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The preparations for the party had gone down without the slightest hitch. Though at first opposed to the idea Angel had warmed up to it after he saw Nina begin to relax and put the murders of her sister and niece behind her and try to get on with her life. The warmth in her smile had returned and in the end he helped set up some of the decorations. Spike had spent much of the time before the party with Buffy, going on long walks together every night and not returning until just before sunrise, often smelling of the woods and the earth. Giles had tried to assert some authority and get the new slayers back into a training schedule with most of them dutifully following his lead, however Katy and Morgan had led a group that spent their time focusing on the party. Groo and Gwen had mostly stayed out of the mansion in a hotel room in London, barely taking any calls being mostly mum on whether or not they'd attend the party. Wesley and Faith were the oddity amongst them all. Unlike before Faith had taken an interest in helping Wesley do research and dig into the past in between training sessions that consisted of just the two of them. Andrew had made a joke that she was only doing it so that she would get a reward later on when the two were alone.

"This isn't supposed to be one of them fancy parties is it, because I don't do well at those," David asked with a worried look on his face as he stood in front of a mirror and made once face after another.

"Why, you thinking about getting lucky," Spike quipped with a sly grin on his face as he halfway turned and looked back over his shoulder at David while sipping from a bottle of beer.

"What…no, I…just don't want to embarrass myself," David replied with a scared look on his face as he took a step back away from the mirror and turned and looked back at Spike.

"I don't think that you'll have to worry about that David, besides tonight is a night to relax and have fun without worrying about what we all just survived," Wesley replied with a small yawn before he rubbed his eyes.

"Faith keep you up late all night again," Connor asked with a sly grin on his face as he leaned over and grinned.

"You know what Connor, you're just like your father," Wesley said back with a bit of sarcasm in his voice as he tried not to smile at Connor's question.

"How so," Angel asked with a confused look on his face as he sat up straight in his chair and lightly glared over at Wesley.

"You're both about as subtle as Godzilla," Spike said back with a sly grin on his face before he took another sip of his beer.

"I thought that was you," Wesley added with a small smirk on his face before he twisted off the top of his bottle of beer.

"This is so exciting, we band of brothers stood shoulder to shoulder and defeated the denizens of the deep," David stated with a very proud and awed tone to his voice and look on his face as he stepped in between Wesley and Spike's chairs.

"Come again," Spike said with a very calm and not to happy frown on his face as he stopped in mid sip of his beer to turn his head to the side and look up at David.

"He means that we came together and defeated Wolfram and Hart and now we're connected for the rest of our lives," Connor interrupted with an amused smirk on his face as he turned to Spike and nodded his head.

"There wasn't a theme to this party was there, because I don't know about any of you but my clothing options is quite limited at the moment after coming back from the dead and," Wesley started to ask with a concerned look on his face as he sat up in his chair before Angel answered him.

"Maria and Willow have everything planned out and there isn't a theme, besides most of us here aren't in any real mood to dress up and party, it'll just be a normal party…at least I hope that it'll just be a normal party," Angel replied with a steadily growing nervous look on his face as he wrung his hands in an attempt to calm his nerves before Connor launched into another question that started a round of discussion that lasted until just before the party was to begin.


"Do you think that I should wear the red dress or the blue dress," Morgan asked Dawn with a worried look on her face as she pulled two almost identical dresses out of her closet and held them up.

"Either one is fine, Connor will love you no matter what you wear," Dawn replied with a short laugh and warm grin on her face as she dug through the small amount of makeup that she had bought with David's money over the last few days after the big fight.

"Besides this isn't even a formal party, we're all friends just hanging out and having a good time," Michelle said with an excited smile on her face as she turned the page of the newspaper, glad to not see any of their names in the articles about the battle.

"If only that were true," Katy grumbled with an unhappy pout on her face as she crossed her arms and scowled at the tops of her shoes while sitting in the chair nearest to the window.

