DiabloCat: Just a strange little fic concocted by my strange little mind.


IT emerged slowly from the depths of darkness, eyes flickering this way and that, searching for the one IT wanted to kill, searching for ITS prey. ITS eyes came to rest upon the sleeping man, deep in a dream.

IT watched warily as the sleeping form in the bed mumbled, and turned over. IT crept across the floor, pressed down close to remain unseen. Closer and closer IT crept, eyes fixed on ITS prey. There was no escape...

Darien turned over again in his sleep, and ended up whacking his head on the bedpost. With a muttered curse, Darien's eyes shot open and he sat upright in bed, clutching his head.

IT froze immediately. The prey had awakened, and it was crucial that IT remained unseen. Fortunately the prey was still unaware of ITS presence.

Darien stared blearily at his bedside clock. 2:30 am. Damn, couldn't he whack his head at a decent time in the morning? Gingerly he rubbed the lump, and winced as it throbbed under his probing fingers.

Ha, foolish prey. ITS eyes gleamed in the darkness. It was time to move, to strike, before the prey realised his danger. IT shuffled forwards.

Darien was about to go back to sleep when movement caught his eye. He snapped his head round – and stared into the eyes of a nightmare.

The prey had seen IT! That was not good.

Darien stared. The nightmare creature stared back. Darien couldn't stop a shudder running down his spine. The creature was unnatural, unearthly. He couldn't imagine where it had come from.

Multiple eyes leered at him. It was a face-off. They both stood, stock-still.

The creature moved first, darting forwards, fangs bared. Darien flung himself sideways, did a commando roll on the floor. The creature paused, and then dashed for him again. Darien frantically reached behind him, desperately trying to grab something, anything, to fend off the attack. His hand closed over something – a shoe.

The nightmare creature was only a metre away. Darien closed his eyes, swung his feeble weapon –


Face twisted in disgust, Darien scraped the squashed spider off his shoe. God, he hated those creatures.

It was over. The nightmare arachnid was slain. He should be able to return to beautiful sleep. Yet Darien kept one eye open.

Spiders sometimes came in packs...


...or is it?

DiabloCat: Like I said, strange. But I hope you enjoyed IT...er...it...nevertheless.