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Robin woke up an hour early the next morning, Valentines day. He gathered everything he needed and headed up to the roof.

When he was fifnished, he went back downstairs to grab a bite. He found Starfire, eating an apple.

"Happy Valentines day, Robin!" she exclaimed.

"Happy Valentines day, Star," he said to her.

"So," she said, "What are you planning to do today?"

Robin had a story planned for her, so she wouldn't suspect anything.

"Oh, I dunno, maybe do some training up on the roof for a while, watch some tv, go for a walk, maybe join Cyborg and his Kung fu marathon."

"That sounds like a good plan to me," said Starfire. "I will not be doing much of anything today, simply, 'hanging out', as you sometimes put it."

"That's cool," said Robin. He grabbed an orange form the fridge, "See ya later."

It was about four in the afternoon. Beastboy was out side Ravens door, and he could just barely hear her incantation of 'Azarath Metrion Zynthos....Azarath Metreon Zyntos....'

Beastboy paused before knocking. She's meditating, he thought, maybe I should just forget about it. Maybe I should just go back to the living room and watch TV for the rest of the night.

Suddenly, the door opened, and there was Raven.

Raven sat in her room, trying to meditate. Today was Valentines day, but it was already half over. Time was running out. Maybe She should just go see if he wanted to...

Raven could feel his energy just on the other side of the door. He was nervous about something, maybe even a little scared.

She got up from her lotus position on the floor and opened the door, and there was Beastboy.

"Woah, Raven!" Said Beastboy when he saw her.

"Hello, Beastboy. What are you doing outside my room?"

"I was, uh, see, I was just wondering if maybe you would want to, um, not because of Valentines day or anything..."

"Beastboy, what are you trying to say?"

Beastboy inhaled and gathered his thoughts. "Look," he said, "I know that it's Valentines day and you hate Valentines day, but since everyone else is busy, I thought we could go, you know, see a movie or something. Not because it's Valentines day though, just because we're two people who don't wanna stay home doing nothing all night."

Raven smiled. She was kinda hoping he would want to do something tonight.

"Sure, Beastboy," she said, "But only if we can get some dinner before we go. I think Cyborg cleaned out the cabinets for his movie night."

"Yeah, of course," said Beastboy, "All right, so dinner and a movie it is. Let's go. That is, if you're not busy right now."

"I'm not," Raven said, closing the door behind her. "And I never really was."

It was six thirty, the sun was setting. Now was the time for Robin to put his plan into action. He went to Starfire's room and knocked on the door. She came out and smiled when she saw him.

"Hello, Robin," she said, "Is it dinner time?"

"Sure is," he said. He took both of Starfire hands and brought her into the hallway. He then tied a blindfold around her eyes and lead her to the staircase that lead to the roof. He opened the door, sat her down on a chair, and took off the blindfold.

The movie was was a horror mystery, Ravens favorite. Beastboy paid for the dinner and the tickets, while Raven paid for the popcorn and drinks.

"I've heard good stuff about this movie," she said, "I've been waiting to see it for a while."

"Uh, yeah, me too," said Beastboy. They sat near the back of the theatre. There was no one else there. The lights dimmed and the movie began.

"I guess it's just you and me," he said, "Lucky us, huh?"

"Yeah," said Raven, "Lucky us."

Beastboy tried to pay attention to the beggening of the movie, which was just some dumb documentary, but it began to pick up as it got farther and farther in. Something on the screen jumped out and Raven screamed. She jumped and grabbed Beastboys hand.

"Whoa," said Beastboy, "Chill out, it's not real." He was fully aware of Ravens hand on his, and he didn't mind at all.

Raven relaxed and realized that her had was on Beastboys. She didn't move it, it felt right being there. They both sat back and enjoyed the rest of the film.

Starfire couldn't see anything as Robin took her to wherever it was he was bringing her.

"Where are we going?"

"You'll see," he said. Starfire sudedenly remembered her present to him. "Robin," she said as he sat her down and took off the blindfold, "I forgot...Oh my..."

The entire roof top was covered on lights. Tiny candles were all along the edge and larger candles were scattered all around. There were lamps on the corners of the roof, but best of all was a table all kinds of wonderful food, Tamaran food and earth food.

"Robin," she said, "this is all so beautiful. When did you do all this?"

"I had to get up pretty early this morning," he said, "but it's worth it."

Starfire could hear music playing lightly in the back.

"Starfire," Robin said, "Will you be my Valentine?"

Starfire beamed, "Only if you will be mine." She suddenly remembered the box she had left in her room.

"Oh, Robin," she said, "Please excuse me, I'll be right back."

She ran as fast as she could back to her room and grabbed the box. She passed Cyborg on her way back to the roof.

"Hey," he said as two Kung fu people hit and kicked each other on the TV, "What's goin on up there?"

"I will have to explain later," she said as she ran back to the roof. She sat back down and gave the box to Robin.

"For me?" he asked. She nooded and he carefully tore the paper and opened the box. Inside was a large, smooth, purple stone with small flecks of blue and gren in it.

"It is a Blagorian mythral stone," she said. "They are very rare on my planet, but there is a legend that says that only some people are destined to find them. I can still remember when I found this one. I was at the beach near my home, and I was crying because my sister and I had fought. I tried to apologize, but she refused to listen. I had fought with her so many times, I was wondering if I would ever find a true friend. Then this very stone washed up on shore, right next to me, and I knew. I've never even showed it to anyone else, I hope it will mean as much to you as it does to me."

Robin looked up at Starfire, "It already does mean a lot to me, Star. Thank you."

The two of them ate the food, then danced until the last candle burned out.

Beastboy and Raven decide to walk back to the Tower rather than fly. It was only a few blocks, after all.

"Creepy movie, huh?" said Beastboy.

"I dunno," she said, "I've seen scarier."

They talked the rest of the way back to the Tower. Cyborg was snoring on the couch when they got there, surrounded by dozens of snack foods.

"I see Cyborg enjoyed his Valentines day," said Raven. She and Beastboy walked back to her room, where they both stopped at the door.

"I had fun tonight, Beastboy, so thanks."

"Yeah, me too. Anytime."

Beastboy didn't know why Raven did what she did. Raven didn't know why she did what she did, but nonetheless, she leaned over, kissed his cheek, said "Happy Valentines day," and went back into her room.

Beasboy touched the cheek that Raven had kissed, and smiled. He went into the living room and sat down beside Cyborg, who jerked awake as soon as he sat down.

"Hey, BB," he said groggily, "Where have you been all night?"

"Oh, uh, I went to go see a movie."

"How was it?"

"It was great. It was totally awesome."

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