big city

"Michael, does this look like the mall to you?"

"Nowhere are we?"



At the mall
*(The Power of Love)*

The loudest sound that the Digidestined had ever heard nearly knocked them off their feet as all the attacks hit home; the Dark Cereal Masters gave out cries of despair as a torrent of clothing and rainbows neatly slammed into them and flung them backwards into the Rainbow Gate that Lucky had called moments before.

"Quickly, Daisuke, Ken, Takeru, Iori! Ye four have the power to permanently seal them into the void!" Lucky cried. "I can't do it meself!"

The four boys glanced at each other; the tall, violet-eyed boy with effeminate features and long dark hair, carrying a whip and dressed in tight Kaizer clothing; the vibrant redhead wearing Raybands and tight black leather, clutching tightly to the aforementioned violet-eyed boy's slender hand; the pale blond with the blue-green eyes, wearing a blue-and-yellow Kaizer cape; and the small, dark-haired boy with the serious emerald eyes dressed a-la-Charlie's Angels cradled in the blonde's arms. All wore similar looks of apprehension and worry that their loved ones might get hurt.

Then Daisuke straightened, meeting Ken's eyes, and clutched his love's hand tighter. "Well, we haven't done all this for nothing!" he exclaimed. "I say let's go!"

Ken nodded, the peculiar little determined smile of his gracing his face. "Yeah!" he agreed, vehemently, then leaned forward and kissed Daisuke on the lips.

"Aaah!!!" yelled Captain Crunchmon, doubling over in pain. Daisuke and Ken pulled apart, surprised.

"Huh?" Daisuke raised his eyebrows. "What happened?"

"It be the power of love!" Lucky cried. "The power of Soulmates!"

Daisuke and Ken looked at each other; Takeru and Iori looked at each other. Then Ken threw his arms around Daisuke, and the chocolate-eyed boy lifted his face up, lips parting slightly, as they kissed, passionately.

The Honeynutmon and Captain Crunchmon were tossed back into the void, screaming sacrilegious words and thrashing about. Tony the Tigermon struggled for a moment, eyes narrowed, and the Toucanmon gave a squawk, flapping his wings irritably. The Rice Krispies Imps were slammed back against the larger mascots, shrieking profanity at the top of their tiny lungs.

Suddenly one of the imps gave a squeak - and blew up. Takeru and Iori had slowly, hesitantly, begun to kiss. Slowly Takeru slid his arms around the younger boy, his Soulmate and the next imp exploded into a million itty-bitty pieces. Ken tilted Daisuke's head back and parted the redhead's lips with his tongue

The last imp struggled, and then flew at the boys, shrieking an ear-splitting shriek. Then BANG! It fell to the ground, dead; but not blown to bits like the ones destroyed by the power of Love

Hikari gave a derisive laugh, twirling a revolver around her index finger, blowing smoke off the top.

"Snap, crackle, pop, Kellogg's Rice Krispies!"

Her brother turned to her, eyes wide with shock, his gargantuan brown hair plastered to his neck with honey and syrup. "I can't believe you just did - and said - that!" he exclaimed, appalled.

Hikari shrugged, pocketing the revolver. "Hey, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do plus, I'm getting over a sugar-and-love-potion-induced killing-spree psychosis - what do you expect?"

"No comment"

Ken and Daisuke, meanwhile, pulled apart for breath, both panting heavily, eyes slightly unfocused. The redhead's arms were wrapped tightly around his lover's, and Ken's hair was slightly damp and a thin lock lay like a dark scar across his pale cheek. Daisuke gently tongued across Ken's cheek, pulling the strands behind the boy's ear.

Toucan Sammon took this opportunity to launch himself forward at the Digidestined but Lucky was quicker. "Sweet Heart!" he exclaimed in that cute little Irish accent of his, launching a huge sugar heart at the Toucan. It hit the Dark Cereal Master straight in the chest, propelling him backwards into the void, and then it exploded into a rain of sugary hearts, sprinkling over the Digi-destined.

Daisuke and Ken pulled each other back into the kiss (Takeru and Iori, I might mention, were exemplifying an astonishing amount of stamina considering that both were extremely inexperienced virgins), knocking the final Dark Cereal Master back into the rainbow void, which Lucky shut with a resounding snap that echoed across the mall.

There was a silence, broken only by the deep breaths of Daisuke and Ken, and then all hell broke loose - once again.

*(I'm Going Digital)*

"Now what?" Wallace exclaimed, frustrated, as the taxi driver drove off. He and Michael were left stranded at the front of Godiva Chocolate Factory, in the middle of Japan, with no way to get to the mall and help their friends. And besides, there promised to be some good fights, if nothing else.

"I don't know" Michael began, distraught, his hands buried in his wavy blond hair, but then he stopped, blue eyes alighting fiendishly.

