Chapter 4 - Lifestyles of the Rich and the Famous

Tea smiled happily as her friends bombarded her in her room. Seeing them all flustered and worried was a little endearing.

Joey was yelling about wanting to smash Kaiba's face for letting her fall.

Tristan was trying to calm Joey down while trying to hand her a get-well bear.

Serenity was trying to squeeze between the two to try and give her a hug.

Duke was growling in the direction of Tristan for having been so close to Serenity.

And Yugi was rubbing his neck nervously while trying to talk to her.

"Are you sure you're alright Tea?" Yugi asked for the tenth time during their so-far fifteen minute stay. He was so concerned, she couldn't help but smile warmly –even though having everyone in her bedroom like this was a little unnerving.

"I'm fine! Just sore and I have a headache that won't quit. The doctors said I just have to watch myself while I exercise. They're afraid the blow to my head might make me faint. But I feel fine." She reassured him.

"Dat rich boy Kaiba is one jerk –I'm surprised he even called for an ambulance, and didn't just have one of his butlers drag you out to da curb!" Joey exclaimed, rubbing his fist in his palm.

Tea blinked and thought a moment. Now that she thought about it –and the way Kaiba usually treated her- it was a surprise he hadn't done what Joey just said. She thought back –she was obviously taken care of, with her bandages and the fact she was lying in a bed. And to top it all off, Kaiba was there until she woke up.

Her thoughts on the stiff CEO was cut short when Joey exclaimed something loudly:

"Da minute I have alone with him –I'm gonna crush him!"

Tristan sighed. "Joey calm down, besides, this is Seto Kaiba we're talking about. You're my friend and all, but I don't think you stand a chance against him."

"Wha! Tristan, I thought we were pals!" Joey hung his head. "I don't have any confidence from any of yous." He said, defeatedly. His head hung lower when Duke started to open his big mouth.

"He's got a point, you know, Joey. Kaiba seems the type to know kung fu or something, or maybe some military training, and he'd know seven ways to kill you with his bare hands." Duke replied and got a smack in the back of the head by Joey.

"Shut up dice boy, and have a little confidence in your pal huh? Kaiba's not a real person –he's more like a tall, ugly machine that walks around an' spouts angry-stuff and evil cackling." Joey said, and sulked in a chair next to Tea's desk.

Yugi smiled nervously at the quarrel and turned back to Tea. "I think maybe Kaiba's more human than that. He did take care of you after you fell didn't he?" He asked, and Tea nodded slowly. "Deep down, Kaiba is human –I'm sure he feels bad about you falling."

Tea nodded, but all the while, she was trying to forget about Seto Kaiba –because whenever she thought about him, she'd get a splitting headache.

It wasn't until a few days later that she would find out just how much a headache he could really be.


How in the hell did he end up back at this hell-hole? Kaiba frowned and clutched at his briefcase securely as he stepped towards Domino High School from his limo parked outside. He briefly remembered his brother's face and the way he convinced him –somehow- to sponsor Gardner's stupid dance club.

School had obviously already gotten out, and the place was looking deserted. He made his way over to the club rooms, and walked down the hall reading the labels of the doors. He heard some annoying, American music blaring from a room at the end of the hall.

In pink letters –ugh, pink- it read 'Dance Club!'

He walked straight towards it. The music got louder.

'Lifestyles of the rich and the famous...They're always complaining, always complaining'

'If money is such a problem...Well they got mansions...Think we should rob them'

Kaiba's eyebrow perked. What kind of song was this? Maybe he was hearing it wrong. His English got a little rusty sometimes. He slid the door open and found himself staring at the back of a girl, who was dancing to the song, showing all the others in front of her the moves.

The girls in the back who were watching and studying, suddenly had their attention diverted.

Most of them –their mouths dropped. Others dropped pencils or went wide-eyed. And the rest of them simply looked like they were going to faint in fear.

'We'll take your clothes, cash cards, and homes just stop complaining'

'Lifestyles of the rich and famous'

The girl was performing quite well, but she was bandaged in several places, and Kaiba realized that it was Gardner who was in front of him.

'Lifestyles of the rich and famous'

She spun on her heel, but she obviously saw something in the twirl –well, more specifically someone. She begant to stumble out of pure shock. She didn't just see who she thought she saw... did she?

'Lifestyles of the rich and famous' And the song ended as she tripped over her feet and fell backwards.

Quick reflexes and a strong arm caught her before she fell completely.

She tensed, feeling a large hand support her from the small of her back. She looked up to see Seto Kaiba staring down at her, looking annoyed but calm. One of her hands had latched on tightly to his jacket's sleeve. From their position, it almost seemed choreographed.

His flexed his arm muscles slightly and pushed her back up and away from him. Everyone had now stood up and was forming a semi-circle around him and Tea.

Tea's initial surprise was replaced by a tad bit of anger. "What are you doing here Kaiba?"

He regarded her with a glare of his dark blue eyes. "I'm here to set up our arrangements we discussed earlier." He said simply and then pushed past all the whispering girls to set his briefcase down on a back table.

Tea and the club captain, Ally, made their way over to him.

Tea frowned as she saw him open up the briefcase. "If I'm going to sponsor this little club of yours, there's gonna have to be a few changes." He replied and everyone –except Tea- burst into joy.

Tea cleared her throat over the hysterical girls. "Changes? What changes?" But as soon as she spoke the words, she was elbowed in the side by Ally. Some other girls got the message and covered Tea's mouth.

Ally smiled warmly at Kaiba. "Changes! Of course changes! What does our wonderful sponsor, Kaiba Corp, have in store for us?"

She was answered with a trademark smirk.

Tea saw that smirk and wanted to strangle him.


The girls waved as the limo drove away.

Tea looked down at herself and at their sponsor's new 'dresscode'.

They were all now wearing short minishirts with Kaiba Corp logos all over it. And their small, very tight, white shirts were decorated with Blue Eyes White Dragons and other advertisements of other co-companies, and over that was a black silk jacket that had even more KC logos on it and a large picture of the head sponsor himself on the back. How irritating.

"I feel like a racing car! A billboard! Not a dancer!" Tea exclaimed and sunk down to sit on the steps in front of the school's main building.

"Wow, Tea you really pulled through! You got us Kaiba Corp!" A member exclaimed, happy.

"Yeah, but at what cost? Look at us! Walking advertisements!"

"But Tea... this is Kaiba Corp! Do you have any idea how popular we're going to be?" Ally spoke up and Tea buried her head in her hands.

The others in the club twirled around, remarking how they thought the outfits were cute.

She rubbed the sides of her head. Her fingers entertwined with the bandages wrapped around her wound. She really had a headache now. And the source of it was her new sponsor and his changes. She knew already this was turning out to be one horrible mistake.


Kaiba sat in his limo quietly as they drove back to his home. He was having second thoughts about this whole thing –but now he was beginning to see the possibilities. The look on Gardner's face was just priceless. And he had to admit, they all looked good in mini skirts –especially her.

His mind went on rewind. Did he just admit that Gardner looked good? True she had a great body, and her long legs were most appealing for his eyes to wander on, but... oh no, he was doing it again.

It wasn't like himself to be so distracted. And by girls for that matter! What was wrong with him? He knew he was still a teenager –and his hormones sometimes would secretly drive him insane, but this was ridiculous.

Most of the time he could just brush away those thoughts and concentrate on either work or duel monsters, or both at the same time for that matter. He didn't have time for girls; never wanted time for them either.

He tugged out his laptop and started it up and began looking over his new model for the new duel disc he was creating. This should take his mind off things.

Little did he know, that being a sponsor for a dance club would have further, hormonal, effects on him...

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