Broken Hearts

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Summary- Inuyasha is used to getting every girl that he wants because he is the flirty type and good looking and girls are drawn to that. But, one girl isn't. And he is trying everything in his power to get her to fall for him so he can turn right around and break her heart. But he wasn't expecting to actually fall in love with her in the process.

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1- New target

"Well, well, well," Kagome heard as she walked down the hallway to her class. She knew who it was, so she did not even need to turn to face her friend to say, "Hey, Sango."

Sango laughed as she came up beside her best buddy in order to look her in the eyes and talk to her. "So, what's up?"

"Nothing much." Kagome answered shortly, stopping at her locker and craning her neck in order to hold her books and roll the numbers into the lock. When she heard a 'click,' she let a satisfied smile spread across her face and opened her locker--number 37--and put her books in it--which consisted of Science and Math--and pulled out her English and World History books out and a few extra notebooks just in case.

"I heard that there was a dance in two weeks," Sango informed Kagome, "Loud music, drinks, candy and pizza!" She described.

Kagome nodded nonchalantly. Sure, she loved dances and this one was no exception by any means, but right at that moment, she was not really interested because Koga, one of the hotties at school, had come up to her and--since Sango was blabbing on about the dance--he asked, "Speaking of dance, will you go with me, Kagome?"

Kagome, who was not especially interested in Koga--or any boy for that matter--shook her head, "Nope. Sorry. But I don't want to go to the dance with anybody."

He looked taken aback by this remark for he just stood there and gaped at her with wide eyes and open mouthed awe as she walked right by him and down the hall way and stopped at the door to her next class.

She turned to Sango, "Well, I'll see you in the next class, okay? And don't let that pervert get on your nerves today. If he does, sock him one in the face."

Sango nodded. The 'pervert' that they were talking about was Miroku. He would go up to any good looking girl and ask "'Will you bear my children?'" And sometimes, he would even grab their ass and give it a hard squeeze which would earn him nothing but about a dozen slaps from the girls.

He would even laugh about it later when he joked with Inuyasha. They would always make fun of girls if they would never go out with them.

Seriously, that's how pathetic they were.

Inuyasha was nothing but a player. He would ask a girl out, charming them with his good looks and humor and they would accept, not knowing that he would break their heart later on by dumping them for no apparent reason. He really was good looking with short black hair (yes, short black hair) and dark eyes that looked as if they tinted with purple.

Miroku looked the same with black hair pulled back into a small tight ponytail and violet eyes. But, he had a few more manners than Inuyasha would ever have in his lifetime.

Kagome smiled as Sango watched Miroku suspiciously, mentally daring him to come within four inches of her personal space. Then, she turned and disappeared into her class, Kagome doing the same exact thing.

English went by very quickly, too quickly for Kagome's liking because she loved English. For some reason, it just interested her. She was really good at, as well.

But world history went by kind of slowly, dragging along with no regard of how tired it was making people.

Kagome sighed and listened as the teacher drawled on and on about the French and Indian war. How boring. She already knew this information and now they were doing a review and copying down more notes. She yawned and her head drooped slightly.

Her teacher, Mr. Hidatsa, must've noticed this because he said, "Ms Higarashi! Do you find this class boring?!"

She jumped wide awake and looked up startled, "No, sir." She squeaked, wishing that the floor below her would just open up and swallow her whole. Her teacher smirked, "Good. Now, tell me what the Proclamation of 1763 is."

Kagome gulped, "T-the proclamation of 1763..." She hesitated a second, looking at the eyes that were focused on her, then she answered, "It said that colonists couldn't settle west of the Appalachian Mountains."

Mr. Hidatsa smiled, clearly satisfied by her answer, "Good. It looks like you were actually paying attention after all."

She forced a meek grin and sunk down low in her chair, ducking her head. See, she knew it. She just was not expecting anything like that to happen. She sighed in relief as the bell rang and they all proceeded to lunch.

Nothing but noise as Kagome made her way through the crowded lunch room to the table in the back where her friends, Sango and Rin, were waiting patiently, talking casually. Kagome sat down and looked at her tray. People called it "mud," because it was a slop of brown stuff. Everything else, however, was just fine such as the fries and a hamburger. She pulled out some of the fries and began to eat, listening in as her two friends began to chat about Rin's boyfriend Sesshomaru.

She simply rolled her chocolate colored eyes as she watched Miroku grab Sotan's ass, receiving a hard slap as a present. Sotan was new to the school, but that did not change Miroku's mind to start feeling around her backside as well as her bad side.

Sango started laughing for she, too, had witnessed it. Rin had as well and just shook her head as if to say, 'Will he ever learn?'

Kagome had doubts that he would ever learn his lesson. People like that simply do not change. Do they?

"So, what are you doing this weekend?" Rin yelled in order to be heard by Kagome over the shouts, laughter, and many conversations going on across the huge room.

Kagome simply shrugged. It was the truth. She had no idea what she was going to do. It was not like she was going on a date or anything.


"Who's next on the list for you, pervert?" Inuyasha asked as he watched Miroku laugh about his latest victim, Shiori. His friend rolled his shoulders in response to say 'I don't know.'

Miroku took a sip of his Pepsi and looked up at Inuyasha, "What about you? Who's next for you?"

Inuyasha's gaze searched the lunch room, scoping it for his next target. He smirked slyly.

Miroku, being his best friend and all, knew what this sign meant: Inuyasha had found his next girlfriend.

"There." Inuyasha pointed to a table in the back. A table in which was occupied by three teenage girls. He pointed to one of the girls who had black hair that tinted with blue that stretched down to her mid-back. Her chocolate eyes holding friendship and compassion.

"She should be easy." He commented as Miroku also shared the same sneaky grin.

"Yeah," Miroku agreed, "Looks like you found your new target."

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