A merged SI fic

Written By: The Differing Fools


Chapter One



Eryn Belmont had the worst luck in the universe, or at least he thought so.

First he had been dragged out of his life as a nice young otaku.

Next he had accepted a deal with an unknown entity, merely because he had been having a headache and didn't want to deal with listening to what the man had to say.

After that, he had found himself bombarded in stereo by voices in his head; that is, until he fell into a nice cold pool. Soon after that he had found out that he was now cursed thanks to that nice little pool every time he was splashed with cold water not only would he turn into a girl, he would also lose control of his body to another personality; a very, very, very annoying personality.

In his male form he had found himself full of power and skill, unfortunately, as he had come to learn, he really didn't know how to use said power or skill properly which usually resulted in pain... his pain.

He had eventually made his way to Japan, where, through bad luck, he had crossed the path of a mentally unstable gymnast on someone's roof. Apparently the gymnast found that because he had accidentally saved her he was her destined lover. He did not agree with this opinion in the least.

He usually spent his time nowadays either attending High School, avoiding the psycho gymnast, or avoiding water.

Oh and lets not forget, his 'beloved' other personality had recently begun to do two things; first it would now 'talk' to him in his head when he was in male form, and second it had recently started a relationship during the time it spent in control of their mutual body. The relationship probably wouldn't have been too bad if it hadn't been with the most perverted and deluded person in their age bracket, his eternal enemy, Tatewaki Kuno.

Basically put Eryn Belmont's life was hell, and it was a hell he couldn't escape. Why, you might ask? Well, because, praise the heavens, Eryn had found himself the lucky recipient of the gift of immortality. He wasn't happy about that in the least.

Eryn looked down at himself in disgust. His new body had been one he had always dreamed of having; he had long silver hair that went down to the middle of his shoulder blades, he had a interestingly pale complexion, his eyes had become slate gray in color. He had an odd, almost wiry, muscular build. He was tall now, much taller than he had been before, somewhere just above six foot. He looked over his clothes, the only pair he currently had thanks to his other personality's, Princess, or Gin as he preferred to call her, spending habits. He wore a simple set of baggy black pants, a black sleeveless T-shirt, over which he had a silver hooded pullover, which was oddly also sleeveless. He also had a nice pair of brown steel-toed combat boots adorning his feet. Oh and lets not forget to mention the worn gray denim jacket at his side.

Sighing to himself, Eryn stood up from where he sat on the curb. Turning around, he eyed the Nekohanten, the only place he had been able to obtain gainful employment... God how he hated the amazons.

Scratching his head, Eryn was about to walk back inside when his much renowned dangerous sense suddenly alerted him to something. Spinning around, Eryn was just able to mutter a simple, "Fuck," before the spray from the car that had just passed through the puddle in the middle of the street hit him.

Eyeing herself, Gin Belmont rolled her eyes. She honest-to-god hated Eryn and his 'style.'

Looking back at the Nekohanten, she sighed before making her way into the restaurant and up the stairs into the small room the owner had given her other half, in exchange for a substantial amount taken from his pay. Once inside she looked through the clothing in the small trunk beside where Eryn kept the futon.

After minutes of searching, she came out with a stunning silver silken dress that had an equally stunning low-neck line. The slits up both sides of the already short dress made sure that no man was left without drool covering him. She quickly stripped herself of Eryn's clothing, replacing it with the dress.

She had a fond memory of purchasing it, using Eryn's credit card and spending his entire pay for the month.

Once attired in the dress she searched until she found a nice pair of black high heels. Putting them on, she checked herself out in the nearby mirror. She adored her face, which was a slightly more feminine version of her counterparts; that is, if you ignored the fact that her eyes were a darker shade of gray than his were. Jusenkyo had been very kind to her, as her ample chest proved, and since it was all but showing it was pretty obvious.

Looking down at herself, she smiled one last time before she took Eryn's clothes and placed them, folded neatly, into the small pack Eryn had forced her to agree to begin carrying, just so he wouldn't be stuck to long in her choices of clothing.

She quickly made her way out of the Nekohanten after this, luckily she had avoided any run-ins with the other staff members.

Slowly she made her way down the street one location in her mind. She really wanted to raise Eryn's ire after some of the stunt's he had tried to pull lately, so she was going to make a visit to her 'boyfriends' home.

After half an hour she found herself standing on the doorstep of the Kuno family's mansion, which, she idly thought to herself, was a little small. She licked her lips almost menacingly before she gave a dainty knock at the door.

About ten minutes later, and much angrier, she pounded on the door with her balled up fist.

About a minute after that the door was swung open, two faces greeted her, one soon showed disdain, while the other gained what he thought was a roguish grin.

