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Chapter Thirty-Two

Tony pulled his car into the car park of his building and sighed knowing he couldn't sit here forever or sleep in his car and with a sigh he got out, locked the vehicle and headed up to the apartment that he called home.

He sighed softly as he went up in the elevator and getting off at his floor, moved toward his apartment. Damn it, how could he miss her already? She had been gone for 3 hours and her missed her so much.

'You can't just curl up and die,' Tony he told himself as he unlocked the front door his heart rate accelerating as he saw lights on at the back of the unit and he knew he hadn't left them on.

He took out his gun. Was it Aurora? No she had left! He moved through the apartment, gun in hand.

He was surprised to find Aurora sitting on the couch, her own gun in hand and she instantly relaxed when she saw him. 'Hi,' she said softly.

'Aurora,' he gasped. 'My God I thought, I mean you,' he stopped and then went to her hugging her tightly

She hugged him back tightly. God it felt so good being here, so right.

'I couldn't go.. I.. I mean I can't.. but tonight..' she shook her head mentally. She wasn't making any sense.

'I know you have to go but just for tonight lets set that thought aside shall we?'

Aurora nodded readily, looking up at him. She was crazy to come back and yet she was so pleased she had. 'Thank you,' she said softly, stroking his cheek.

'What for? I haven't done anything yet,' he told her

'For understanding,' she said softly.

'Hey I've haven't been accused of that for a while,' he grinned at her

She grinned and leaning up and kissed him deeply, moaning softly as his hands caressed her body gently.

'You are bad news Tony DiNozzo,' she whispered as she nuzzled his neck.

'Me?' he asked with a grin, a breath getting caught in his throat.

"Yes you,' she told him

'Never,' he grinned before he moaned softly as she nuzzled the hollow of his throat. 'Why?'

'Oh because I know that I shouldn't be here and yet I still came back for more. See you're bad for me.'

He laughed. 'Hmm more of me or more..' he pressed against her, teasing her gently. 'Or both,' his hands caressed her body, slipping under her shirt to stroke her smooth, warm skin

'Oh damn you DiNozzo you know the answer to that one,' she breathed

'Definitely both,' he beamed widely at her, leaning down and scooped her into his arms as if she was light as a feather.

Aurora lay her head against his shoulder, this felt so good, so nice, so right.

He carried her into his bedroom and placed her down gently, the door getting a kick closed before he joined her on the bed, gathering her into his arms.

'Aurora,' he whispered.

'Oh Tony,' she purred his name as she gazed up into his eyes

'I'm glad you came back,' he whispered, nuzzling her neck, pulling her shirt up and over her head gently.

'So am I,' she said. 'You'll never know how glad I am.'

He straddled her gently, leaning down to nuzzle his neck and place kisses all along her neck and shoulders.

'Oh Tony,' she breathed his name. 'Oh God,' she wrapped her arms around him.

'Hmm more?' he grinned. He wanted to take this slow, drag out the pleasure. His hands caressed her breasts through the thin black lace material of her bra.

'Hmm, please,' she whimpered her need for him. She knew he wanted to draw this out but she wanted him, wanted him now and didn't want to wait. Slow could wait.

He could see the longing and desire in her eyes, a desire that matched his own. 'Hmm okay,' he lowered his lips to hers. I won't make you wait any longer.

She kissed him deeply as they tore at each others clothes, buttons and zippers getting ripped off and broken as their need took over.

'Tony,' she moaned as he ran his hands over her and she cried out his name.

'Tony,' she whispered, blindly reaching for him. She wanted him and needed him now.

'I'm here Aurora I'm right here.'

She pulled him closer and she moaned, feeling him pressed against her. She wanted him inside her and she pulled him closer.

'Aurora,' Tony groaned. 'Wait... protection,' he moaned.

She nodded knowing that he was right but also knowing that she felt as if she was going to burst

He ached into the cupboard, pulling the condom on himself. 'Tony,' Aurora whispered, pulling him down on top of herself.

'Oh Aurora,' he moaned her name and they made sweet passionate love, knowing that the memory of tonight would have to sustain them for a long time, if not forever.

They toppled over the edge together before Tony collapsed on top of Aurora, his weight pressing her into the cool damp sheets.

