After reading though this I couldn't decide if Americans use the word trolley, If you don't and you don't know what it is it's a shopping cart. Hopefully you do use that word, I can't be bothered to change it :P Actually thinking about it, I have herd someone on will & grace sing the trolley song.

Glancing once again at the small crumpled up piece of paper he held in his hand he told himself once more that he was not easily swayed by all the various items that were pressuring him to buy them

Jack had great self restraint you see, when he went into a store he came out with exactly what he went in for.

Looking once again at his bit of paper, he read the scribbled words of:




This was the first time all day that he'd had chance to get anywhere near a shop. Not that he was particularly eager to get to one in the first place but when needs must...

The reason why he had not managed to go shopping, there was that word, 'Shopping' He had to pause and sigh - he hated shopping. There was a good reason why he hadn't managed to get to a store until now and it wasn't because of is aversion to shops. The reason was Hammond, Yes the one and only General George Hammond.

Yesterday while at the base, Hammond had asked, no correction, demanded that Jack turn up at 07.00 to train some of the new recruits. It was safe to presume that Jack wasn't thrilled to hear this bit of information but being the professional colonel that he is, he only complained once.

Some may have said he only complained the once due to the General kicking him out of his office but Jack begged to differ, He was sure that he wouldn't have put up a fight even if he was allowed to do so.

Now the time was 17.32, he knew this because he looked at his watch, the usual thing people do when they need to know the time. Given that Jack had arrived at the store at around fiveish and still couldn't find either the batteries or cake he was starting to get frustrated. He had managed in around thirty minutes to find a pair of trousers he liked and knock over various stacks of items with his wayward trolley.

He didn't know if it was just him but he always seemed to pick the trolley that hated him. This one, besides from knocking into as many things as possible also had a nasty squeak, maybe it just had a nasty streak within it's metal wires. Either way it did not do much good for Jack's mood.

He had continued to wander as his phone started to ring. Pulling it from his pocket as he walked, he answered "O'Neill"

"Hey Jack"

"Daniel, What a nice surprise"

"Where did you put the file?"

"Oh I am well, how are you?"

"Jack, I'm in a hurry!"

"And here I thought you just wanted to talk to me"

"I saw you today, we spoke remember?"

"We did?"

"Jack please can you just tell me where you put the file!"

"And which file would this be?"

"The one about PX93 2X4"

"You need to be more specific"

"We met the mandorians"

"Menda who?"

He heard a sigh from the other end of the phone "The mandarins"

"Oh the orange people?"


"That's in my top draw in my office"

"Thanks, where are you by the way?"

"Oh, I had to go to the store before I went home"

"Ah I wondered what all that noise was"

"Yes, it's all the noisy people"

"So what have you bought that you don't want then?"

"Daniel, unlike you I can go into a store and come out with exactly when I went in for"

He laughed "Ok, Well thanks anyway Jack, see you tomorrow"

"Yea ditto"

By now he had found everything he was looking for. He found things much easier when he wasn't paying attention, it was strange.

Pulling up to the checkout counter, being thankful that there wasn't much of a queue he started to wait for the person in front of him to finish putting there things onto the convey-a-belt so he could start putting his items on.

It wasn't long before he was pulling his cake and his pants from his trolley and placing them on the belt. As soon as more space was available he started to pull out the rest of his things. Placing on his six pack, four bags of crisps and deluxe pack of sell-o-tape he continued to wait.

Watching as checkout girl continued to quickly scan all the items, obviously wanting to go home.

Once all the woman's items had been successfully scanned with out mishap he continued to place his bread, milk and pack of ten light bulbs onto the convey-a-belt.

After cringing as the checkout woman threw his things through the checkout he quickly paid, bagged up his things and left. Leaving his evil trolley behind, thanking it for this 'lovely' evening together.

Getting into his car he made his way home. After walking through is front door he gave a sigh of relief. He was glad to finally be home. Now he could unpack and go watch some television.

Putting all his groceries in there rightful place and storing away his light bulbs. He pulled on his new pair of pants and cut him self a large portion of cake. Opening his pack of sell-o-tape and taking one with him to play with later he went to sit down on his couch.

Picking up his remote he pointed it towards the television set, pressing on. Ah yes he forget to put in the batteries. He placed his cake on the coffee table, there was no use taking that with him. He also might as well put down the sell-o-tape while he was at it.

Walking back into his kitchen and grabbing his empty carrier bags he stared on with horror. "I forgot the batteries!"

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