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A Season of Miracles

Chapter 1: Wedding Night

The wintry afternoon was filled with talking, music, and laughter as the townsfolk of Colorado Springs gathered at the church to celebrate the union of Michaela and Sully. The happy couple was sitting at the center table, talking and holding hands, sneaking kisses between conversations with their loved ones and friends. The day had been perfect, and Michaela knew that this was the most memorable day she had ever had.

Cloud Dancing had stayed long enough to wish the newlyweds well, and left shortly after to rejoin his family and tribe. Grace had prepared a gorgeous three-tiered wedding cake with beautiful white icing. After the cutting of the cake and the beautiful dinner, the tables were cleared, except for the bride and groom's table, and the town's band struck up some music. The song was slow and beautiful, and the newlyweds were asked to share their first dance as husband and wife. Michaela smiled as Sully stood and held his hand out to her. She took it and he led her out to the floor. They began to dance, and after a good minute, they motioned for the others to join in.

"You look so amazing," Sully whispered as they danced. Michaela blushed and smiled happily up at her husband. "You're really happy?"

"I'm happier than I've ever been in my whole life."

"To tell ya the truth, I'd rather leave this party and take you home."

"Sully!" Michaela exclaimed as Sully nuzzled her neck. She bit her bottom lip as his lips grazed the nape of her neck. Honestly, all she wanted to do was leave and spend the rest of the day and night in the arms of her husband. She was nervous, however, because she had never been with a man.

"What?" he asked innocently.

"We can't just leave," she whispered, her lips brushing against his.

"Why not? They're havin' fun."

"They might notice when the bride and groom slip away."

"So what. They'll know it was for a good reason." Michaela laughed and leaned her head on Sully's shoulder. Jake and Loren came walking over as soon as the music stopped.

"When do you want us to go out and start movin' your stuff over to the new house?" Horace asked.

"Anytime is fine. You can stay and have some more cake if you'd like," Michaela replied.

"To tell ya the truth, I already had five pieces, and I'm feelin' kinda poorly," Horace replied. Sully and Jake both laughed and Michaela shook her head. "I'll get some of the fellas together and we'll ride out to the house. We'll leave the clothes and stuff. I'm sure you wouldn't want any of 'em goin' through your delicates." Michaela blushed.

"Thank you, Horace. I'll get those things." Horace nodded. The music started up again, and the crowd seemed to be enjoying themselves immensely. Sully took Michaela's hand and led her outside. "Sully?"

"Come on," Sully replied.

"Where are we going?" Michaela asked.

"You'll see," Sully replied. They raced across town and Sully pulled Michaela inside of the barbershop where he had gotten ready earlier that morning. He shut the door and pulled the shades. Michaela's stomach began to develop butterflies when Sully turned to look at her with a look more passionate and loving than she had ever seen. He pulled her into his arms and his lips began to explore every part of her neck.

"Sully, we can't do this here," Michaela mumbled as Sully's lips found hers and her words were lost.

"I just want to be alone with you," Sully replied. "I just wanna hold ya for a minute." He kissed her once more before the door flew open and Jake Slicker stood there with his arms folded across his chest. Michaela and Sully pulled apart and looked like two teenagers who had been caught kissing in the barn.

"Oh no. You ain't doin' that in my shop," Jake said. "Besides, you've got over a hundred guests over at that church who are lookin' for ya. We have some of the guys comin' out to the homestead. Why don't ya call the reception quits and have everyone come pitch in."

"We're just letting them enjoy themselves," Michaela pointed out.

"Admit it, Dr. Mike. The sooner that reception is over, the sooner everyone can get ya'll moved into the new place, and the sooner you and Sully can get to your honeymoon." Michaela's face blushed brightly and she looked at Sully who rubbed her back reassuringly.

"Come on," Sully replied, taking her hand. "Let's get back before they start to suspect we've left 'em for good." The newlyweds left the barbershop while Jake stood in his shop laughing to himself.

The reception ended about an hour later, and everyone headed home to put on warmer clothes before they started off toward Michaela's old homestead to help pack things up. Michaela changed out of her wedding dress and into a regular blue dress that kept her a bit warmer in the winter chill. She was relieved to put some regular boots on, because her feet had started throbbing in those beautiful shoes Charlotte had paid so much for.

Sully too had changed into his usual clothes as well, but he was wearing his coat as he and Michaela rode in their appropriately decorated wagon out to the old homestead. They couldn't help but kiss and hold one another as they rode, and everyone they passed on the road had gotten word that there had been a wedding in Colorado Springs, so when they saw the wagon decorated and carrying the beautiful couple, they smiled nodded in their direction.

When they arrived at the homestead, most of the large things had been taken out already and was on their way to the new homestead. Sully helped Michaela pull the smaller items, along with her clothes into the wagon.

Sully found Michaela blushing when he pulled some of her under garments into a basket to load into the wagon. He only smiled, finding her nervous embarrassment endearing. He knew she was nervous about the wedding night, and he was going to do everything he could to help her relax and not be afraid.

"Sully?" Michaela asked as she packed some jars of canned fruit she had received as payment from some patients into a crate to be loaded into the wagon.

