People seemed to misunderstand my quick Author note. I am redoing this story. Harry Potter, the Second War Begins will be rewritten. There will be more chapters and the already existing chapters will be written better. Some things will even change significantly as you can see from this first chapter and how different it is from the original.

Incase you haven't notice, but I'm going to post the new and improved story separately from the original with a different title.

Chapter 1 Homecoming Disasters

In a galaxy far, far away some stuff happened that is not relevant to this story at all. What is relevant to this story is a silver convertible driving upon the King George Highway in Britain. Sitting in the convertible was four people. Two incredibly fat, one skinny and the other thin. (There is a difference between skinny and thin. Thin people have more meat on them)

A fat man with a bushy mustache and a thick neck was behind the wheel of the convertible. He had brown hair with streaks of grey and beady brown eyes. His sausage like fingers grasped the steering wheel tightly as he glanced at one of the persons sitting in the back seat. Next to him a bony looking woman with an abnormally long neck sat. Her blond hair was the same as every other day of her adult life and her watery blue eyes, usually used for spying on the neighbors, with the help of her long neck, were glancing from side to side as if worried they were being followed.

In the back two boys sat. One of the boys looked very similar to what, one would imagine a baby hippopotamus with blond hair to look like. The boy was almost as wide as he was taller, short by a couple of inches. He shifted in his seat and the fat, hanging out of the T-shirt he wore jiggled. It was surprising to see no one riding the waves. (You get it don't you?) His arms which held 'some' muscle do to his boxing he held tightly at his sides. It seemed he was trying to keep far away from the other boy who sat besides him. But this seemed impossible seeing as this fat boy took up the window and middle seat of the back seat.

The other boy, who seemed to be the trouble of the other peoples anxiety, was oblivious to the world. He was thin and short for his age. He had unruly midnight hair that stuck up in the back. Unnatural green eyes stared out from behind his thick framed glasses. A peculiar lightning bolt shaped scar stood out on his forehead. His skin was pale and dark bags were under his eyes.

Harry Potter is a wizard which isn't normal to most people but we all know even in the wizarding world Harry Potter is not normal. (I'm not going to go into his life story like most authors do. You people should know it by now.)

Harry Potter sighed for the umpteenth time. He had the worst school year ever and that is saying something. His godfather had just died, he found out he is the only one to kill Voldemort and he had OWLS! 'How much worse can a school year get?' he asked himself.

"Sirius" he muttered softly. The rest of the family blanched at the name but Harry took no notice. 'I'm so sorry Sirius. I didn't mean to get you killed. I'm so sorry. Forgive me?' he thought desperately.

"We're here boy" Vernon Dursley said gruffly. Harry broke from his guilt filled thoughts and looked around. Indeed they were at Number 4 Privet Drive, with its manicured lawn, perfectly trimmed hedges and beautiful flower garden. His relatives were all walking to the house, leaving Harry to lug his stuff into the house by himself.

He dragged his trunk upstairs and hoped he left no scratch mark after every "thud" of his trunk hitting the stairs. When he finally lugged the damn thing into his room he fell on the bed exhausted. He had no arm muscles and had no stamina at all. The dark-haired teenager sighed as he got off his bed and went back out to the car I order to get Hedwig's cage and close the trunk.

When he returned to his room, Harry put the cage on the night stand, which stood next to his bed. He sighed again as he looked around his so-called room. The bed frame had been taken out of the room. They also replaced the old, thin and lumpy mattress that use to reside there. The mattress that lay on the floor looked like it was Dudley's old one. It was a lot bigger and softer with no lumps.

The night table which always stood in his room was still as tatty. However, one of the legs was missing, instead propped up with several books' Dudley never read. The wardrobe that had been in good condition and was the best looking thing in his room was gone, replaced with the shittiest looking dresser ever. A small desk with a chair that looked like it would fall apart if he sat on it were placed in a corner of the room. Harry didn't know whether he should thank the Dursleys for the better changes or curse them for the crappy ones.
Laying on his bed, Harry just stared at the ceiling while thinking about his beloved late godfather. He sat there thinking for several hours. He was thinking about the end of last year and the Department of Mysteries. 'Why did I have to rush off like that? Sirius could still be alive if it wasn't for me!' Harry thought, angry at himself for rushing of so stupidly like that.

