Muwahahahaha!! I've finally done it!! A NaruGaa fic that's NOT part of the FOD series! I knew I could do it.

This came to me last night when I was randomly trying to figure out an idea for story that would let Naruto be on top for once. ....And then it wouldn't let me SLEEP.

Of course I shouldn't be surprise considering it was the Panda-eyed Lunatic who was talking to me.

Cneko: glares at Gaara

Gaara: smug smug smug smug smug

Cneko: I hate you so much....

Gaara: That's nice. Now, write. Or you get to live as I do.

Cneko: grumbles Panda-eyed luntaic...grumble

Enjoy the fic, folks.

Gaara had wandered alone and lost in the dark for a very long time. Eventually he became able to cope the cold and the dark and he no longer even really felt or thought about it.

Then he found a light wandering alone and lost in the dark like him.

Only the light was different, for lost within the light was darkness. And sometimes, Naruto's darkness would find its way through his light. Sky blue eyes would become a bit too icy sometimes. Or the foxy grin a bit too predatory. Sometimes he would say something to truly hurt someone, and while he apologized for it later, he knew he had said it on purpose. That he had specifically wanted to hurt them. Yes, sometimes even darkness can overcome light.

And that's where he came into play.

Gaara was glad that Naruto came to him with his darkness. For everyone else the blonde had to wear his mask. Be the smiling, determined idiot. Play the role to the hilt. Only it wasn't really a role most of the time, that's who he really was. But years of hatred and loneliness had left its mark.

Naruto had bottled that darkness inside of him for years. He'd pushed it into the darkest, deepest recesses of his mind, where the Kyuubi resided. But eventually, a bottle continuously filled and sealed long enough has to pop.

And that's what made him special.

Everyone else got Naruto's smiles and laughter and shouts. Gaara alone got his darkness.

The darkness that left mottled bruises on his pale skin. Bloody bite marks on his throat. Half moon marks that would tear into his flesh and leave him bleeding. The stinging, burning pain that would come when Naruto would throw him against the wall or face down on the bed and use the barest amount of lubrication before plunging into him unprepared. The pain of the blood that would trickle down his thighs and eventually mix with the semen that would be thrust into his body. Yes, Gaara got Naruto's darkness. His abuse, his cruelty, his fetishes and fantasies.

And he loved every minute of it.

Because he also got his real smiles, his kisses, his gentle touches and honest apologizes. For every rough and bloody fuck where the blonde took him from behind and made him face the wall or bed there was an equally slow and gentle bout of lovemaking where Naruto would face him and cover him with kisses and affection.

The darkness meant that it was real. That this, whatever this was, was real. The darkness meant that there was light, for there can be no light without darkness. And if Naruto had darkness then didn't that mean that he, Gaara, too had light? And that made him feel very warm. Because he had Naruto's light and darkness to guide him. And eventually, perhaps he'd even have his own light as well.

And if they were still lost after that, at least they would be lost together.