"Um, what are you looking at?" Wallace asked nervously, following Michael's gaze.

A large truck, similar to a cement truck with the revolving back, rumbled out of the chocolate factory.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Michael asked.

"Errr I hope not" Wallace whimpered, but Michael cut him off, grabbing a branch from a nearby tree and running forward.

"Desperate times call for desperate measures!" he cried. "HIYAH!" Michael leapt forward, smashing the front window and bashing the driver over the head. "We've found ourselves some transportation, Wallace!"

"Oh, bloody hell he's hijacking a chocolate truck" Wallace moaned. " I hate it when I'm right!"

All Hell Breaks Loose
*(I'm Going Digital)*

Miyako gave a scream and clung to Koushiro's arm as the ground in front of them erupted in a shower of flakes. A head appeared, then wings a rooster a very two-dimensional white rooster framed in green and red and yellow and

"OH MY FREAKIN' GOD!" Takeru shrieked. "It's the Corn Flakes mascot!"

The mascot of all mascots, the evil of all evils, brought it's head back in a loud crow. But the Digidestined - Ken and Daisuke in particular - had had enough.

"Oh no you don't!" Daisuke yelled. "This is enough!!! I'm tired of this! Go back to cereal land or wherever it is that you live, and stay there! And if you don't go we'll have no choice but to kick your ass!"

*(Kick it Up)*

"KICK IT UP!" Ken and Daisuke yelled, then grabbed each other's hands and held tight.

The rooster stopped crowing for a moment, voice cracking and breaking, but then it started crowing with renewed energy; Daisuke and Ken winced and stumbled back a step, still clutching to each other's hands. "Takeru!" Daisuke yelled.

"Iori!" Ken echoed, fiercely. "You guys"

Clutching each other's hands tightly, the other Soulbonded pair came to stand beside Daisuke and Ken

"It's not enough!" Lucky cried, up above. "Ye need more power"

"But we don't know who our soulmates are!" Miyako wailed, but suddenly the rooster gave another feral squawk of pain as Taichi and Yamato, hand in hand, joined the other four boys.

"Come on Lucky, help the others you're the love potion guy, remember?" Yamato called. Lucky nodded briefly, and then

"Sweet Heart!" a shower of hearts burst from the sky, raining down on the Digidestined, filing the sky with pink

"Find your Soulmates, Digidestined! They be your only way out of this mess!"

*(Mission Impossible)*

"AAAAAH!" Wallace shrieked as the chocolate truck, guided by Michael's - shall we say - less than experienced hand, was floored and they went flying through traffic. Pedestrians leapt out of the way, and cars swerved to the side to avoid being hit.

"There's only two kinds of pedestrians!" Michael grinned evilly. "The quick, and the dead!"

"I can't believe this" Wallace whimpered, clutching to the edge of his seat as they flew around the corner. Struck by sudden inspiration, he tried to roll down the window - it wouldn't budge. So he reached over to where Michael had left the big stick, and smashed it into the window. Poking his head out, he proceeded to do a very good imitation of a siren.

They whirred around a corner, following the only thing that would get them to the mall - a rainbow in the sky, and a huge freaking rooster in the distance.

"Faster!" Wallace screamed.

Michael floored the truck once again, and the mall was now in sight

And just as they crested the ridge and the truck went slamming into the ruined mall, Michael swerved it to the side and it knocked over

Liquid chocolate flowed out of the back of the broken truck, flooding into the Banana Republic where the battle was taking place, and Michael and Wallace leapt out of the truck and ran over to join the Digidestined just as a shower of hearts burst from the sky.

Hell freezes over
*(The Power of Love)*

"Soul Vision!" Lucky cried as hearts filled the sky and cascaded down onto the Digidestined, just as chocolate flooded the ground and Michael and Wallace flew onto the scene.

Ken and Daisuke

Takeru and Iori

Taichi and Yamato

Hikari and Wallace

Miyako and Koushiro

Sora and Michael

Jyou and Mimi

The rooster crowed again, and the ground began to rumble it was now or never

"Come on, everybody!" Daisuke cried, pulling Ken closer to him. "We can beat it!"

The Soulmates clutched hands, pulling each other close, and turned to face the rooster, their last foe they had to beat him, or all was over everything

"The Power of Love!" Lucky cried "Believe in the Power of Love! Sweet Heart!"

A rainbow of love burst forth, surrounding, enveloping, and sparkling

The Calm After the Storm
*(It's Absolutely Alright)*

"We did it!" Daisuke cried, throwing his arms around Ken and swinging him around in giddy circles. "We did it! WE DID IT!" Ken laughed and kissed Daisuke on the nose, on the lips, on the cheeks. It was like it all around, all the Digidestined were laughing, kissing, smiling

Lucky floated high above them all, a small smile on his face, as the Digidestined celebrated. And then, the sun came out, bathing the whole mall in bright, sparkling light, and a rainbow arced across the sky.

