This is my first fanfic, so tell me what you think, but don't waste your time posting if you think it sucks. Basically, it's Starfire's first Valentines day, and Robin doesn't know what to do for her, and the same for her too. Beastboy and Raven also have a major part.

Starfire sat at the table and waited for Robin to wake up. She had come into the kitchen after a good nights sleep to find that the fridge was completely empty.

Raven stayed in her room to meditate before coming out for herbal tea.

Beastboy lied in a heap on his bed until a knock on his door shook him awake and made him fall off his bed.

Robin made his way into the kitchen to find Starfire waiting for him.

"Robin!" Starfire exclaimed when she saw him, "Normally, I would make us something wonderful to eat with the many foods we have, but I have found that we have none. What shall we do?"

Robin smiled. Starfire could always make him smile.

"Well," he said, "We should wait for the others to wake up, then we can all decide on where we want to go."

"A wonderful idea!" Starfire exclaimed.

Raven got up and went to go get Beastboy for breakfast. She knocked on his door three times. He answered, rubbing his head.

"Fall out of bed again?" Raven said with a small smile.

Beastboy blushed and gave a sheepish grin.

"Yeah," he said, "How did you guess?"

"Just a hunch," she said, "Let's go get some food."

Cyborg woke up with a yawn. He stretched, stood up, and went to the kitchen to meet his friends. All of them were waiting for him, Starfire and Robin, and Beatsboy and Raven.

"What's up guys?" he said.

"We're gonna go get some food," said Beastboy.

"Any suggestions?" Asked Robin.

"Wherever you guys wanna go is fine with me," said Cy. "I'm starvin'."

"Alright!" Beastboy exclaimed, "International House of Pancakes, here we come!"

The Titans stepped outside and departed.

The first thing Robin noticed when he walked into the restauraunt was the dozens of tiny paper hearts hanging from the cieling. He also noticed several cupid stickers on the windows. Starfire marveled at the decorations.

"How beautiful!" she exclaimed, "I do not remember these being here the last time we were here."

"Well that's cause' it wasn't nearly Valentines day last time we were here." said Beastboy.

"What is this day of the Valentine?" said Starfire as the Titans sat at a booth. Beastboy scooted in next to Raven while Cyborg got an extra chair.

"Just another dumb Holiday created by the Hallmark company," said Raven, "Nothing to get excited about."

"Is it a gift giving Holiday, like Christmas? I absolutely love Christmas!"

"No, Starfire," said Cyborg, "Valentines day is normally when a guy and a girl do something, uh, romantic together. It's really kinda dumb."

"Just like I said," Raven mumbled.

"But there's more to it than that," said Beastboy, "A guy is supposed to give a present to a girl and ask her to be his Valentitne. Or the girl can ask the guy, you know, whatever."

"That sounds wonderful!" said Starfire, "Beastboy, what shall you and your Valentine do on Valentine's Day?"

"You kinda gotta have a Valentine to actually do something for Valentines Day, Star. I'll probly just stay at the Tower and watch movies or something."

"Oh," Starfire said, "What about you, Raven?"

"I'll be meditating, just like I do every other day, because Valentine's Day is just like every other day."

"What shall you do, Cyborg?"

"Cyborg don't need no Valentine," he said, "I'm goin criusin' through the city, maybe go get some upgrades for my car, then I'm comin back to the Tower for an all night Kung Fu movie marathon."

"Sounds like a plan to me," said Robin.

"Oh, Robin," Satrfire said, "What about you?"

"What do you mean?"

"How shall you spend Valentines day?"

Robin's cheeks turned pink, but no one seemed to notice.

"It doesn't matter," he said, "Are you guys ready to order?"

It was about nine o' clock at night and Beastboy's gaze was transfixed on Raven.

Raven sat on the couch with her newest mystery novel. She was fully aware of Beastboy staring at her, but she pretended not to notice. Starfire was sitting on the opposite side of the couch.

Beastboy remembered all to well what Raven had said about Valentines Day back at the restaraunt. Just another dumb Holiday, just like any other day. Now what would he do? Raven might have wanted to go somewhere with him on a normal day, but not Valentines day, the most "romantic" day of the year. She was obviously against Valentines day and everything it stood for. He absentmindedly sighed.

