Kitsune Twins By Silver Cateyes

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1) Firstly, as some of you may suspect, this is a crossover/fusion with YuYu Hakusho. If you can't guess just who the main characters are gonna be, well, you'll find out soon enough!

2) Be warned- there will be YAOI here. From both series. No real yuri, though, 'cause there won't be an incredible number of girls. Probably lime level, as ff doesn't allown lemons. If you don't recognize these terms, don't like these terms, or aren't old enough (in your parent's opinions) to read about these terms, leave, because you will have problems with the stories.

Of course, no one will heed this warning. If you don't recognize 'em, you'll probably read it to find out what they mean. If you don't like 'em, you'll read it just to get all mad and horrified and then flame me (WHY!?!), and if you're too young (in your parent's opinions) you'll probably enjoy the thrill breaking the rules gives you. Human stupidity knows no bounds. Well, DON'T SAY I DIDN'T WARN YOU!!!!!!!

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5) This fic is very TWT. I use events from the canon timeline without regard for their order. For example, I might talk about Trowa's time at the circus several months before it really happened. Sorry- but I've never seen the anime, so I have next to no clue about the proper timeline. I like writing AUs better then I like writing canons, anyway. Lovely how that all works out...

6) The whole lot of the characters might be a little OOC at one point or another... I'm sorry. But it's my first time writing for some of them, and I'm putting others in totally knew situations. Of course, a lot of it depends on your individual views of characters- but if I start on that, I'll be ranting about personal opinion and human rights for the next several hundred pages. So I'm passionate about personal beliefs- so sue me!

7) Last note, I swear! I'm sorry for being a general sarcastic, cynical bitch in the notes, and part of the fic. Blame Catclaws.


On the roof of the latest safe house, Duo was indulging in his favorite pastime (well, favorite next to driving Wufei up the wall- that guy was so easy sometimes!) and moon gazing. He didn't get to do it often, with so many missions requiring night attacks, but that was better then not being able to, period. Living on a colony had deprived him of it all together. And no one would have understood his longing for it, either- as a colony orphan, with no chance for travel and no formal schooling, he wasn't even supposed to know about the moon beyond vague legends from off colony, and maybe from news reports he had happened to catch. He couldn't explain where he got the knowledge from, not if he didn't want to be considered one of the street crazies.

After all, who would believe a street kid claiming to be a reborn kitsune?

How long had it been since he had come in the Ningenkai? Nearly fifteen years now. It wasn't at all what he thought it would be when he had fled here.

He had expected a realm of foolish mortals, who didn't know or understand half of what happened to and around them. And many Ningens were just that- but just as many were so much more.

He had expected to be back in the Makai the moment his powers fully matured in this new form, but he found himself staying, and coming up with more excuses to stay.

And he certainly hadn't expected to become so deeply involved in this war that was so purely the Ningenkai's business- but here he was anyway, one of the main participants

-And here I'll stay, right aibou(1)?- he sent to his Gundam, hidden securely at the bottom of the lake.

His answer wasn't in words, not precisely. It was more in feelings and impressions. But it was as close to words as he had ever gotten from any metal. The Gundams were highly sophisticated pieces of machinery, and as such far more articulate then, say, a slab of iron. Not to mention that so much emotion and energy had been invested into them, from the time and effort of the people in the shops and repairs to all that happened to them and was felt inside them in a battle. They had absorbed a very large amount of ki from all the experiences. If it kept up, they would begin to develop personalities that even the others would be able to detect. All the Gods of the Makai knew that he could certainly tell their personality quirks apart.

He chuckled softly at his answer- it was typical of 'Scythe. If he didn't know better, he would swear that his Gundam was taking lessons in Literal from Heero. We have no missions, so we will not be going anywhere. That is good. If we could move from the lake, it would be better. The fish investigating my feet are uncomfortable.

"What's so funny?"

Duo nearly fell off the roof. How the hell had Quatre managed to sneak up on him? He hadn't been that deep in thought.

The small blonde walked up the tiles to where Duo was reclining. "Well? Why the smile?"

"Just... stuff," Duo replied vaguely. Not lying made avoiding awkward questions difficult. But luckily, there were other reasons to laugh tonight, and Quatre picked one for him.

"Wufei's expression when he tasted your cooking was funny, wasn't it?"

Duo hid his relief with behind a grin of agreement. "Yeah- you'd think the guy'd never had a pickle, sardine and peanut butter sandwich before!" Even to an experienced prankster, that look had been priceless.

"Did you come up here to get away from him?" Quatre asked.

Damn. "No, not really." Maybe Quatre'd take the hint and leave him alone... it'd be really hard to explain the real reason he was staring up at the moon. Of all the pilots, the little blonde was the only one who seemed to really try and look past the jester mask that all the others accepted as who Duo was. Of course, Duo was a jester- but he was also so much more.

Quatre wasn't taking hints. "They why?" He seemed to want a genuine answer, and Duo couldn't see any way of avoiding giving one, short of pushing him off the roof.

Of course, that didn't mean he needed to give the whole truth about why he was up here.

"Moon-gazing, Q-man," he said with a grin. "'S nearly full, and I might not be in a good gazing spot when it is."

"You really like the moon, then?" Quatre asked, settling down beside the spot where Duo was sprawled.

"Yeah." C'mon, Q, stop asking questions...



Good thing he had been born a colony boy, and had a very good alternative reason to love the moon... and it was as true as any other reason he had. Duo took a deep breath and started to speak. "When I was a kid on the colony, all we had was paint on a piece of metal that was over our heads. An' it was obviously paint, because L2's always been so poor. Didn't have a lotta money to spend on aesthetic niceties, even back when it was built, an' our sky showed it.

"The clouds didn't move, the stars didn't twinkle, the moon didn't shine. None of them gave off any light. Our light came from bulbs that were installed in the edges of the colony, and half of them were burned out at any one time, anyway. During the night cycle, the only light came from something burning, or from reflections off the metal as the other half of the colony went through its day cycle.

"Now I'm looking at the real thing." Duo stopped talking, knowing that he had said a great deal that wasn't in character for his jester. Now Q knew there was something else- he probably wouldn't stop until he knew what it was.

But Quatre didn't keep prying- he seemed satisfied with the reply. All he said was "I feel the same way- people live on the colonies, and make them into copies of what they left behind. But there's no way to really recreate it- and when you've lived on both, you know which is the original, and which is the copy."

Duo didn't reply, and the two sat, staring up at the night sky. After a while, Duo got up, dusted himself off, and headed back for the attic stairs that they had used to get up to the roof in the first place, tossing a careless "See ya later, Q-man!" over his shoulder as he went. When he reached them, Duo's grin was in place, and he bounced down into the house with his usual manic energy.


(1) Aibou- partner

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