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My second Resident Evil story but it's my first ever Outbreak story! I will continue with, My life was once simple until I met you but for now I'll be working on this little number right here, hope you guys like it! My friends Kayla and Kerry checked this over for me so credit goes to them as well!

The dream within the Nightmare.

He pushed his hands down into his sand coloured jeans as he made his way to the most popular bar in Racoon City. His tool belt hung from his waist clanking against his right thigh with every heavy step he took.

A gloved hand reached out pulling the door with a force that might have ripped it from its hinges. Small of jade eyes scanned the room before heading across the wood panel flooring towards the bar counter. The waitress Cindy was clearing the tables and cleaning them down, her blonde ponytail swishing against the back of her neck as she moved, there was a blonde women typing at a lap top computer surrounded by numerous bottles of wine, across from her was a young coloured man filling in what looked like a puzzle book and getting rather excited about it. He noticed four men sat at the bar, two men both wearing a grey Security jacket one was of rather large structure chewing over the bar's special meal of the day, while the other a thinner frame was resting his head on the bar itself as if asleep. The third was Doctor Hamilton sat clicking his knuckles as if agitated and looking quite miserable. The fourth was the same man who was more often than not present at the bar, sat on his normal stool still wearing his RPD uniform, he was drinking contently. As expected, like every other time, he watched as the long haired man sat on the red leather stool at the bar, crossing his feet under the gold railing. Will the bartender finished drying a glass with his towel before throwing the red checked cloth over his shoulder and approaching the now seated plumber.

"What can I get you sir?"

The strong bitter taste that alcohol presented did not seem appealing for him tonight. Without raising his eyes from his hands that were clasped together resting on the bar his gruff, deep voice replied. "Just a coke with Ice"

"Coke in a bar? You not up for a man's drink?" A voice teased from his left. Turning to note who had spoken it was the cop. He had a slopped grin on his face which matched the cheeky glint in his eye. He could tell the cop was waiting for a reply but was sure as hell not going to get one. Will put the glass down and took the money before heading out to do a round of glass collecting.

Drinking the cold beverage with small gulps every few minutes he casually watched the news. (Disturbances and riots? This town gets worse) He heard the entrance door creak open but didn't bother to look. He never paid much attention until the burly, dark skinned man spoke loudly.

"Who is this guy?" Just as the words left the strangers mouth the older man on the end fell and hit the ground with a loud thud.

"Bob!" He fell to his knees and checked the man obviously named Bob. "He's unconscious, are you alright?"

His pony tail knocked his face as he snapped his head around just in time to see Will standing in front of the person who had walked into the bar and caused a bit of fuss with his scrapping feet and slumped over posture. Greasy brown tresses of hair hung down obscuring the view of the person's face, he slowly raised his head revealing he was hideously disfigured; he was tinged a teal green colour, his skin was scabby and covered with huge red blisters, pieces of skin dangled from his face as he twitched uncontrollably drool hung from his mouth, both his arms, hung limply down by his side covered with scratch marks, blood blisters, sores and loose skin.

In one quick motion he grabbed Will's shoulders and bit down hard into the young bar tenders flesh, ripping it from the neck. Pulling it with vigour from the person it belonged to then into his hungry mouth.

The sound was unreal, he gnawed at the skin, tearing it off with his fangs, chewing it noisily, sucking and slurping at the fresh blood moaning loudly as he felt more cravings for flesh.

"Urgh...what are you doing?" Will panicked as the pain ran through his body faster than a speeding bullet, pushing against the heavy weight struggling to remove the crazed person, blood spurted high and fell to the floor staining Will's clothes as streams of crimson liquid trailed down from his wound. Finally able to push it outside he slammed the door shut locking it fast before stumbling backwards falling to the floor as he stared at the door in disbelief.

The cop stood up from his seat. "There's more of 'em! Listen we have to work together!" He approached the only other men left in the bar.

"I need to help Bob; I gotta take him somewhere safe"

It was too much, seeing the creatures rotten flesh pressed up against the window, hearing the blood chilling moans they emitted from the base of their throats and the repeated banging on the window from their desperate actions to get inside. It was like a horror movie.

"I think we all need to get somewhere safe" He spoke for the second time that night.

"Okay I've tried the door over there but it's locked, quickly help me look for a key or something!"

The butch man held onto his dear friend anxiously watching the door as the others searched behind the bar. "What's going on Mark?" A croaky voice coughed looking at Mark with inquisitive eyes.

Hazel orbs became sorrowful; tightening his hold on Bob as a gesture of reassurance he answered sounding unsure of himself. "I'm not to sure Bob, but everything's going to be okay"

Uncertain what it was there for but thankful it was, the six foot two plumber held tightly onto a 9mm handgun he had retrieved from the counter. Scattering tabs and other bits of paper around, he shook with fear as he searched for a glistening silver or gold gleam of hope in the shape of a key.