She was about to comment on the obviously weight increase the girl before her had when she was suddenly struck by a sinking feeling. Looking down, Princess was barely able to note the large circular black void beneath the assembled three's feet before she was sucked in. As she fell she was barely able to utter a enraged, "ERYN!"


It was another usual morning for Kari Umikage. Fourteen years old, though appearing even younger, and attending the local high school, Furinkan, she was anything but normal herself. She had been trained in her family style of ninjitsu for her entire life. She was the equal in fighting ability to the two best martial artists of her generation, Ranma Saotome and Ryoga Hibiki, who were also her best friends.

Said two martial artists were walking along next to her, along with Akane Tendo. Well, Ranma was walking atop the fence, but it's all the same.

Rather than her usual ninja garb, she was dressed in a black sleeveless shirt and camouflage pants. She had often worn it during her travels in China, though she never got a chance to wear it once reaching Nerima. But, with all her other outfits in the wash, this one had been pulled out of her pack for use.

She adjusted the belt she was wearing with the pants. They were from a military surplus store and were for a very short officer, but even that man must have towered over Kari. Fourteen she may have been, but she was also a very short fourteen year-old girl. Most would say she looked twelve, but perhaps even that would make her seem taller than she was. In truth, she was more than a foot shorter than Akane, the shortest girl she knew.

The two girls and two guys were on their way to school. It was a Saturday, but that still meant half-days for all high school Japanese students. It may have been superior in most ways to American education, but school on Saturdays was something all four would gladly do without.

"Jeez, why do we have to go to school, anyway?" Ranma whined, putting his hands behind his head. "You don't need to know this stuff for martial arts."

"Because you don't want to end up like your dad," Kari answered, "that's why."

Akane smiled. "Besides, this way you get to spend some time with your fiancé."

Ranma cringed. "Why would I want to spend more time with you, ya uncute tomboy?"

His fiancé responded by sticking her tongue out at him. "Nyaaah!"

Ranma responded in kind.

"How childish," Kari intoned with a fake sigh.

"Indeed," Ryoga agreed, trying hard to keep from grinning.

Their playful banter was interrupted, rather rudely, by three figures simply falling from the sky. It was most unusual to see, even in Nerima.

Two of the figures landed with a loud thud in the middle of the street right in front of the four teens, but one fell with a loud splash into the canal running to the right of the road.

"Bloody hell," Kari thought to herself before flipping over Ranma's head, landing on the surface of the canal's water. Standing on the surface, only a ripple signifying her standing atop the water, the young girl crouched down. Reaching a hand below the surface, she was able to get a grip of the person's clothes and haul him to the surface.

Getting a good look at the person, Kari reached a conclusion. "Oh, it's just Kuno." So she let go, allowing Kuno to sputter a moment in the water.

She leapt off the water as if it were dry land, making a landing near her original position. Akane and Ryoga were each helping the other two people up. One was a girl Kari immediately recognized, even if she hadn't seen her in this lifetime. Kodachi Kuno, psychotic gymnast and sister of the equally insane Tatewaki Kuno. She had been hoping to avoid that bullet for as long as possible, and certainly hadn't expected her to show up like this.

The other girl was a complete mystery to Kari. Wearing an ostentatious silver dress, she appeared to be a friend of Kodachi's, though the silver hair was rather unusual, she thought. Well, maybe not as odd as her own blue.

"What sort of foul sorcery is this?!" Kuno yelled from the water, dragging himself out of the canal. His soaked hakama weighed him down, but he ignored the weight the way only a Kuno can ignore something.

"The water walking or the falling out of the sky?" Kari asked with complete seriousness. Knowing Kuno, he could have been referring to either.

Instead of answering, the eldest of the siblings pointed an accusing finger at Ranma. "Foul sorcerer, this is your doing!"

"Sorcerer?" Ranma asked, pointing a finger at himself. "I don't know any magic!"

"It's just his usual idiocy, Ranma," Akane piped up. She was looking at the girl in silver, who she had helped up. "I know that idiot, Kuno, but who are you two?"

The girl brushed off her dress. "And what is that supposed to mean, my dear Akane?"

"Definitely a friend of Kodachi's," Kari mentally categorized. The young ninja was at least sure of that. But how did she know Akane?

She stuck up her nose, looking down at the group, before turning to Kari. "I know of the others, but who are you, girl?"

"Isn't it polite to give your own name first?" the ninja replied, using one of Kuno's old lines.

"Of course." She tucked a strand of hair behind her ear, smiling in a way only somebody self-assured and confident could. "My name is Gin Belmont, girlfriend to the lovely boy in the hakama."

Kari, Ranma, Ryoga, and Akane all began to look shocked.

"Kuno has a girlfriend?" the bandana-clad boy muttered in horror.

"Peasant," Kodachi began, "tell us how we came to be here."

All eyes turned to Kodachi, and it was Akane who spoke first. "Who are you, anyway?"

