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Chapter Five

"So where are we now?" Wesley asked.

His guess was as good as mine, but I wasn't going to tell him that. So I didn't say anything. Data went into his speech about the gravity and the atmosphere again, and again everyone tuned him out, except maybe Picard.

I looked around. The forest seemed to go on forever. We were in a small clearing.

I also looked Athos over quickly. Average small-minded humanoid, by the looks of him. Like the others, not much of anything to set them apart from a human, except maybe his hair, which was a mix of brown and black.

"Q?" Picard asked. "What is going on?" As if I was supposed to know. Just because we Q are immensely superior to humans does not mean we can solve all their puny little problems in the blink of an eye, even if we felt inclined to do so.

"Q, ever since you joined this crew, you've been nothing but trouble," Guinan accused. For goodness' sake! That had been all of what, an hour, at most? Give me a chance!

Suddenly, without warning, some kind of huge creature ran up. Riker told me later it was a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Not that I really cared much what it was, or that it was supposedly extinct, but apparently still exists on some other planet, thus confirming some old dead human's brainless theory that dinosaurs were capable of space travel.

Wesley panicked, ran. The dinosaur ran after him. Wesley tripped. I realized I was the only one close enough, fast enough to reach him in time. The others didn't have any weapons. Without my powers, the only thing I could do to save him was throw myself in the Tyrannosaur's way. So I did.

The dinosaur picked me up in its teeth. Pain swept through my body. I'd never really experienced pain before. Interesting how much of it humans can tolerate. I suppose they got used to it because they're constantly inflicting it on each other. Pathetic.

In any case, they're far more tolerant of it than I, that's one thing I'll give their puny little race. Not that I'll tell Captain Picard that. Anyway, it was only a few seconds before I - I believe humans would say - blacked out. Lost consciousness. Something of that nature.

When I . . . 'came to,' I think, is the phrase . . . I was back on the Enterprise, in their sick bay.

Immediately everything was clear. The other Q had learned I'd become a part of the Enterprise crew. They'd set this whole thing up to test my loyalty to my new 'friends.' I guess it worked because we were back. Athos and Morgan and their friends - I still don't know what they had to do with anything - were back on whatever planet they live on. Everyone's phasers were back. Geordi's visor was working fine.

"You okay, Q?" Guinan asked.

I snapped my fingers. Immediately a cup of water materialized and spilt all over Worf's head. Yes! My powers were back! I quickly healed my wounds from the dinosaur, as well as Wesley's ankle, which he had twisted when he fell.

To thank me for saving Wesley, the Captain informed me I could work in any part of the ship I wanted. So I decided to help Guinan in Ten-Forward. And whatever else they may need me to do.

And so, now that I'm done with this little log entry, which actually isn't such a bad idea, for puny humans who can't remember anything without saying it and having it repeated by a computer, I'm going to go help Guinan with some dishes.

Gollum: That was too short.

Smeagol: Give it a rest.

Gollum: But you didn't explain anything.

Smeagol: So?

Gollum: Who on earth are those weird humanoids? And why a T-Rex?

Smeagol: Because I felt like it. And even I don't know where I was going with those weird humanoids; I probably shouldn't have put them in there at all. That was your idea, wasn't it?

Gollum: Yes, but I thought you'd do something with them!

Smeagol: Maybe I will in the sequel.

Gollum: Sequel? You have got to be kidding!

Smeagol: Oh, no, precioussss isn't kidding.

Gollum: Oh, dear.

Athos: Why did you even ask what the next few episodes were? You didn't use anything from them!

Gollum: Hey, don't help.

Smeagol: Yeah, don't help.

Athos: (leaves)

Gollum: The sequel had better make more sense than this one! (leaves)

Smeagol: (sigh) No one understands me.

Catherine: How do you feel.

Pippin: Trapped, but happy. Which isn't too bad for the end of a musical comedy. (they leave)

Smeagol: What was that? (leaves)

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agtchill13 – Oh, come on, is Q really that bad? :) Well, Picard was thinking what Q just proved – that he can be useful when he wants to be.

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