Advent of the Blood Gems

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A long time ago, on a far distant planet...

"Weddings are supposed to be happy occasions, Milady. This is no time to be having second thoughts!" Princess Amariah Vestwind, First Princess of the House of the Fallen Flame, Future Ruler of the Great Country of Windom and all She Purveys came very close to telling her beloved nursemaid to take a long walk off of a short cliff. Very close.

"I'm not having second thoughts, Gammy." Amariah waited for her nursemaid to return to preparing of the massive wedding gown before murmuring, "They're not 'second' thoughts if you never stopped having them." The union of Princess Amariah and Prince Craven Youngblood of the House of the Uprising Tides was said to be the match of the century. The Matriarchs of each house had declared their eldest offspring to be wed on the event of Amariah's eighteenth birthday. Was the unfortunate birthday girl the only one who realized that the royal couple would get along married just about as well as their titles suggested? House of the Fallen Flame and the Uprising Tide. Fire versus Water. If Amariah made Craven's temper steam, then he made her feel as if she was being smothered!

"Now don't you be brooding, Milady," said Gammy as she waddled over to help the princess into her corset. She gave a decidedly wicked chuckle that made Amariah glance up from her place standing before the vanity mirror. "Once you've had your wedding night, I'm sure things will not seem so bad. Exhale, Milady." With a stout jerk, she began to pull the laces in tight.

"What...ugh...are you-ooo...talking about," demanded the princess as she tried to breath despite the banding about her chest and middle. Her nursemaid gave another of those unsettling chuckles.

"Well, let us just say that, if what the dairymaids say is true, you are going to be a very happy woman, Milady." Amariah felt her eyes grow round, but Gammy just smiled and patted the now tied laces. "There. A beautiful waistline as ever created."

"Are you telling me that my betrothed has been free to sow his royal oats while I've been strapped into a damned chastity belt for the past six years?!"

"You finally got to take the device off this morning at least. Now, Milady, you know that a man cannot be held to the same standards...That's why the royal lines are traced through the mothers, why Queens rule instead of Kings."

"I don't care," shouted the princess as her face turned a horrific shade of red. "Do you realize how much rust I had in my delicate region for the last six years?! Rust for Flame's sake!" Gammy cringed as her charge sent a vase full of green Windom roses flying across the room to crash dangerously close to her wedding gown where it sat laid out on a couch. Before another missile could be launched, she ducked outside and motioned for the lone guardsman to her.

"Stay here and do not let the Princess leave. I'm going for the Doctor. He'll have some mood lighteners on hand." She went up on tiptoe to eye the guard. "Whatever you do, Do Not Let Her Leave!" Another crash came from inside the room, this time sounding like something very large and heavy. The nursemaid left in a sprint. The guard, eyes wide, watched her leave before turning to face the suddenly silent room behind him.

Amariah had changed into a loose linen shirt, a pair of breeches she'd bribed from a stable boy, and her traveling cloak. The damned corset and the damned wedding dress were both buried underneath the armoire she'd tipped over a few moments ago. She dropped to her hands and knees to reach beneath her massive bed and fished out the traveling packs she'd hidden there just that morning. It was only when she heard the door opening behind her that she realized what a site she must present with her tightly fitting breeches and her arse waving in the air.

"Well, Milady," laughed a deep voice, "that was some show you put on. I must say, I've never seen your Gammy move that fast in my life. What did you do? Threaten her with a knife?" Amariah slowly stood and turned to face her visitor. The face of her best friend stared back at her from beneath his guardsman's disguise.

"I threw some roses and she decided to run for the Doctor," she said innocently. The guardsman smiled and toed the remains of her dress where it stuck out from beneath the armoire. His eyes glittered as he looked back at her.

"Uh-huh. I heard the part about the rust, my dear." He chuckled. "Your delicate region?" Amariah tried to suppress her grin as she moved to put her packs on her back. Together they moved to the hall where the guardsman looked out to make sure no one had come after him. Amariah made to follow him, but just outside he paused and turned to look back at her. Something gentle moved in his features.

"Are you sure about this? We still have time to repair the situation. We can still be wed today." Amariah sighed and smiled before she quickly hugged her best friend.

"Craven, my dear, we'd kill each other as man and wife. I'd rather take to the stars with my most trusted friend than stay tied to a throne with my hated spouse." The crown prince of the House of the Uprising Tides sighed and nodded.

"You know I hate it when you're right." Both smiled.

"Let's go and be Space Pirates, just like the fairy tales."

"As my Lady wishes."

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