...Task Force: Atlantis Angels…


Dr. Elizabeth Weir slid off her shoes and proceeded to tiptoe down the corridor. Teyla and Sora—both highly respected women of the Pegasus Galaxy—followed suit, holding their shoes in their hands and frequently glancing back over their shoulders to make sure they were not being followed. At the junction they paused to confer in whispers.

"Elizabeth, that is not fair. I 'called' Brad Pitt as soon as you showed me that picture of him! Besides, I am certain that given the choice of an exotic woman from a different planet and a—while very attractive—earth diplomat, he would choose me," Teyla argued. Elizabeth narrowed her eyes at the other woman.

"Pulling the other planet card is completely cheating!" she frowned. Sora rolled her eyes.

"Ladies, can we please get back on topic?" she asked. They both looked at her guiltily. "Thank you. Now, while Brad Pitt is all well and good…" she began, and they all took a moment to sigh in appreciation, "I must make my claim of Johnny Depp."

"I should never have shown you Chocolat," Elizabeth sighed. Sora just smirked, her eyes going a bit dreamy as she thought of the man in question. "Well you know what? I don't even care. Take Brad Pitt, take Johnny Depp. All I ask is that I have the one, true claim to George Clooney."

Immediately the other two protested, but Elizabeth would not be swayed. So it was decided: George Clooney had been irrevocably claimed by one Elizabeth Weir. They then took a further moment to appreciate those three gorgeous men, mentioning others that deserved recognition.

"Orlando Bloom," Teyla offered with a smile.

"Young Sean Connery," Elizabeth smirked.

"James Franco," Sora announced. They paused, considering.

"Why are we in the middle of the hallway?" Elizabeth asked suddenly, and the other two looked at her.

"Oh…oh. Shouldn't we be…oh!" Sora realized, wincing.

"We cannot let the men know of this," Teyla cut in grimly. They nodded and then once more started down the hallway.

"Let's take the back route to the control room," Elizabeth advised, and with a quick, mutual glance of affirmation they did so, stopping several times to avoid people. They were almost at the back stairs when one Kavanaugh swooped—yes, like a bat—out of the opposite hallway and descended on them, like a ponytailed, far less attractive version of Dracula himself. The women barely managed to conceal a scream of terror.

"Hello…ladies," he smirked, gliding up and towering over them.

"Is that your aftershave?" Sora winced, as the overwhelming smell hit her like a wall.

"I think I just threw up a little in my mouth," Elizabeth, leader of Atlantis, announced, disgust written clearly across her face.

"Whatcha up to?" he continued, oblivious of their comments and still trying (and failing, miserably) at being debonair.

"None of your business," Teyla reminded him with a scowl.

"It's not safe for three girls to be out on their own," Kavanaugh smirked, resting his hand somewhere on Elizabeth's body that he really, really would have been wise to avoid. Elizabeth growled, low in her throat, and Kavanaugh leaned forward. "Sexy," he whispered.

The next moment he blinked up from the floor in a fair degree of pain, while Teyla and Sora looked at Elizabeth with no small amount of pride.

"You have been practicing!" Teyla smiled at her. Elizabeth just shrugged a bit, unable to completely hide her own delight. Below them Kavanaugh groaned.

"I am very impressed, Liz," Sora added, and then smirked. "So you actually were practicing in those private lessons with John?" she grinned, and Elizabeth looked at her.

"Most of the time," she admitted guiltily, and they all giggled.

"Need some help," Kavanaugh groaned as they stepped over him and continued up the stairs, still talking about boys like the proverbial high school girls. Once at the top they walked over to where the overhead speakers were set up. Elizabeth cleared her throat a couple of times, and then nodded to Teyla, who switched the machine on.

"Attention, all Atlantis personnel—this is Dr. Elizabeth Weir. There has been an outbreak of some sort, most likely a virus. Everyone needs to return to their quarters immediately—and please try to avoid all contact with other personnel, whether you believe yourself to be affected or not. I repeat, please return to your quarters immediately, and await further instructions. Thank you, Weir out."

Teyla turned off the speakers and then, with a look, they all joined arms and turned back to the doorway.

"Shall we?" Elizabeth asked, and the other two glanced at her.

"Let's," they grinned, and with a nod they started back, ready for anything and everything out there.