'Oh Tony,' she sighed as he rolled off her. 'That was magic,'

He nodded, kissing her deeply before he disappeared into the bathroom, returning a few moments later and pulled her into his arms, inhaling her sweet scent.

'I can't believe that this is it,' Aurora sighed.

'It doesn't have to be you know,' Tony softly. 'Not if we don't really want it to be.'

'Tony please,' Aurora shook her head. They couldn't be together and she had explained that the minute he walked in the door.

'I know but you can't blame a guy for wishing and dreaming,' he gave her sad smile.

'You have no idea how much I'm wishing and dreaming,' she whispered to him, returning his sad gaze.

'But it can never be can it and we accept that,' he brushed a strand of hair of her face.

'It's just not fair,' she whispered. Life wasn't fair and she loved him so much.

'No it's not fair but I can't expect you to give up your career and all you've worked for to be with me and you won't let me give up mine to be with you. Guess we have to just accept that this is it and savour the memory,'

She held his hand in hers tightly and kissed his knuckles. 'Maybe one day..' she whispered against his skin.

'In my dreams,' he whispered back to her

She was sure her heart broke at his words. 'Mine too,' she whispered just as softly.

He nodded. 'So,' he took a deep breath knowing the question had to be asked. 'When are you leaving?'

'In the morning,' she whispered.

'Well that gives us a few hours to play with doesn't it,' he said softly

She nodded, moving into his arms.

They'd shared dinner, talked half the night and made love the rest of the night. Now they were curled into each others arms, Tony stroking her shoulders. It was a few minutes after 5 and sleep was trying to claim Tony, however he tried to fight it. He knew she wouldn't be here when he awoke and he feared seeing the sun poke through the curtains.

'You should go to sleep,' she whispered to him gently. 'You're exhausted.'

'You'll be gone when I wake up,' he looked into her eyes.

'Yes but nothing will change that not you staying awake,'

'I know but..' he sighed. He didn't want to waste a seconds time with her.

'Hey close your eyes,' she said softly. 'You need to rest.'

He nodded slightly, leaning up and kissing her deeply. He didn't need to say anything, he knew that. They had said it all before and they both knew.

Aurora lay there beside him until he finally drifted off to sleep despite himself, and with a smile she leaned over and kissed him, he didn't stir and she knew that he was totally exhausted, it was the only time he ever sank into a deep deep sleep.

'I... I love you,' she whispered against his lips. She had wanted to say it so aloud for so long but hadn't. Now it was safe, he was sound asleep.

He didn't even stir, didn't mutter in his sleep just lay there curled up next to her.

She allowed herself the luxury of just laying there and watching him sleep, as if wanting to memorise every inch of him.

She realised it was 6am and it was time for her to leave.

With a sigh she headed to the bathroom and freshened up before going to the telephone table. Grabbing some note paper and a pen before heading to the kitchen to grab herself a juice while she thought of the right words.

Finally deciding on what she wanted to say, she scribbled the note and moved back into the bedroom, leaving the note on her pillow before she looked at Tony, who was still sound asleep.

She so badly wanted to kiss him but she knew that it would only wake him up and make this so much harder and she didn't want anything to stop her from leaving. As much as she didn't want to go she knew she had to.

'Bye Tony,' she whispered. 'Stay safe,'

He muttered her name but didn't wake, a smile was on his lips and he was obviously having a sweet dream

She stayed for just one minute before she left without a further word, disappearing into the dark sky which was only just starting to turn orange and red.

It was five hours later when Tony finally stirred and opening his eyes he saw the empty spot beside his bed and he closed his eyes again. He'd known that she would be gone when he woke up. He'd just known it

He found the sheets beside him still warm. He smiled slightly, migrating over to the other side of the bed.

It was then that he found the note and blinking the sleep from his eyes he picked it up and read what she'd written there.


I'll see you around


'Well at least it didn't say goodbye did it,' he smiled and tucked it under his pillow. He knew it was mid morning but he also knew that Gibbs had told him to get plenty of sleep and he certainly hadn't done that last night.

He curled up against the pillow, closing his eyes. The bed still smelled like her and he hoped the smell would linger for awhile.

He thought of the note as he drifted back into sleep.

At least the note hadn't said goodbye