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Chapter Two

"Ready?" Nathan said as he pulled into his parking spot right in front of the school. People had already stopped and stared at the unlikely pair. Haley shuddered at the thought of the rest of the stares, which, obviously, had even hardly started yet.

"Ready as I'll ever be," she sighed as Nathan got out of the driver's side door. He circled the car, and opened Haley's door. He took her books, let her out, and shut the door behind her. The two walked hand in hand up towards their usual morning hang out spot. "Hey Luke, Brooke, Jake, Peyton," Haley said as she eyed the group. Their mouths all hung slightly open as they eyed the unlikely pair.

"Brooke Davis... missing something... what is the world coming to," she said dramatically and laughed. "Since when?" she said pointing at Nathan and Haley's intertwined hands.

"Actually," Lucas said. "It's been... what? Two months, I believe?" he said as he eyed Haley.

Haley turned several shades of pink, and then red. She nodded. "It's been a while... but it's a long story, and I'd appreciate it if you guys would just be happy for us instead of being angry that you didn't know," she said staring straight at Luke.

"Well, I, for one, am happy for you," Lucas said as he walked over to her and kissed her cheek. He patted Nathan on his back. Brooke smiled and grabbed Lucas' hand as the couple walked away.

Peyton and Jake just stood there, not knowing what to do; especially Peyton. 'Well, that's always sweet... my best friend and my first love,' she thought angrily. "Good for you," she mumbled angrily and stalked away.

Nathan and Haley looked at Jake. The shocked look on all three of their faces said enough. Jake went after Peyton, and Nathan and Haley continued off into school. Every pair of eyes was glued to Haley and Nathan.

"You cannot be serious," a woman said cattily. She had long, raven black hair, and gorgeous brown eyes. She stopped in front of the newly announced couple and smiled deviously. She practically threw herself at Nathan and kissed his lips.

Haley stood there shocked. Nathan lightly pushed the girl off of him. "Serena, can't you see I'm walking with my girlfriend?" he growled angrily.

"You can't possibly tell me you'd pick this... this... tutor girl over me?" she screamed angrily. "What about your reputation, Nathan?"

Nathan scoffed. "My reputation would be more damaged if I'd been anything with a whore – such as you," he growled. Serena reared back her arm, in preparation to slap Nathan a crossed his face.

Haley quickly snapped her wrist and caught Serena's arm before it implanted its hand in Nathan's cheek. "I know you're not going to hit my boyfriend," Haley said quietly. "How about you just go run off and crawl back under that hole you got out from under this morning, okay?"

"You bitch," Serena screamed. "You'll pay for that. I'll get you both back, and that's a promise," she growled as she made her way angrily down the hall.

Nathan and Haley looked at each other. "Could this day possibly get any worse," Haley said quietly.

"My day's just perfect... I'm spending it with you," Nathan said as he pulled her close. He kissed her sweetly. Haley smiled as the two headed off to their first period classes.

They walked into Haley's class first, and Nathan set her books down at her seat. Haley slid into the desk and sighed. She looked up at Nathan and gave him a half smile. He leaned down and kissed her lightly on the mouth. "I'll be back at the end of class, okay?" he asked her. She nodded and he smiled. "I love you."

"I love you, too," she said smiling. She watched him walk out of the classroom and then turned her attention to the people around her, all with confused looks on their faces. Serena was in this class. Haley turned to see Serena, and was met with a look of death.

"Bitch," Serena mouthed to Haley.

"Whore," Haley said right out loud looking at Serena.

"Now, class lets stop the catty fighting and get on with our lesson, shall we?" The teacher said as he looked at Serena and Haley.

The class dragged on with Haley lazily looking at the clock counting down the minutes, and then seconds, until Nathan would be there to get her. School was an obvious place of hell for her at the moment. She'd never noticed how many girls actually wanted Nathan until she'd been the one that had him. Every girl in the class looked at Haley differently now. Before, they had looked at her with a smile on their faces, but now they showed a look of envy and hatred.

Nathan showed up a minute before the bell rang, and lingered outside of the doorway. He peeked in and smiled at Haley. 'God, she's just beautiful,' he thought. Haley smiled back at him. Finally the bell rang and Haley jumped of out her seat. She gathered her books and was the first one to the door. Someone knocked into her from the side, causing her books to spill out of her arms. "Bitch," the girl growled. Haley rolled her eyes.

Nathan picked up her books. "Don't worry about it, they're just jealous..." he said. He kissed her lightly and the two headed off for their second classes.