Disclaimer:hum don't own Ed, Edd, N Eddy or Freddie or Jason or ??? In story ya brb in story

Real pen name: Wolfro King

Characters:Freddie Kueger, Jason Voorhees, Ed, Edd, n Eddy, me,???(Mystery character), rest

of cul-de-sac kids, Reggie, and girls on horses Narrator: Me Initials: M.A.G. Take Place:Cul-de-

sac, Dream Machine, Park, Museum, Reggie's house, M.A.G house,??? Battle Arena, and Black


Me first story so no flames only comments, questions, or flames K brb

Freddie's coming for you song

1,2, Freddie's coming for you

3,4, lock the door

5,6, get your crusaphix

7,8, stay up late

9,10, never sleep again