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Haley James laid in her bed listening to the heavy beat of rain on her roof. A kiss lingered on her lips. A kiss she could still taste from the hours before when it was first planted there. Her mind swooned of thoughts of a wonderful guy that had been right in front of her face the whole time. Her heart was torn though, between her best friend throughout her whole life, and his half brother. It wasn't because she felt anything more than pure friendship with Lucas Scott, it was just that all their lives – Lucas and Haley had come to resent and hate his brother, Nathan Scott. But when Nathan ended up getting Haley to tutor him, things had gone along so perfectly. Haley had broken through The Great Nathan Scott's façade. Nathan was this... warm, affectionate, caring guy that had shown her she was beautiful and had meaning. How could she have hated him without even really knowing him...?

Interrupting her thoughts, her phone rang on her nightstand. "Hello?" She said picking it up.

"Haley James," a man's voice said on the other line.

Haley smiled widely. "Nathan Scott," she said, knowingly. "What brings this phone call my way?" she inquired.

"Well," he paused. Haley heard him let out a long sigh, as though he was making himself say what he needed to. "I know we've been a couple for a few months now, and the reason we've been secret is because you're afraid of what Lucas may say," he stopped. He sighed once more, and rushed out the rest. "But I told him today," he mumbled quickly.

"You... WHAT?" Haley screamed. Her jaw dropped and her eyes began to tear. "What... why, what did he say? NATHAN. Why'd you do that...?"

"Well, we were getting along and I..." Nathan paused again. "Look, he's not mad. I told him that I didn't want you to tell him, because we were just getting along he and I, and I was afraid it would make it weird. He thinks it was all on me that no one knew. Please, Haley... please don't be mad at me. I just thought it was due time for him to know."

Haley sighed. Tears trickled down her cheeks. She was mad that Nathan did that without talking to her first, but also kind of mad that Lucas wasn't the least bit upset. "Nathan," she asked.

"Yeah babe?" he said uneasily.

"Can you come over?" she said. He agreed, said he'd be over soon, and they hung up.

Nathan was at Haley's house in a matter of minutes. Actually, he was there in record time. Haley's room was on the first floor, Nathan knew the exact window. He snuck over to it and wrapped gently upon her window pane. The window slid open, and Haley's face smiled out at him.

"Hey," She said grinning and giving him a hand to help him inside. She plopped herself on her bed, and eyed Nathan as he brushed his hair back lazily and yawned. He threw his bag on the floor and smiled at her.

'She looks beautiful,' Nathan thought to himself. Haley was simply dressed in shorts and one of his old football jerseys, which hung loosely off her one shoulder, showing him much more skin then he thought he could handle. He choked back a sigh, and grinned at her. "I take it you're not mad at me?"

She giggled a bit, and patted the bed next to her. Nathan nicely obliged her and lay down next to her, only after kicking his shoes off, as not to get her sheets dirty. He smiled and kissed her chin lightly. She scooted her face away from his. "Ah, pretty boy... just because you're here does not mean you're off that easy."

Nathan pouted and puckered his lip out as far as humanly possible. He even managed to make his eyes water a bit, but Haley was not budging. She laughed and swatted his chest playfully, but still kept the reserved I'm mad at you attitude up. "Haley James," he said sternly. "Don't you think it'd be so much easier to let me off the hook just this once?" Haley stood up and started pacing her room. She was about to get very serious here, Nathan knew this, and Nathan was worried.

"Now, Nathan," she started. She was moving her hands to add extravagance in the importance of what she was saying, but Nathan knew it wouldn't last long. "I know you had my, yours, and Lucas's best interests at heart and mind when you so nicely indulged about our..." Haley paused. She flared her arms as though she wasn't sure what to call her and Nathan.

"About our love affair?" he commented. Haley grinned. 'Score,' Nathan thought. 'Nice way to gain a point.'

"About our love affair. So, for this I am not that angry. But, I would like you note for future references, that when you make decisions about our life together that you enlighten me first," she said grinning. With that she plopped back on the bed, half on top of Nathan. He smiled and laid sweet kisses on her lips that made her whole body shiver.

"Haley," he said pausing their kisses. "I want to tell you something."

She stopped smiling and looked at him. "What?" She murmured uneasily.

"I love you," he said smiling.

Haley broke out into a huge smile and tried to catch her breath. She, Haley James, had caught Nathan Scott's eye so hard that he loved her. And by all means, it was about damn time. "Nathan Scott, I do believe I love you too," she said kissing him. Soon they drifted off to sleep in one another's arms.

"Baby," Nathan whispered lightly as he kissed Haley's neck. "I think it's about time you wake up, princess."

Haley peeked her eyes open and looked at Nathan. She gasped when she saw him smiling wide, laying right next to her.; in her bedroom; in her bed; without a shirt. "Pinch me, please tell me this is not a dream," she said wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing him. She pulled away for a moment, "And if it is, God please don't wake me."

Nathan smiled and kissed her gently on her lips. "Remember... there's this thing called school," Nathan remarked. Haley shook her head and frowned. "Come on, go shower. I already have. Then we can go, and maybe be on time."

Haley laughed and kissed him lightly. She brushed the covers off of her and stretched with a yawn. "I wonder what my parents will think when you come down to breakfast..." she said laughing.

He blushed. "They already saw me this morning when I went to take a shower. Your mom chuckled and looked at me, and your dad asked what I was doing here," Nathan said. "Your mom just told him to shut up, that it was obvious I spent the night. Your dad got mad, but your mom reassured him that we didn't have sex," Nathan laughed.

Haley turned a bright shade of red and frowned. "And so what if we had?" she said angrily.

"Doesn't matter, because we didn't," Nathan said smiling at her. He kissed her cheek lightly.

Haley shrugged and rolled her eyes, but smiled sweetly. She kissed Nathan's cheek and went to shower, and get dressed. Then, the two were off to school... together.