"Kodachi Kuno," Kari responded before she had a chance to speak. "Deluded sister to Tatewaki Kuno. All-around psycho."

There was bound to be some confusion, as in the world this Kodachi was from she had already met with Ranma, Akane, and Ryoga. Or, at least, there was bound to be confusion if either of the Kuno siblings had more common sense than a gnat. Which meant that neither noticed anything strange.

Instead, Kodachi chose to respond to the younger girl's insult. "Peasant, who are you to speak in such a way to me?!"

"My name's Kari Umikage," the girl responded. "If you want to fight, Kodachi, I'll be happy to oblige."

"Whoa, come on, hold up here."

All eyes turned to the one who was interrupting, Ranma. The boy was holding his arms in front of him, trying to stop everything from happening. "Okay, now what the hell is going on here? People don't just fall from the sky, you know."

"I've seen weirder," Kari commented idly.

"Is it truly that strange?" Kodachi asked.

Everybody took a moment to blink.

Princess was the first to answer. "Yes, I think it is, actually."

"Maybe we can stop by Dr. Tofu's," Akane suggested. "Then we can all sort out what's going on."

"I already know what is going on," the kendoist announced, raising his bokken into the air. When has he pulled that out? "The foul sorcerer Saotome has taken the noble family Kuno and my consort in order to wreak havoc among our group! But fear not, for I shall slay this practitioner of dark magic, not only for myself, but for the lovely Akane Tendo, pigtailed girl, and Gin as well!"

Princess walked over to him, looping her arm into his. "Come now, Kuno dear, everybody else has left while you were ranting."

Kuno scowled. "That foul Saotome must have feared my prowess and ran."

Princess rolled her eyes. "Indeed, indeed."


"This sounds most strange," Dr. Tofu commented.

All of the teenagers were gathered in the lobby of Dr. Tofu's clinic. Kuno was admiring the katana on the young chiropractor's wall, Princess standing with him. Akane and Kodachi were both sitting in some of the seats of the reception area, the Kuno taking care to sit far away from the peasant. The others were all standing with Dr. Tofu.

Dr. Tofu rubbed his chin thoughtfully. "Well, from what those three say, I would say that they're from an alternate timeline."

"How so, doctor?" Kari asked, looking up at the older man, as if she had any other way to look at people.

"It seems those people have already met most of you, while you claim you've never met them. It's not a hard conclusion to reach, by any means."

Princess decided to let her boyfriend gaze at the katana some more, but she was growing bored with it quickly. She marched daintily (is that an oxymoron?) over to the doctor. Looking him from toe to top, she spoke. "If this is truly some alternate timeline, then how would we go about getting back, doctor?" She paid no mind as Kodachi approached, for once interested in what other people said.

"Most likely-"

Anything he was about to say was cut off when another portal appeared. Inky blackness spread out from between Kari and Princess, catching both girls as well as Kodachi as they stood, gaping.

"Kari!" Ryoga bellowed, rushing into the portal. He was able to get to the edge and grab a hold of Kari's arm.

Kuno took Ryoga's example, rushing forward to help free his girlfriend. He managed to get her arm, but was having no luck pulling her free from the inky black void.

Dr. Tofu and Ranma also rushed to help. However, before they got very far a burst of lightning, black in color, burst forth from the portal, flinging both men back.

"It looks like something's keeping us from interfering!" Dr. Tofu shouted over the noise of the black lightning.

Kari closed her eyes. She could feel the void as she sunk into it. She could also feel Ryoga's hand on her bare arm, no longer struggling to pull her free. He was caught in it as well.

Kuno, Kodachi, Princess, Kari, and Ryoga all fell into the void.

Ranma, Akane, and Dr. Tofu all stared, dumbfounded.


I've always enjoyed walking. It helps me think and gives me a chance to be alone with those thoughts.

It was early evening with the last gasps of daylight casting crimson rays against the cloud from beyond the horizon. Those very same clouds had just gotten through dropping a cool rain over the city.

The memories of the past walked with me as I made my way down the damp streets. I swung my umbrella like a cane. I was once an ordinary human being living a relatively ordinary life. Then I had found myself inserted into the Ranma universe.

There had been ups and there had been downs. I had been given a front row seat to the theatre that was the Nerima district. In time I had even become a player in the show. I was now a Ronin at least as skilled as Kuno and many times brighter. I mastered two chi techniques allowing me to sense people around me and to infuse chi into a blade. I was friend and ally to both the Tendo and Saotome families. In fact, I had taken the Tendo name when I married Nabiki. I would be remiss if I didn't mention that I had gotten myself cursed, like Ranma, to turn into a girl when splashed with cold water.