"Yeah?" Sully asked as he put the kitchen table on it's top and loaded up the chairs.

"This might sound silly, but I'm nervous," Michaela whispered. "You've been married before, but I haven't." She looked up into his eyes and Sully walked around to take her hands in his.

"Don't you worry. We'll take it nice and easy." Michaela smiled at Sully's encouraging words and she wrapped her arms around his neck. He held her in his arms for a few minutes, realizing that her heart was pounding with nervous anticipation. Sully could do nothing at the moment to ease her worries except rub her back and try to calm her breathing. He kissed the top of her head and waited until her wave of nervousness had passed. "Better?"

"Yes. Thank you."

"Anytime you need me to hold ya, just ask. Don't forget that." He kissed the top of her head and pulled her gently toward the wagon. "C'mon. Let's get to the new homestead. I gotta carry you over the threshold." Michaela sighed happily and kissed her new husband before they started off toward their new home.

The fire in the master bedroom was crackling as Michaela sat on the bed Sully had made for their room. Sully was downstairs seeing their friends and family off. Michaela was nervous, and she began to run her hand along the bedspread, knowing that in a few minutes, she would be with a man, her husband for the first time.

A whole range of emotions were bundled up in the pit of her stomach. She was afraid, excited, anxious, and deliriously happy. She wasn't sure what to expect, but she trusted Sully when he told her they would take it nice and easy.

Michaela could hear Sully's footsteps coming up the stairs, and her stomach jumped practically up into her throat. She kicked her shoes off across the room, and they almost landed in the fire. Luckily they hit the wall and thudded to the floor. She bit her lip, chewing at it anxiously as the doorknob turned. Sully entered their bedroom, and she looked at him shyly from her seat on the bed.

"Everybody's on their way back into town," Sully said quietly, shutting the door behind him.

"Oh?" Michaela asked.

"Yeah, it's Christmas Day, and they wanna spend time with their loved ones."

"So we're alone?"

"For the rest of the night," Sully answered with a nod. "And the next week. We have a whole week alone together without any interruptions unless there's an emergency." Michaela blushed as Sully's hands rested on Michaela's arms and traveled up to her shoulders sensually. As his bare hands touched the exposed flesh on her neck, shivers went up her spine. "You know I love you."

"And I love you," Michaela whispered as Sully's lips brushed against hers.

"I don't ever wanna hurt you."

"I know," Michaela replied, blushing a little more. "I trust you." Sully kissed her reassuringly, this time his lips didn't leave her skin. They moved from her lips down her neck, and broke away as he began to unbutton her dress. The anxiety inside of Michaela was slowly turning into passion as Sully's fingers worked their way down the front of her dress. He finally exposed the skin on her chest and was frustrated to find that Michaela was still wearing the corset she had worn under her wedding gown. He had never had to work with one of those before, and now he was a bit nervous. He slid the dress down her arms, running his hands along her bare flesh. He placed feather light kisses on her shoulders, all the way down to the tips of her fingers, lightly wetting her skin with the tip of his tongue. He backed away slowly and reached up to pull the stockings off of her legs. Her toes curled as Sully's fingers traced invisible lines down her legs as he removed them.

New feelings were emerging inside of Michaela as Sully's hands touched places nobody else had before. Sully could see that Michaela was starting to relax a bit as her head rolled back a bit when he came up to kiss her again. His hands began to work at the strings on her corset, slowly at first. As their kissing grew more intense, they fell back onto the bed, laughing at first, but kissing the next moment. Michaela rolled onto her side so Sully could try to get the corset off. But something was wrong, and Michaela began to suspect that the girls had knotted it in order to stall them as a joke.

Sully stood from the bed and took a break from trying to get Michaela out of that contraption, and he removed his shirt. Michaela sat up and bit her bottom lip as he placed his shirt on the hook he had put on the back of the door. The way he walked slowly across the room made Michaela's heart pound even faster. Her eyes took in the sight of her new husband and his beautiful body. He was perfect, and everything she imagined, but she grew nervous when he removed his boots and began to work with the clasp that held his pants on. She swallowed hard and she almost looked away from embarrassment, but Sully leaned in to give her a quick kiss.

She wasn't sure what was to come next, because the first time she had seen a naked man was in medical school when she was dissecting him. Before Michaela could think again, Sully was throwing his pants to the side. She finally saw him in his full glory, naked and gorgeous. She found herself blushing at her thoughts, blushing at the size of him, and beginning to grow nervous because of the very reason she had been blushing. Sully didn't seem to look so embarrassed, and she knew he had absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about. She was worried about what he would think of her. He was going to be the first man to see her without her clothes on. The only man to ever see her naked before was her father. But that was twenty-five years ago when she was an infant.

Sully pulled Michaela up to stand for a moment while her dress pooled at her feet. She sat back down and Sully pulled her undergarment off, being a gentleman and keeping his eyes fixed on her eyes. Michaela felt as if she was going to topple over. She was trembling and her knees were shaking. Sully gently eased her back onto the bed, and the feeling of his naked skin against her own was the most amazing thing she had felt so far in her entire life. She wanted more of his touch, and they began to kiss passionately as Sully continued to work at getting her corset off. A moment later, they heard a rip and began to laugh.

