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The Hive part 3

The plastic edges of the card dug into black leather gloves, skin covering the palms of the police officer's hand unharmed even though Kevin was squeezing the key card tighter with every step forward he took. George had assumed leader role in the large hospital thanks to his vast knowledge of the building and most of its content, however Kevin had noticed when Alyssa probed George about what was going on with the city and how come the hospital's links with Umbrella were kept under wraps, the doctor coolly dismissed her line of questioning with a gentlemanly smile and a pleasant answer that more or less said 'no comment' in a roundabout way.

When Kevin had retrieved the Level 1 keycard George had led them back to the elevator through the locker room and back up the stairs without too much hassle, the occasional zombie's distinguished moan and putrid breath could be recognized and was quickly dealt with be it Kevin's perfect aim with his trusty .45 or a bullet from Mark's freshly reloaded handgun.
Yoko stopped, watching the group continuing towards the end of the corridor, she leaned against the wall panting and body shaky, she knew she was desperate for a rest and soon she would have to give in, there was no way her physique or attitude could keep up with the others.

"Is this where we use the key George?" Kevin yelled behind him as he examined a swipe lock next to a door.
George nodded his answer, mouth and brain busy trying to swallow a blue and white pill he made hoping it will make him feel stronger. Cindy held his side as they walked, gently caressing his lower back with her free hand, George managed to choke down the dry pill before raising his head up to see Cindy watching him, her milky face marring concern, George knew this girl urged him onward with her bright smile and cheery disposition.
"How are you feeling George?"

"I'm ok now, I think I can manage to walk alone now thank you."

"That zombie in the locker really did a number on you doc" Jim chimed in not really taking his eyes of Kevin opening the door in front of them.

George straightened up and busied himself by dusting down his jacket. "Yes she did, I'm glad I barely knew that nurse or I would have found hitting her with that pipe mighty difficult"

Kevin turned to see six exasperated faces, fear etched into everyone's eyes so deeply. George went ahead, looking slightly less frightened then before. His fear, Kevin noted, seemed to have been replaced with a keen look of determination and anger. The doctor disappeared beyond the door closely followed by Cindy who clutched her own hands desperately tight against her chest.

"We still haven't found David" Mark sternly growled, his arms folded over his broad chest, hazel eyes boring into Kevin.

David. His name was spoken, it didn't matter who by but someone mentioned him, like a bullet exploding from the canal of a gun and piercing Kevin's rapidly beating heart. His head snapped up, strands of sweat covered hair fell against his clammy forehead. Kevin stared from under heavy lidded eyes and thick brows, "You say that as if it's my fault!? I am trying to find him just as much as you!"

"Hmph! If you weren't such a bad, screwed up cop maybe he wouldn't have run off!" Mark leaned into the smaller man, who instantly squared up to the veteran.

"Don't get in my face grandpa! You may have a few inches on me in height but where I got muscles like brick you got saggy flab!"

"You're a disgrace to uniform!"

"And you should forget about yours! You're not in the army now Major!"

"You are meant to serve and protect us! And all you care about is getting ya leg over! No wonder he's gone! He wants to survive! Not have one last shag before he dies!" Mark shouted as loud as he could, his voice hit off every wall, echoing around the corridor.

Knuckles whitened under black leather gloves as Kevin tightened his hand into a ball, something was bubbling away inside him, it was digging at him painfully, it hurt, and it burned. He was painfully angry, so angry that shivers of rage coursed down his spine but somewhere deep down, he felt sick, and his stomach lurched at the thought.

(David's really gone on his own now, because he didn't want to face me again…)

Jim chewed nervously on his lip, he felt lost and wasn't sure where his place was in the midst of this argument. He saw the others still stood in the corridor, Kevin obviously seemed uneasy and pretty miffed, Yoko looked like she was going to cry and Alyssa smiled away merrily. With Cindy and Mark both in the other room he decided he was better off there and followed them.

(I really don't care much for the Japanese girl and frankly Kevin and Alyssa scare me!)

The blonde lady in red could hardly contain her amusement. Her head tilted ever so slightly to the right, lips smirking upward to the left, and a glimmer of delight sparkled in her eyes. Her heels warned the cop she was approaching, and fast.
"Well, that was entertaining."

"I'm glad I could engross you" Kevin spat.

Alyssa leaned up onto her tip toes; she lifted her hands against thick arms for support. Kevin felt her hair brush against his face and was desperate to push the skinny woman away but refrained from doing so in fear of breaking her.
"Don't try and bring your little fantasy into reality because you'll get your heart broken." The journalist whispered lowly against Kevin's ear. She kept hold of his arms as she pulled away expression smug and smile smarmy before mouthing the words 'He's mine' and turning quickly on her heels before following Jim.

Kevin felt a gentle brush against his arm; he looked down and noticed Yoko meekly smiling up at him, her eyes threatening to break with tears.
"Hey hey Kid, stop that. No need to cry, where's that handkerchief I gave ya?"
Yoko laughed short and sharp before removing the white cloth from her pocket, she dabbed her eyes and walked a little forward before stopping and turning to Kevin again.

"I just don't like to see you fight." She nodded and took a deep breath before speaking again. "What did Mark mean? Who do you want to get your leg-…"

"Forget it Yoko, let's go"

Kevin finally followed the rest, Yoko, waited a few moments, while gearing her thoughts together and pushing down her slightly raised hope. (Maybe, just maybe, Kevin might…)


Contrary to popular belief, David was smart; he may have put up with and done some heinous things that most sane people wouldn't ever dream of, but he knew how to get himself out of tricky situations, and if anyone was a survivor, it was him. That's what he kept telling himself as he stared at the temperature controls in the fixed temperature experiment room.
Two settings flashed at him, high and low. He looked up through the glass into the connecting room, then to the vent directly above his head, and back to the adorning room door.
He had to trap it.