All of this because of some game two dragons were playing. I can't say that I minded all that much, though. There were certainly benefits for me. From them I had received a mystic dragon tattoo that increased my strength and endurance to nearly superhuman levels. I'd also received a small arsenal of magical weapons including a bokuto, a katana, and a bow, along with a collection of arrows. With such boons one could hardly complain at being a pawn in their little chess match.

More recently Nabiki and I had started attending university. It was there that my life got truly interesting. It had all started with that woman. That woman whose name I refuse to even think of. I swear, if I ever meet other beings such as her I will save myself the trouble and slay them on the spot!

Fighting the demons on an almost nightly basis had been bad enough. Even fighting for my life against the Yakuza wasn't the worse thing I'd had to bear. No, because of her I had known hell. Because of her I had worn a fuku! Fighting in heels was bad enough, but now there was the added worry that some monster was looking up my skirt.

Such thoughts weren't the only things that had me out walking the damp night streets.

There was something very wrong in the ambient ebb and flow of the cities chi.

I had never felt anything quite like this before and it had me restless. I wanted to do something about it, but what was impossible to say. In all honesty I didn't even know what was up, only that there was a slightly sinister feel to it.

Suddenly the feeling coalesced into something tangible. A feeling of evil and dread such as I had never known passed over me. I was momentarily frozen in shock as the sensation passed over me like a cold so bitter it burned.

When the chills passed I was left with the sensation that the source of the feeling came from about five hundred meters away and out of my line of sight.

I pushed against the ground with my legs and was propelled to the roof of a single story strip mall. I ran across the roof in the direction that I felt was the source of my foreboding. Traveling from rooftop to rooftop, I was there in less than three minutes.

There was no way to be sure what to expect when I got there, but the sight that greeted me was far from any of my imaginings. Below me I spotted five people, two girls and three boys. I recognized two of the boys and one of the girls. The boys I recognized were Kuno and Ryoga. The girl that I recognized was Kodachi.

The girl I didn't recognize was wearing an elegant and expensive dress that would have made Nabiki drool and turn green with envy. She also had long silver hair and seemed to regard her surroundings with a critical air. She currently had an arm looped loosely with Kuno's own.

The youngest of the group was the boy that I didn't recognize. He was maybe twelve years old, tops. He was wearing a black sleeveless shirt and camouflage fatigue pants. He seemed to be sticking close to Ryoga. Perhaps the boy saw Ryoga as some sort of older brother figure.

There was something wrong with this picture. I couldn't quite put my finger on it.

It was the boy who noticed me first. He suddenly froze and then glanced up at the roof I was watching them from. I got a good look at his face then. He was something of a pretty boy. No doubt the girls would go nuts for him when he got older. He addressed me in a high-pitched voice. Obviously he hadn't hit puberty yet. "Hey you there. Who are you and what are you doing?"

I leapt down to the sidewalk beside the odd group. "I'm Daisetsu Tendo and I sensed something inexplicable from this area, so came to investigate." I turned to address Ryoga. "Hey buddy, you know what's going on?"

Ryoga's eyes narrowed somewhat in suspicion when I addressed him so casually. "We're not really sure what happened. One minute we were all standing in Dr. Tofu's office and then next we were being sucked through a big black portal and wound up here."

"Though I strained mightily, I was unable to keep my love Gin from being consumed. It was all I, the Blue Thunder of Furinkan High, could do to ensure the safety of my beloved Akane Tendo," Kuno managed to spout, all in a single breath.

The boy took a step towards me, "Speaking of Akane, you said that your last name was Tendo. You don't know her by any chance, do you?"

I was suspicious but lacked any clear reason to lie. "Sure I know her. She's my little sister."

The boy's eyebrows went up as though that was the last thing he expected to hear.

The woman in the silver dress spoke for the first time since I had seen her. "Perhaps we should all make introductions. I am called Gin, and I am a princess."

Kuno didn't give anyone a chance to go next. "Before you stands Tatewaki Kuno, the Blue Thunder of Furinkan High, age seventeen."

"I am the black rose of St Hebereke's Rhythmic Gymnastics team, Kodachi Kuno." There was a familiar glint of insanity in her eyes that I had hoped I had seen the last of.

Ryoga grinned, showing his fangs. "Name's Ryoga Hibiki, glad to meet you Daisetsu."

Finally the boy spoke, "My name is Kari Umikage."

I frowned at that last introduction. "Isn't that a girls name?"

The young boy rolled his eyes and sighed in exaggerated exasperation common to most prepubescent children. "Yes it is."

"Sorry about your luck then." I couldn't imagine any parents being so cruel as to name their son Kari. It briefly reminded me of a Johnny Cash song. Maybe I better be careful. The kid held himself like a fighter and had probably fought his whole life with a name like that.

Kari seemed ready to say something more, but Ryoga spoke up first.

"Alright then, where do we go from here?"