Soon Uncle Vernon voice boomed "Get down here boy and eat your dinner!" Not wanting to upset his uncle, Harry went down and ate his dinner. It seemed the Dursleys had given up on Dudley's diet. He was sitting there, taking up one side of the table, wolfing down food. Bits of meatloaf clung to his many chins and Harry almost lost his appetite at the site. Harry actually wanted his food, so he hurried over and started to eat quickly. When he finished, he put his plate in the sink and trudged back upstairs.

'I'm sorry Sirius' he thought sadly, 'I'm sorry for forgetting about the mirror. I'm sorry for rushing off like that. I'm sorry for getting you killed because of my damn "hero saving thing"' The dark haired teen just lay on his bed, staring into space, lost in his thoughts. It took several hours before he slowly drifted off into the realm of nightmares.

There was a loud creaking sound, which woke Harry. He opened his eyes and heard the creaking again. It was coming from his room. Someone was in his room and with the way they were sneaking they couldn't be friendly. The floor creaked again, this time closer and Harry sat upright quickly. A dark figure was in front of him, obviously surprised at the sudden movement. They quickly got over the surprise though as a red beam of light hit Harry, as he struggled to untangle himself from the sheets.

It was at least an hour before Harry woke up. He was naked, laying on the floor, clothes scattered around him. He looked around frantically for his wand and for the assailant as his brain tried to process what happened and why he was naked.
"Aw is wittle baby Potter afraid." That voice. He knew that voice. It belonged to Sirius murderer. Sirius's cousin and the person Harry hated, even more then Snakeface himself! "Hello Potter" Bellatrix Lestrange said. "Fancy seeing you here."

Anger filled Harry as he looked into the eyes of Sirius's murderer. Something was building in him, wanting, praying to be released. It was powerful. Harry could feel the build up inside of him. Too angry to think coherently Harry gave the power its wish and released it from him.

Black lances of magic shot out in all directions. Bellatrix threw up a shield but it was useless as the lances broke through it. The ones that slammed into her threw her into the wall.

Harry cried out in shock as the other lances collided with the wall, exploding on impact. Smoke filled the room and Harry coughed violently as smoke filled his longs. His eyes burned and began to water, forcing him to close them. The thing that he released was still there . . . it was building up its power, becoming stronger. A black tendril reached came out of his finger and touched his trunk, which lay at the end of the bed.

A yellow mist was seeping out of the trunk and was being absorbed by the black tendril. The Power, as Harry was going to call it, was growing stronger from the magic of the trunk! It was feeding off the magic!

Soon it seemed the magic of the trunk wore out as it fell apart. The items from within scattered on the ground. Harry looked at his textbooks, invisibility cloak, Marauder's Map, his Firebolt, his photo album and all the other items that contained magic in his trunk. The tendril would take the magic from them as well and destroy them. His photo album, invisibility cloak and Marauder's Map, his only connections to his parents! And his Firebolt and the mirror, though broken, were his most precious gifts from Sirius!

Harry struggled to fight the Power that seemed to come from within him. But the thing had its own mind! He tried to suppress the Power but it was too strong for him to overcome. Unless, Harry may not be smart but he was always good at thinking on his feet and coming up with solutions when he or others were in trouble.

Praying to Merlin that it would work Harry reached deep down inside of him. If the small amount of darkness within him was this powerful then all the good within him should be able to overpower it, right. Right?

Harry was still searching for his goodness when the black tendril started to make its way over to the items laying on the floor, scattered from his trunk. Luckily his most prized possessions were farthest away from the tendril. It first reached a discarded dress robe.

Closing his eyes to focus harder Harry dug deeper inside himself. He searched for it, he saw the magic itself that flowed through his veins. The magic looked like small blue Christmas lights attached to his blood cells. However it wouldn't be enough to stop the darkness he needed something more powerful then the regular magic that all magical people have. He went down his body, going from head to toe. It was great surprise when he noticed a ball of white, red, green, silver and gold light the radiated power and magic, like electricity, in, and get this, his stomach. Ron would love that '"I'm eating to feed my magical core'" Ron would say to Hermione when she asked how come he ate so much.

