Title: What's with the X?

Summary: AU. What would have happened if Lance and Todd had recruited Rogue and she never left the Brotherhood?

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A/N: Rogue shouldn't have joined the X-Men! She character didn't have anywhere near as much angst when she was in the Brotherhood! Besides the Brotherhood is awesome and the X-Geeks are, well, geeks. Rogue is cool and therefore belongs in the BOM. Enjoy!

---Chapter One: Enter the Rogue

Mystique stormed into the boarding house and found Lance and Todd sitting in the living room watching TV. She scowled and walked up to them, still angered by the phone call she received from Destiny nearly thirty minutes or so ago. They had been so careful with Rogue and her powers still managed to manifest in the worst way possible. The poor girl was probably so confused and afraid. After all she had landed a boy into a coma!

"Let's go," she hissed impatiently.

"What's with you, yo?" Todd asked, not looking up from the television.

"I don't have time to sit here and explain this! Get moving!" the shape shifter shrieked.

Lance rolled his eyes and pulled the other mutant to his feet. He stepped into his shoes and crossed the living room to Mystique's side.

"Where are we going?" he asked as they left the boarding house.

"The foster daughter of a friend of mine had a little accident," she answered.

"What kinda accident?" Todd inquired.

"Her powers manifested and now there's a boy in the hospital. She's on the run."

"Great way to spend our weekend," Lance snorted.

She paid no attention to them. The only thing on her mind was getting to Rogue before the X-Men did. She would not stand for her daughter going with Charles. There was just no way she would let that happen. Rogue belonged in the Brotherhood. Not to mention Magneto would not be in a good mood if the X-Men recruited her. Rogue's powers would be a definite advantage over Charles and his little students.


Rogue looked around the bedroom in confusion. This was her room, wasn't it? It all seemed so familiar and yet part her knew she had never set foot in this room before now. She opened a yearbook sitting on the desk and spotted two pictures. One was of Cody. She was Cody...right?

"Which one am Ah?" Rogue asked herself. "What's the matter with meh?" She flung the yearbook aside in frustration and collapsed onto the bed, holding her spinning head in her gloved hands. "Ugh, Ah'm so confused!"

"Hey there," a voice said.

Her head snapped up and see saw a brown haired boy leaning in the doorway. Neither of her personalities knew him so she instantly stepped into a defensive position. She slowly backed up.

"What d'you want?" she asked.

"Cool it, I'm not here to hurt you." The boy offered her a friendly smile. "My name is Lance. I know Irene,"

"You do?" Rogue raised an eyebrow.

"Yeah. A friend of hers wants to help you."

"Help meh with...what?"

"Your gift," Lance answered.

The southern goth girl snorted. "Ah have no gift. It's a curse. I'm a freak."

"Mutant, actually. And it doesn't have to be a curse."

"What do you know?" she snapped.

Lance shrugged. "I have a curse as you put it, too."

Rogue looked him over warily. "Ya mean weird stuff happens when ya touch people?

"Not exactly..."

His eyes rolled back and suddenly the ground started to shake. Rogue was caught off guard and stumbled back onto the bed. She stood slowly and stared at him in amazement, completely dumbfounded.

"You...you did that?"

"Yeah," Lance grinned. "Ya see? Once you get the hang of it, being a mutant is actually pretty cool."

"Not being able to touch anyone is cool?" Rogue narrowed her eyes. "Ah don' think so. Why should Ah trust you?"

He shrugged again. "It's either me or the X-Men."

"The who?"

"The X-Men. Trust me, you don't wanna go with them."

"Oh? And why not?"

"They ruined my chances with the girl I liked and nearly fried my friend Todd."

"How do Ah know you aren't makin' that all up?"

"You don't. Go with your instincts Rogue. Who would you rather go with? A friend of your foster mother's or a bunch of stuck up geeks?"

Rogue weighed her options. Lance seemed very sincere and he didn't look like he wanted to hurt her. And these X-Men sounded awfully lame. She stared blankly at the boy for a moment before her shoulder's slumped.

"All right. Ah guess I'll go with you."


On Tuesday Rogue somehow managed to pull herself out of bed and get dressed. She had registered at Bayville High on Monday and had slept for the rest of the day while the boys were at school. So far she liked Lance and Todd. They didn't treat her like a freak and were actually very funny and considerate. Mystique had no idea how wrong she was by calling them morons.

"Hey Rogue!" Lance greeted. "Ready for you first day at Bayville?"

"To tell y'all the truth, no," she admitted. "Ah'm still not used to this whole mutant thing."

Todd caught a fly with his tongue and munched on it. "Don't worry 'bout it, yo. You'll get used to it."

"Sure Ah will," she muttered. "Y'all ready ta go?"

"Yeah, jus' lemme grab my stuff!" Todd hoped into the living room and returned with his backpack. "Okay, were can go."

They three of them piled into Lance's jeep and drove off to Bayville. Rogue sat in the front passenger seat and she rung her hands out while watching trees and other cars blur by. What would happen if someone touched her? She shook her head and chose not to think about.

"We're here!" Todd leapt out of the jeep and landed at Rogue's side. "Oooo, this so cool, yo! I have a hot creepy friend!" he grinned widely and Rogue stared at him. "Erm, creepy in a good way, honestly!"

"He gets bullied by jocks," Lance explained. "Who knows? Maybe havin' you around will scare them away."

"Sure, why not?" Rogue slung her bag over her shoulder and followed the boys into the school.

They dropped her off at her locker and she loaded her things into it before pulling out the books she needed for her first class. She looked at her schedule and headed off to European History. On the way she spotted a cheerful looking girl with a brunette ponytail, talking to a beautiful red headed girl. She watched them a moment and was surprised to see that they look at her in shock.

"Isn't that her?" the brunette whispered.

"Yeah," the redhead replied. "How'd she get here?"

"You don't think she's with...ya know, them, do you?"

Rogue scowled and stormed passed.

"Uh, oh!" the redhead gasped. "I think she heard us!"

Growling, Rogue walked into the European History room and sat down in the back of the room.


"Who are those girls?" Rogue asked, sitting her tray down and pointing at the brunette and redhead from earlier.

Lance looked over in the direction she was pointing and rolled his eyes. "X-Geeks. The brunette, Kitty, is the one I liked."

"You were right," she said, taking a seat. "They do look like stuck up geeks."

"Told ya!" Todd said, nibbling on a cockroach he had found in the boys' locker room.

"That is gross," Rogue crinkled her nose. "But then again, it's probably better than this!" she gestured to her tray.

Lance laughed a bit and guzzled down his soda. "We usually bring our own lunch but we haven't been shopping lately."

Rogue frowned. "Why don't we go after school? So far Ah don' have much homework. What about you two?"

"None," Todd grinned.

"Just a bit," Lance answered. "I guess we could go. Mystique left some money for us last night and Todd can grab a couple wallets if we need anything extra. He's made a little habit of it."

"Why am Ah not surprised?" Rogue grabbed her tray and stood up. "Ah'm goin' outside. Wanna come?"

"Sure," the boys shrugged an followed her.


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