AN: Here's a Remus Lupin story from before Wolfsbane Potion was developed and before PoA; a fragment that I am actually quite satisfied with.

Night Must Fall

He didn't scream because of the pain. The transformation was excruciating - his flesh simultaneously shrinking and stretching as the wolf took control. But he held it in, refusing to let the wolf - now dominating after a month of submission - revel in his screamed because he knew what awaited him as the full moon rose above the horizon - an irrational night. The wolf was the exact antithesis of all her felt, all he knew - and it realized that. His efforts to secure himself from others during that night of senseless violence only further infuriated the wolf. With its hope of prey crushed, it turned on needed blood, and Remus bore the scars of its hunger. How many mornings had he awoken, alone and stained with the remainder of the monster he was? Sometimes, the wounds were so grave that he considered giving up - dying before the wolf could cause any more damage. There was no one left who cared: James and Lily and Peter were gone; Sirius sat in Azkaban, the betrayer of everyone's he could not let the wolf win. He could not let the evil that always lurked within him vanquish the man he might have been.

AN: About two months ago, I was really interested in continuing this...but I simply don't have the time to try to write any more. Rather disappointing for me, because I thought that I could turn it into some great pre-Wolfsbane Lupin masterpiece. And then my friend Mer suggested I make it Lupin/Snape, to add further complexity to it.

However, since I'm just so busy, I'm sending this fragment into the void.