Title: The Question is Finally Answered
Author: PJ in NH
Series: VOY
Codes: J/?
Rating: PG
Synopsis: A short story set sometime during the fifth season.
And as the title says, a question is finally answered.
Disclaimer: Voyager owns all the characters, etc., I am just
using the characters for a little fun and relaxation.
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The Question is Finally Answered
by PJ in NH

Kathryn smiled and greeted the two ensigns that passed her in the
corridor with a nod of her head. Another crisis had been averted
and, at least for the foreseeable future, it was as carefree and
calm as it ever got on Voyager.

Passing by Astrometrics, she paused briefly before the turbolift
before the doors opened to admit her inside. Calling out the
level her cabin was on, she rode the lift up. She smiled again
in anticipation.

The smile grew and, encountering no one in the corridor on the
way to her quarters, she allowed herself a light laugh. She was
almost 'home'--home where she could be herself and enjoy her life
but for a short while before another emergency befell Voyager.

She keyed open the door to her cabin and stepped inside. Without
calling for illumination, she walked softly to her bedroom.

"One-quarter illumination," she ordered the computer.

The computer activated the lights and soon a soft glow emanated
from the edges of the room.

She removed the top-half of her uniform and placed in on the
chair beside her vanity. Then, in the reflection of the mirror on
the wall, a familiar face came up behind her and placed his
strong hands on her shoulders and began to massage away all her
tensions. She sighed, it felt so good. It was a well-practiced
maneuver that never failed to cause her to feel not only relief
but love as well. Love for the man with those incredible hands,
erotic lips, and well....everything.

"People asked about you again today," she said as he gripped the
hem of her grey undershirt and pulled it over her head.

"They did? What did you tell them?" he asked. He brushed her
now shorter hair away from her neck, a hair cut that he had given
her himself, and brought his lips down to the nape of her neck
and kissed her warm sensitive flesh.

She sighed again and could barely speak. "I to..told them that
you...ahhhhh....were working on a special assignment for the
Captain," she explained.

"Hmmmm, special assignment. Is that all I am to you? A special

"Well I suppose I could have told them that you were the
'Captain's man.' That no one can warm a bed or a body like you
can, but half of the crew might end up in Sickbay having passed
out from shock," she teased. "Not to mention my First Officer."

"Hmmmm, 'Captain's man,' I think I like that."

"I thought you would, Joe."

The End