"Your foul mood wouldn't by any chance have anything to do with the fact that Paul had to hurry home would it," Dawn asked with an amused smirk on her face, one soon shared by the other young women in the room, as she stood up and walked towards Katy, her smile growing larger and sweeter with every step.

"What, why would I care about that," Katy snapped back with an overly hostile tone to her voice before she growled, stood up, and then left the room.

"Could she be any more obvious," Morgan asked no one in particular with an amused smirk on her face as she looked back into the room at the other young women before they were all momentarily taken over by a small fit of giggling.

"I don't know, something tells me that Katy didn't date much," Michelle finally said with a thoughtful look on her face as she turned and looked at the door that Katy had just walked out of moments before.

"Guess she probably didn't meet to many guys that were really interested in her for more than her assets," Dawn agreed with a sympathetic look on her face before Jamie peeked into the room.

"Have you guys seen Willow, she said that she wanted my help in setting something up but I can't seem to find her," Jamie asked with an innocent and nervous smile on her face as she lightly leaned up against the doorway.

"Last time I saw her she was in the ballroom with Xander and Maria, trying to hang the last few decorations and make sure that everything's ready," Morgan replied with a deep in thought look on her face as she kept looking back and forth between the two dresses. Jamie said her thanks and then quickly left, softly shutting the door behind her.

"Looks like Katy's not the only one with a crush," Michelle said with a forlorn frown on her face as she started off looking up at Dawn but then quickly looked back down at her newspaper.

"What do you mean," Morgan asked with a confused look on her face as she laid the two dresses down on the bed and looked up at Michelle.

"Well it's obvious isn't it, Maria has a thing for Xander, you see how she made sure to get him to help her with setting up the party," Michelle nervously replied with a slightly embarrassed look on her face as she kept her gaze fixed on the headlines of the newspaper.

"You sure that you're not just covering up your own feelings for him," Dawn asked with an amused grin on her face as she watched Morgan try to figure out which dress to wear.

"What's that supposed to…I do not have feelings for Xander, besides he's several years older than me and," Michelle started to reply with an unhappy look on her face as she looked up from the newspaper and settled her sights squarely on Dawn.

"So, that hasn't stopped Faith being with Wesley now has it, and Jamie and Willow seem to be hitting it off quite well and they're several years apart, Jamie's nearing thirty and Willow's barely twenty three, it could happen," Morgan interjected with a slight shrug of her shoulders as she was still trying to decide between the two dresses.

"But I'm not Faith…or Jamie, I'm not beautiful like them," Michelle said with a noticeable quiver in her voice as she angrily closed the newspaper before she couldn't take it any longer and left the room.


"I hate parties," Angel grumbled with an unhappy pout on his face as he sat in one of the corners of the large room, with Nina at his side, while the party was in full swing all around him.

"Could you like them for tonight, for me," Nina asked with a to cute smile on her face before she began to pout.

"I guess," Angel grumbled back softly in reply when he became convinced that he would lose the argument if he tried to resist.

"Good, now if we can just get some people dancing then this would be a real party," Maria interjected with a slightly tired and unhappy pout on her face as she walked up beside them and crossed her arms in front of her chest.

"We're really not a dancing group Maria, most of us anyway," Wesley replied with a slightly nervous look on his face before he took a sip of his drink and slightly nodded his head in Faith's direction.

"Well are Buffy and Spike…hey, where'd they go," Maria started to ask with an unhappy frown on her face as she looked out across the dance floor only to find that Spike and Buffy were no long there.

"They, well they're busy," Angel replied with an embarrassed and nervous shrug of his shoulders as he looked very uncomfortable giving the answer.

"Doing what," Maria asked with a look of slow comprehension on her face as she uncrossed her arms and turned back to Angel.

"Take a guess," Katy quipped with an amused smirk on her face as she got up to get another refill of the punch.

"What…you mean they're, but there's a party going on here," Maria

"There's a party going on up there as well…speaking of which, Wes," Faith said with a small yawn before she drained the rest of her punch and then tapped the top of her wrist.