Raven looked up when she heard Beastboy sigh.

"Something wrong?"

Beastboy jumped when she spoke. "Uh, no, no, nothing at all. I was jut, uh, thinking."

Raven knew that Beastboy was thinking about Valentine's day. Why had she said that in the restaraunt? She didn't really mean it. Of course Valentines day was something made by the card company just as a money maker, but it really wasn't so bad. She didn't really want to stay at the Tower and meditate all night. She wanted to do something with her friends. Or, at least one of them.

Raven went back to her novel, and Beastboy went back to his thoughts.

Starfire sat on the couch opposite Raven and tried to think. This new earth Holiday seemed like good opprotunity to spend time with Robin. But what should she do? Should she ask him to be her Valentine, or should she wait for him to ask? She looked at Robin, who sat beside Cyborg on the floor. They were both occupied by a video game. Should Starfire buy him a video game? Would he like that? Maybe simething smaller. This was, after all, a smaller holiday that Christmas. She had gotten him a video game for Christmas. Starfire was suddenly confused. Should she give him a gift and then ask him to be his Valentine, or ask him and then give him a gift? Or should he do it first? Was that all that people did on this day? Didn't Cyborg mention doing something romantic? Starfire got frustrated and furrowed her brow. She crossed her arms and leaned back on the couch.

"You're goin down, dude!" Cyborg shouted, "I'm so far ahead, you'll never catch up."

"Watch me," Robin said. His mind wasn't really on the game at all. His mind was on Starfire. Why did she have to find out about Valentines day? Robin had no clue what to do for her, and she would be expecting something. Maybe just dinner and a movie? No, that wouldn't do. Starfire was the romantic type. He wanted to do something she would never forget. But what?

"Yeah!" Cy shouted, "You loose! I win! Who da man!?"

"Good game, Cy," Robin said, "I think I'm gonna call it a night."

"Me too," said Beastboy. Raven watched him leave.

"Yeah," said, Cy, "I'm pretty tired, I'm outta here."

Starfire sat on the couch and watched Raven as she continued reading. She finally got fed up and put the book down.

"Alright," she said, "What is so interesting about me reading a book? Cause I really don't know."

"It's not that," said Satrfire, "I'm just confused about Valentines day."

"Let me guess," said Raven, "You're not sure what to do for Robin? Or if you should do anything at all?"

"Yes!" said Starfire, "Yes, exactly! What shall I do? Should I ask him to be my Valentine, or should I wait for him to ask? Do I get him a present?"

"Woah, slow down," said Raven, "You should just do what you think feels right. Robin's a nice guy, I'm sure whatever you do will be fine. Or you know, whatever he does."

"I think I understand now, Raven. But what shall I give him?"

"That kinda depends," Raven said. "If you want to give him a present just as a friend, give him chocolate or something. If more than a friend, something flashy and expensive."

"What about as a very special-less-than-more-than-friend?"

"Geez, I dunno," said Raven, "I guess if it really means that much to you, you should give him something that has meaning to you. So it will have meaning to him, too."

"I see," said Starfire, "Thank you, Raven."

"Don't mention it. I'm goin to bed, don't stay up too late."

"Raven," Starfire said, "Wait!"

"I've already told you everything I know, Starfire," Raven said, "I'm totally out of information."
"Well, actually, I was just curiouse as to wht you will be doing for Beastboy. Will you be giving him chocolate as a firend? Beacause he is your friend. Or will you wait fro him to give you flowers?"

"I already said that I won't be celebrating Valentines day," Raven said. "That Holiday may be all well and good for you, but it just doesn't work for me. As for Beastboy, we're friends, really. Now good night, Starfire."

I should mention that I stopped typing to watch the newest episode, the one where Terra sacrifices herself for the Titans, and I must say that it was more gripping, dramatic, heartwrenching, and a bigger adrenaline rush than any cartoon I've ever seen before. I should also mention that I like to exaggrate, but it was an excellent episode, nontheless. Anyhoodles, please review my story.