(Blood…Blood…Blood) His mind chanted, almost singing the word, over and over again. It was now or never. He deafly scanned the room for something, anything he could use to aid him in his bid to put a stop to this leechman. Behind him, next to the door he used to enter the room was a glass cabinet. All David could think was go. One step forward and he raised his arm up, one deep breath and he pulled his arm back, one second passed and his hand balled into a fist, one blink of an eye and his fist connected.

Glass shattered piercingly, no time to waste. The plumber knelt down knees pushing into shards, a large piece caught his attention and he reached for it staring into it repulsed by his own reflection.
(I'm numb…I'm numb…guilty…and numb…need to feel…need to kill that thing…losing control)

The sharp edge of the glass shone vibrantly, dulling only slightly as he lowered it out of the light. His left hand held the object, his right arm outstretched; rough skin severely scarred lay open and bare.
Quickly, so quickly like an axe beheading a Queen, he lifted and jammed the glass into the lower of his arm. Skin puncturing violently as the glass penetrated deep, a throaty groan left his lips; he squeezed his eyes shut tightly, allowing blackness to engulf him like the fire that suddenly began burning his insides. He moved the glass, so slowly back up his arm toward the crease, skin splitting painfully as blood poured from the wound.
He was shaking, shaking at the release, the high he was so suddenly consumed with almost distracted him from his task. He wanted to feel, wanted to keep the glass embedded for a little while longer, skewering his skin for more euphoria, but now was not the time.
He removed it little by little for extra sensation, before discarding it. He moved his fingers, tightening them then releasing and repeating the process watching, fascinated as movement pumped blood from the gash at an alarming amount.
He heard the illustrious sound of the vent thumping, he backed up to the door just as the grate fell clattering loudly. That horrible sound, the slurping and squelching retched around the room as the creature landed directly in front of David.

The automatic door whirred open and David bolted through, standing in the middle of the room gripping his arm tightly. He watched, almost blind with panic as the vile mass of wiggling leeches wobbled in the other room gaining its bearings.
Kneeling down he rubbed his arm across the floor, smearing his blood on cold concrete before pressing the abrasion together hoping more blood would flow. It poured out fast the harder he squeezed, cascading from flesh to floor in a wine red waterfall.
The door opened and the squirming leechman slurped and bubbled louder than before, arms outstretched stumbling toward him. David tucked under it, dashing through the door turning to make sure it wasn't following him. His plan had worked; it was now crouched over supping and licking up David's blood. The door closed and David hit the high button.

The elevator pinged as the doors opened at seven weary people stepped out, George's head snapped up, alarmed at the whirring sound he could hear and the slightly heated corridor.
"What's the matter?" Cindy asked him, noticing George's puzzled expression.

"Someone's turned on the temperature experiment room." George bolted through the door directly in front of him the others quickly following suit.
As the door heaved open and whacked loudly off the wall, David never took his eyes off the body in the connecting room, it lay topless, burned and dead.

"David!" Alyssa and Mark both yelled overjoyed that the plumber was alright.

(David…) Kevin closed his eyes almost fighting back tears, he inhaled deeply, relief washed over him, his legs almost gave out from under him and he had to lean against the wall to keep looking cool when really he knew he was probably about to pass out with happiness.

The long haired man turned, eyes immediately locking with Kevin, his stomach flipped, a feeling that felt so much more than the high of the cut caressed him. He wanted to run to him, ask him if he was alright, beg him not leave him alone again but he had to compose himself. (I'm so pathetic, I hardly know him, there's no way he could like me…why would he want to…?)

He coughed before nodding to them. "It's that doctor"

Cindy gasped "You killed him!?"

"He was a monster that nearly killed me remember?!" He snapped back.

"Well" Mark spoke interrupting the two, "he had this on him, a key card for another door on this floor"
The security guard had ventured into the room and retrieved the item that lay strewn next to the doctor's body.

Jim held out a ring of keys rusty in his hand. "And we found these, maybe these are our way out"

"It's time to get out of here" Kevin stood up straight from his leaning position against the wall. He looked at David making sure the plumber caught eye contact. "Together"

The group began to leave, Kevin waiting for everyone to vacate the room so he could follow out behind David. Before the younger man had chance to leave he heard Kevin gasp.

He turned quickly, panicking. "What? What is it?"

Kevin reached out for him, grabbing his arm carefully and sensually, and David had to do his best not to pull away shyly. He let the other man lift his arm, as he stared longingly before realizing what was happening. He tried to tug out of Kevin's grasp but the police officer refused to let.
"What happened?"


"Oh so nothing did this to you?"

"Leave it Kevin"

"No I won't leave it! You're hurt! Badly!" Kevin looked around the room noticing the blood stains.

"I'm fine, forget it!" David growled.

"Please let me help you, it needs covering before it gets infected"

"We're probably already infected"

"Not necessarily"

"Fine! You find something to cover it with, I'll cover it ok!"

David pulled away leaving the room, disgust and shame grabbed him and shook him violently, tearing him apart. (I'm too dirty…too dirty…I'm not good enough Kevin…)

Kevin felt his arm slip away from his fingers and watched him leave, sadness rained down upon him.

(All I want is you…I've fallen for you David)

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