"Angel, can we talk…in private," Wesley asked with a suddenly serious and almost sad frown on his face as he handed Faith his cup and then stood up.

"Sure," Angel said with a slightly confused look on his face before he stood up and followed Wesley out of the room.

"What's going on," Nina asked with a concerned look on her face as she turned around in her seat to face Faith.

"Nothing much, he's just saying goodbye, we're leaving right after the party and neither one of us is good at saying goodbye so…besides Wes said that they had to talk about a few things anyway, best to just let them talk," Faith replied with a tired look on her face before she stood up fully and then walked out of the room.


Willow watched from her room as she saw Wesley and Faith drive away on two heavily laden motorcycles after having nervously hugged Angel. The party had barely been over for twenty minutes and they were already leaving, something that most of those now living in the house would have to do soon. Lorne had been very quiet over the last few days but had kicked the party into high gear towards the end. David had offered him a job in his company and Lorne had only accepted the job after Angel had given him a quick pep talk. Willow could tell by the waves of passion that were filtering through the house what Spike and Buffy were doing a few rooms away, somehow keeping it all quiet. Feeling a little hot Willow opened the window and drew back the curtains. She smiled softly to herself as she looked back into the room to Jamie's sleeping form, curled up underneath the covers. Their clothes strewn about the room Willow inwardly joked that the room looked like a tornado had hit it but in reality Jamie had been her second party that night. The two had barely made it out of the ballroom before going at it, somehow making it up the stairs and back to her room.

After Wesley and Faith left Angel had pulled Connor off to the side and the two took a long walk out by the lake. When they came back Angel and Nina announced that they would be leaving the next night for a long needed vacation, one that they didn't know when they'd be coming back from. Connor started to add that he was going with them but Morgan had quickly jumped in and declared that wherever Connor went she was going as well. Before the party was even over Giles had already booked several plane tickets for the trip back to Rome. After dancing with many of the new slayers at the party Xander had said he was tired and had no sooner walked into his room before he flopped down onto his bed and fell asleep.


Buffy awoke at just before dawn to find Spike's side of the bed empty and a letter lying in his place. Tears sprang to her eyes as she read the letter, but they were not tears of pain or sorrow but tears of angst and some joy as the last line of the letter had read that when his task, given to him by Whistler, was over that he would return to her and then never leave her side again. She wiped away those tears as she slipped into her nightgown and went to sit by the window.

Many miles away Spike slid into his seat on the plane and cursed himself for listening to Whistler. The only place that he wanted to be was back in bed with Buffy, but the immortal demon had gone on and on about how important the mission was and that it would lead to good things that Spike had finally agreed, if only to get his to shut up. Spike was about to nod off to sleep when he felt something strange in one of the pockets of his duster. He wrinkled up his face in surprise as he pulled a small letter out of the pocket. He could tell instantly that Buffy had written it by the handwriting. He slowly slid it open and clenched his jaw tightly as he read her heartfelt words. In the letter she had guessed that there was something that he still needed to do and that he would return to her afterwards. She ended the letter with wishes of good luck and a speedy return. Spike chuckled a bit at that and was about to fold the letter back up when he noticed a little something extra at the bottom. There was a postscript at the bottom of the page that read: Next time you're in Rome…. Wonder what it meant Spike started to fold the letter back up and then put it into the envelope when he noticed that there was something in the envelope. With an interested expression on his face he turned the envelope over and a small key fell out. Chuckling to himself Spike closed the shade on the small window of the plane and went to sleep, never knowing that several moments later the passenger that would sit beside him carefully reached over and opened it back up. The next thing that Spike knew they were landing in New York.


NEYT is the first sequel to this story that takes place over a year's time and only tells about Katy, Maria, and Paul and the friends that they meet. If people want there will be a sequel to this story that will take place after Nyet, but it will be more in line with this story and not Nyet. Thank you all for reading and remember reviews are appreciated.