The laughter died down a moment after and the passion in their eyes told them what was going to come next.

"I'll buy you another one," Sully promised. "But you don't really need it. You're beautiful without it." He ripped the torn corset off of his wife's beautiful body, and he stepped away from the bed and take in her gorgeous body. Michaela felt as if she was going to turn into a beet from the hotness she felt on her face. Sully smiled as he drank in his wife's beauty. His wife. It hadn't hit either of them just yet that they were no longer just courting. They were married and about to give themselves to each other in mind, body, and soul.

Sully pulled Michaela into his arms, holding her close so she wouldn't catch a chill, but Michaela couldn't feel anything except for the heat that was building up inside of her. Her head rested on the bed, her hair still up in all of its pins from the wedding. Sully didn't want to bother with those because he knew that if he did, they would never get to consummate their marriage. Michaela's chest was heaving as her breaths came in short little gasps. Sully's hands were traveling to regions they had never traveled to before as his mouth traveled to kiss the soft, sensitive flesh between her breasts. His tongue began to trace circles on her exposed flesh, teasing her breasts carefully with his tender caresses.

"Sully," Michaela whispered. Her hands ran across his strong, muscular back as he moved up to look into his eyes. He saw the brief look of uncertainty and anxiety in her eyes.

"I don't wanna hurt ya."

"You won't Michaela assured him. I love you," she whispered.

"I love you," Sully replied softly. Michaela's hands clenched tightly as she and Sully became one for the first time. Sully was breathing heavily now, trying to contain himself for Michaela's sake. He searched her face and her eyes were shut tightly. He slowly began to make love to her, trying to make their first time as comfortable as possible. He kissed her lips reassuringly as Michaela felt like a woman for the first time. Her eyes opened, brimmed with tears and full of love. She relaxed as best as she could and throughout the rest of the night, they began to know every part of each other, and Michaela's enthusiasm for cuddling with her husband peaked through. She and Sully both knew that the next week would be spent in the bedroom as much as possible, and both were praying that there would be no interruptions.

It was around midnight when Michaela stirred in Sully's arms. He hadn't gone to sleep because he couldn't take his eyes off of the woman that he had promised himself to for the rest of his life. However, she had been exhausted, and Sully finally knew what it was like to hold his wife in his arms all through the night, smell the wonderful scent of the soap she used for her hair, and feel her warm skin against his.

"Mmm," Michaela mumbled as Sully's hands grazed her back. Her eyes flew open and she jumped a bit.

"You okay?"

"Yes," she whispered. She blushed and choked back a laugh. "Your hands are cold."

"Sorry," Sully replied with a tired chuckle. She craned her neck to look up into his eyes. Months and months of tension between the two of them had combusted and turned into something better than Michaela ever expected. She was completely happy and knew that the waiting had been worth it.

"It's alright," she whispered.

"You feel alright?"

"Mhm," she mumbled tiredly.

"You sure?"

"I feel wonderful," she replied with a dazed look in her eyes and a smile on her face. "You've made me so happy." Sully chuckled a little and pulled his arms snugly around her.

"Good," he replied. "But you've made me even happier." Michaela sat up a little, feeling the pins in her hair beginning to poke her. She began to take them out, letting the blanket fall around her middle, exposing her upper half. Sully's hands met hers and began to take the pins out. She let him remove the pins from her hair, and soon, her hair was freed, but definitely a mess from the curls that had straightened out, and from, well, earlier activities. Sully took Michaela's brush from the nightstand and ran it through her hair, brushing out all of the tangles in her incredibly long, soft hair. Michaela leaned forward as Sully finished brushing her hair, and once he was finished, she leaned against his chest and they snuggled back down in the bed.

"This has been a wonderful day, Sully," Michaela whispered as her head rested on his chest, hearing his heart beat steadily in his chest. "You've given me the most wonderful Christmas gift I've ever received."

"Which one?" Sully asked. They both laughed and felt so happy to be in one another's arms.

"Alright, two gifts," she replied. "You're the first man I ever kissed, courted, married, and made love with. You're the only man . . ."

"And you're the only woman I can ever see myself spending the rest of my life with." He kissed her forehead and let out a heavy sigh. "You're the only woman I want to start a family with. You're the most incredible woman I've ever known, and I'm proud to call myself your husband." Michaela sighed happily and kissed her husband, running her fingers through his hair as he did the same to her. The look in Michaela's eyes told Sully want she wanted and needed. "I thought you were tired."
"Mmm, not anymore," she replied with an eager, kissing him once more. "You don't mind?"

"Nope," he replied, kissing her nose. "I appreciate your enthusiasm."


"It's just something," he whispered, kissing his wife's luscious lips, "Cheyenne men ask new husbands. They ask if their brides have enthusiasm. The same goes for new Cheyenne brides."

"Well in that case," Michaela whispered as Sully deepened their kiss, making it clear what he too wanted, "I appreciate your enthusiasm." They laughed happily together before fulfilling each other's needs and wants, living in the glory of their wedding night, not wanting to let each other go for the rest of their lives.