The five colors formed an almost complete sphere about the size of a softball, that floated in his stomach. Now that Harry thought about it he realized that witches and wizards tended to eat more then muggles. The first time he was over the Weasleys, Mrs. Weasley made a dinner fit for about fifteen people, even though it was only eight of them, and all the food was gone by the end. The magic that resided in the stomach probably had a major factor in that.

A piece of his core of magic appeared to be missing from it, a small piece that compared to the softball size sphere when completed was probably the size of a marble. 'That is where the blackness came from! It is the missing part of the sphere!' Harry thought. 'Which one or ones would be best to fight it though?'

He carefully examined the five pieces of the sphere, each radiating a different quality. The green and silver were both slightly bigger then a marble, both radiated a darkness. It wasn't near as bad as the black one which radiated evil. The red and gold were the size of ping pong balls, a good peaceful yet thrilling aura came from it. The white was the size of a handball and had a feeling of pure goodness around it.

Deciding white was the best to fight black, Harry reached into the handball size chunk of magic. He fed it some more using the magic inside his blood and made it spread out through him, battling the black for control of him.

When the green eyes opened he saw the two colors of magic each formed a mist around him, each fighting for the upper hand. The tendril seemed to of gone through half his textbooks and a couple of his dress robes, the remains of them lying pitifully on the floor.

He was so fascinated by the battle of magic, going on within him, that he didn't notice the Ministry Aurors charging into his room, seeing as there was no wall they didn't have to worry about doors, throwing spells every which way.

Angered at being disturbed in its gain of power and its fight against the white, more black lances flew out of Harry's body, aimed right for the Aurors. The ones that were lucky enough to dodge looked on in horror and fascination as the lances broke through the other Aurors shields, and tossing them into the wall, as the other lances blew the wall up, like last time.

"Call Dumbledore!" one of the Aurors shouted. But Harry didn't here he was to confused.

The battle between white and black were becoming violent. His nose started to bleed as Harry was lifted off the floor, suspended in mid-air. His veins started to burn as the battle grew to include his magic, which flowed through him.

When Dumbledore finally arrived at Number 4 Privet Drive, the whole upper floor was basically destroyed. The Dursleys were evacuated, and a Ministry group was making sure no muggles remember or see anything that was going on. Harry was floating two stories up in the air, the white and black still caught up in there epic battle. Sparks flew where the two magics met and a static sound could be heard.

Dumbledore approached the house cautiously. The power radiating off the magic was so strong it was almost frightening. As he walked up the stairs to the second floor he finally got a close look at Harry. Blood was still coming from his nose but also now from his eyes, like crimson tears. Harry's eyes had rolled back into his head and all the headmaster could see was white.

Reacting immediately Dumbledore started casting spells to stop the power struggle going on in one of his pupils. However the spells seemed to be absorbed by the two forms of magic, making them both stronger.

Seeing that his method was failing, Dumbledore did what Harry did, an hour before. He went deep inside himself to find his magical core and made some of it surface to his skin. Then opening his eyes he walked over to Harry and reached out. With his hand surrounded by the white and yellow light that composed most of his magical core, he touched the darkness of Harry's.

With the help from Dumbledore, the light in Harry was able to suppress the darkness after several more minutes of fighting, forcing it back into his core. The only problem was that since it grew in power and size with the aid of the magic that came from his textbooks and robes, that it no longer fit where it use to belong. It was painful as his core had to expand itself in order to fit the extra bit of magic, which was the size of the silver and green bits of magic, the size of a ping pong ball.

The Ministry group outside the house, trying to maintain order heard a loud thud, as Harry Potter fell to the ground. Dumbledore gathered the naked teenager and the figure of Bellatrix Lestrange who also lay naked.

"Oi vay Harry" Dumbledore sighed, as the destroyed house of Number 4 Privet Drive disappeared from his view.

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