"Here I got a key!" The police officer yelled running over to the blue door in the back right hand corner of the bar. Mark carried Bob over quickly as he could manage, Bob's black shoes scraping the floor as he tried to walk but couldn't quite manage to pick them up high enough.

Taking one last look at the mess they were going to leave behind them, the door gave way from the pressure and weight off the 'men', the same 'man' that had attacked Will earlier stumbled in with another two following, both looking and smelling just as gross and putrid as the first.

Slumping slowly at first, they moaned and howled before falling directly onto a terrified Will. He let out an agonising scream as they all bit down and pulled apart his body.

Green eyes showed the terror and dread, he heard the door open behind him, the cop shouted something, he heard Mark walk away aiding his friend. But he himselfcould not move. Fear hit him like lightning, a thousand volts of panic held him glued to the spot. Watching with incredulity as these 'zombie' like creatures literally ate Will. Will's eyes rolled back into his head, mouth hanging slightly open, insides hanging out and snaking around his body. They looked up, eyeing the plumber for their next meal.

"Come on! We have to go!" A hand grasped around his wrist yanking him hard and pulling him inside the newly opened door. Closing it behind them they both panted as they ran up the stairs side by side, he felt the other mans eyes on him but refused to return the gaze, eventually they came to a room with no door. Mark and Bob were waiting outside another room. "Please take Bob inside here, I'll secure the area."

"You can't do that alone I'll help" The police man pointed at himself, without any other thought the plumber grabbed Bob and headed through the door.

He held onto Bob, letting the sick man rest against him like a post. Silence looming thick in the air like fog. With his free hand he admired the 9mm Handgun, he'd never used a gun before, but after the encounter earlier he was sure he'd learn pretty fast. He removed the clip and studied the bullets inside; they were a dark grey almost black. As he placed them back inside the weapon Bob spoke up.

"There pretty dangerous them bullets son, there Lead exposed, non-jacketed rounds. More painful than a thousand wasp stings to the butt, plus if you hit one of us we won't just bleed will probably get lead poising. Here take these." Bob still gripped his stomach tightly as he fumbled inside his coat pocket, pulling out some handgun bullets.

He stared at the old man's gesture, "But...there yours, you need them" As he spoke gun fire rang loud from outside. The sounds of bullets breaking through flesh and pained moans filled the room. Bob, choose to ignore this.

"Take them son, I have some more if worse comes to worse" Bob forced the packet of 30 bullets into the long haired mans gloved hands.

"Thank you..." He took the rounds and reloaded with them, slowly the door handle turned, opening slightly a voice called through. "It's me so don't shoot" The cop walked in. Clothes splattered with little spots of blood, the zombies had followed them upstairs. (Were not safe anywhere)

The cop sighed with relief that he was still alive. Looking directly into a swirl of green gems he smiled. "Name's Kevin Ryman"

Looking over to Kevin who was bouncing slightly up and down on his toes, eagerly awaiting an answer, he considered that because of the circumstances he was probably going to be with these guys for a while. It would be helpful to know their names and vice versa.

"David King" To his surprise, Kevin spoke his name at the same time. David glared at the brunette, a mischievous glint sparkled in the RPD officers crystal blue eyes. "You've been arrested twice, you're on file. David...nice name it suits 'ya"

The door burst open, both Kevin and David aimed, ready to pull the trigger on any unwanted guests. "It's me!" They lowered there weapons. Mark reached out and let Bob hold onto him once again. Kevin looked at David, eyes softening. "You scared me downstairs, don't freeze like that again please, it's not just yourself you frightening."

Mark's eyes widened. He smiled "Are you too...an item?"

Kevin's lips curved into a proud smile a sarcastic line was on the tip of his tongue, but I horrified David uncharacteristically shouted quickly. "No! I don't even know him!..."

Bob chuckled. "That's enough teasing Mark, now come on we're zombie's teas if we stay here."

"Too right, I opened a door on the opposite side of this room. Had a look too, it leads to the liquor storage. There must be a way to the roof from there."

"Right well come on then what are we waiting for!" Kevin grinned. Mark and Bob scurried out followed by David, Kevin walked close behind the taller man, leaning in he laughed hoarsely. "Just as the conversation started to get interesting too" No expression was on his face as he gave David a glance before walking ahead. Leaving David behind, a little dumbfounded. Opening the door, Kevin looked behind him. "You coming or you gonna wait before those guys get you?"

Looking to his right two zombies slowly began to stir and moan. He nodded and followed Kevin, not knowing what was in store for him during this nightmare.

Quick Author note: Eeek! Okay, I had a lot of doubts about this and it's only the first chapter! I'm sorry if it isn't my best work but I promise things will get a hell of a lot more interesting later. Hope you enjoyed it anyway and tell me what you think!