Title: What's with the X?

Summary: AU. What would have happened if Lance and Todd had recruited Rogue and she never left the Brotherhood?

A/N: I'm so sorry for not updating much lately! I was going to a couple of weeks ago, but I sorta got sidetracked. Now, answers for your questions: Yes, Remy is in this. Hence the Romy-ness. Yes, Rogue will stop liking Pietro. She'll probably lose her crush on him sometime around Shadow Dance or Day of Reckoning. I'm not sure yet. Part of the reason I haven't updated was because I was trying to figure out how to make Risty's character work. I've decided to make her Rogue and Kurt's friend. (thinks a moment) This chapter takes place after Boom Boom joins the Brotherhood. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

---Chapter Six: Merry Little X-Mas

"Roguey! Wake up!" Pietro cried, shaking the girl awake.

She groaned and pulled her comforter above her head, rolling onto her side. The goth mumbled something, but Pietro wasn't about to give up so easily. He began to shake her again, this time less gently.

"WHAT?" Rogue demanded, throwing the covers back.

"It's Christmas, sleepy head! Toad won't let us open presents until you're up!"

"Aren't you Jewish of something?" she sighed, but he had already ran out of the room. She pulled herself out of bed and trudged downstairs, muttering under her breath. When she entered the living room, she dropped onto the couch next to Lance and tiredly looked up at the other mutants. They were all waiting for her to say something.

"Go for it," she said.

Todd, Pietro, and Fred instantly began handing out the gifts. Most of them were wrapped in paper grocery sacks and newspaper, and Rogue began to feel a bit foolish for spending money on wrapping paper.

"Rogue, open yours first!" Todd insisted.

She tore the newspaper from her gift and gasped.

"Ah…Ah dunno what to say," she smiled a bit. "How did you…?"

"Toad, what'd you get her?" Pietro questioned.

Rogue held her gift up. In her hands was a picture of the Brotherhood together. The frame was made from jade and black crystal cobwebs were hanging from the corners. In the picture, Lance was smiling and waving a single hand, Todd was grinning, Pietro was striking a dramatic pose, Fred was eating a sub sandwich, and Rogue was glancing up from her copy of Dracula.

Tabitha snorted and snatched the picture away. She looked it over and rolled her eyes.

"What good is this? I'm not even in it!"

"That's why Ah like it so much. Now give it back, you bleached-blonde bimbo!" Rogue snapped. She grabbed the picture back and returned her attention to Todd. "How did you afford this, anyway?"

"Well, I just sorta saved up some money, yo. I, uh, yeah…" he blushed and refused to continue.

"Hey! Gimme!" Pietro exclaimed, grabbing his wrapped present away from Tabitha. He shredded the paper and pulled out a designer pair of jeans. They were black with a silver streak going down each pant leg. "Roguey, what can I say? This is great!"

Lance scooped up his present and removed the paper bag. He smiled fondly as he pulled out a knew pair of knuckle gloves and black tank top with a picture of red sunglasses surrounded in flames sown into the middle. He glanced over at Pietro, who beamed at the sight of his work. Tabitha blinked in confusion.

"I don't get it…oh, Scott! Now I see!"

"You didn't have to make me a shirt, Pietro," Lance smirked. "But thanks anyway."

When the group finished exchanging gifts, they dressed into their winter clothes and headed outside. It was only seven in the mourning, so it was still fairly dark outside. Rogue scooped up a snowball and chucked it at Tabitha, laughing when it hit the girl straight in the face. Tabitha stumbled back and smirked at the other girl before tossing an exploding ball of energy at her. Rogue jumped out of the way and threw a few more snowballs, making each hit their target dead-on. Tabitha couldn't help but laugh, and when she reached down to pick up some snow, a small tornado of frost plowed into her and sent her flying.

"Score!" Pietro cackled, coming to a stop.

Todd threw a snowball at Lance, who simply kicked the smaller mutant's feet out from under him.

"This is boring!" Tabitha complained. "I have an idea! Let's build snow forts!"

"Yeah!" Todd exclaimed. "We can divide up into teams! This will be fun, yo!"

Fred, Tabitha, and Lance decided to be team one. With Fred's strength, they managed to fix up their fort in no time, but Pietro's speed enabled him to make his much faster. Rogue knelt down behind the wall of their fort and scooped up a handful of snow. She began to pack into a snowball, taking her time to mold it into the proper shape. She slowly began to ease upward, holding her arm back to attack. Just when she was about to reach the top of the wall, Pietro shot up. With a loud cry of "ATTACK!" he began flinging his arms too fast for Rogue and Todd to see. Snowballs began to reign down on the rest of the Brotherhood, and Tabitha let out a shriek.

"This is ridiculous!" Lance cried out, standing. "We all know what's about to happen. Tabitha is going to get fed up with Pietro and just blast the other fort down. Can't we do something fun?"

"This isn't fun?" Todd asked, hiding the slime-covered snowball behind his back.

"What else do you have in mind?" Fred asked.

"You'll see."


"Rock head, you've outdone yourself," Tabitha admitted.

"They look real!" Todd commented.

"What are we waiting for?" Lance asked. "We didn't build these X-Geek snowmen for nothing."

Rogue needed no further instruction, and she charged at the Jean snowman with a baseball bat in hand. It was reduced to a lump of snow and old clothes in seconds. Needless to say, the other snowmen didn't last long. They were also rebuilt and re-destroyed several times within the next hour. By the time the Brotherhood had their fill of smashing the X-Men to pulp, it was well past one in the afternoon. They hurried back inside for lunch, each of the of numb and shivering.

After the ate, the Brotherhood went their separate ways. Todd and Fred watched cheesy Christmas specials on television, Tabitha was upstairs in the shower, Pietro was asleep in his room, Lance was reading magazines, and Rogue was cleaning up the wrapping paper, newspaper, and paper bags. She paused before dumping them into the garbage back and nearly dropped the newspaper in her hand.

The headline read "ANGEL SIGHTINGS" in bold letters. She stared at it a moment before shrugging and throwing the papers away.


A/N: I know it was short, rushed, stupid, and pointless, but I really needed to write SOMETHING to get back into the hang of writing this. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and I shall see you next year! I'm taking a long vacation and won't be able to update. (runs off to her room to play Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories all week for her "vacation")