Daisuke and Ken paused from kissing each other, and gazed up into the sky with rapture; the other Digidestined followed suit. "It's beautiful" Ken whispered, awed.

"Not as beautiful as you" Daisuke whispered back, kissing his love gently on his cheek. Ken turned to him, violet eyes sparkling and brimming over with happiness and love.

As the sunlight touched the ground, the ruined mall, everything began to heal rainbows arced up from the ground, racing and twirling around destroyed walls, making them whole again. The sky itself seemed to reach to the ground, twirling, healing

And far up above the whole mess, the leprechaun that was responsible for it all smiled slightly, taking his hat off and clutching it in his hands.

"That's me Lucky Charms they're magically delicious!"


The sky was blue, and the sun shone high overhead, bathing everything in the warm light. Laughter filled the flower-scented air as a group of 14 Digidestined reveled in the glory of the day. With the green grass below them and the sakura blossoms dancing on the wind, the day was perfect.

Curled up together, backs against a tree, paying no attention whatsoever to the world around them, and only to each other, were two young boys, one with vibrant, burgundy spikes of hair and sweet chocolate eyes, the other with a dark cloud of indigo hair framing a pale face and violet eyes.

Daisuke leaned forward and pressed a soft kiss on Ken's nose. "I love you," he whispered, sincerely. Violet eyes looked up at Daisuke, and Ken smiled, bringing a sweet shiver up Daisuke's back at the warmth and depth that flooded the violet eyes.

"I know," he whispered back. "I love you, too."

Four months four whole months since the whole deal with the love potion, the mall and the Dark Cereal Masters amazing to think that all of that really only happened in a day. Some of the Digidestined seriously doubted whether it had even happened at all, and when you looked at them all now, it was no wonder. Hard to believe that someone as sweet and content as Hikari, walking along hand-in-hand with Wallace, would go psycho, or that dark-haired Ken and blue-eyed Takeru, both lovingly cradled in the arms of their respective Soulmates, would be whip-fighting in the middle of a destroyed Banana Republic. And all that about the Dark Cereal Masters, and the Rice Krispies

"Ken?" Daisuke murmured, after they had sat their in silence for a while, content just to be with each other.

"Hmm?" his lover responded, drowsily.

"How did we find out that we were Soulmates?"

Ken shrugged, leaning over to place a feather-light kiss on Daisuke's lips. "We've always known," he said, smiling.

And in the sky far above, a rainbow raced across the sky, and a leprechaun surveyed the scene with a smile, pausing to perch in the pink-blossomed sakura tree above the two boys. Surveying the scene around him, he noticed Miyako and Koushiro divulged in reading a book A Midsummer Night's Dream.

Lucky gave a quiet laugh; how quaint. And, as the colors of the rainbow grew a bit more vivid, and the sun more brighter, he disappeared in a sparkle, but not before reciting a poem, dancing on the wind

If we shadows have offended,
Think but this, and all is mended,
That you have but slumber'd here
While these visions did appear.
And this weak and idle theme,
No more yielding but a dream,
Gentles, do not reprehend:
If you pardon, we will mend:
And, as I am an honest Luck',
To whatever be amuck.
Twist your sense of right and wrong,
We will make amends ere long;
Else the Luck' a liar call;
So, good night unto you all.
Give me your hands, if we be friends,
And Lucky Charms restore amends.

*^~%#*^~%#*^~%*^~%# *^~%#*^~%*^~%#*^~%#*^~%
*^~%#*^~%#*^~%*^~%# owari *^~%#*^~%*^~%#*^~%#*^~%
*^~%#*^~%#*^~%*^~%# *^~%#*^~%*^~%#*^~%#*^~%

Closing Notes

Flair: I can't believe it's over! I actually cried when I got to the end here it's been four months, four great months for me, and a lot's been happening in my life. And Lucky Charms has always been there for a laugh and to take out my conglomerating insanity on eight long, wonderful chapters! I can't believe it went so long; it originally was forming out to be a one-shot ^^ aren't you glad we decided to run with it? I sure am ^^ I'd like to thank all of you who have faithfully reviewed us through it all, and seemed to love it as much as I do *smiles tearily* you're all awesome, and you've put up with my amazing insanity the whole time. I hope we lived up to your expectations with the Delusional Conclusional, although you've had to wait quite a while for it ^^ And don't worry, this won't be me and Kendra's last collaboration - we've got one coming up that we're planning for, and can't wait to get started!

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Special Thank Yous To

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CoffeeCake - who contributed quite a few very good ideas to the story, and whose insistence for Lucky Charms to be finished gave Flair many a kick to stop procrastinating


Thank you all so much! Always remember, when you believe, anything is possible.

Long live Kensuke, Lucky Charms, friendship, and love

Kendra and Flair