Leo blinked at his quiet brother, taken aback. "What did you say?"

"You heard me. I said, no." Don said clearly.

The eldest turtle was non-plussed.

Sure, they'd disagreed before, but he couldn't ever remember Donny openly defying him.

Mikey and Raph listened in from Mike's room and their game of cards, interested; you can never mistake a fight shaping up between siblings.

Even siblings who were rarely in dispute.

Leo squared his shoulders and eyed his quiet brother sprawled on the couch.

"You're getting to be as bad as them, Donny," he said, through clenched teeth, jerking his head toward Mike's room.

Don shrugged and pointed the remote at the TV.

"Will you stop doing that and just do as I asked?" Leo snapped, throwing his hands up.


Leo closed his eyes and counted to ten at Don's favourite question.

"Because I'm the oldest and I said so!"

Donny rolled over and sat up.

"You really take that to extremes at times Leo! We all know very well you're the oldest! How can we possibly forget, when you're so fond of reminding us!"

"Jeez," Raph said in surprise, looking at an equally surprised Mikey.

Leo heard the muttered comment.

"Don't you two have something to do?" he asked, sharp.

"Yeah, referee this brotherly grudge match!" Mikey called, giggling.

"There's no 'grudge', Mikey- I'm just sick of nobody ever listening to me," Leo said, folding his arms in a huff.

Donny layed back down comfortably, as Raph and Mikey kneeled on his bed for a better view.

Leonardo tapped his foot for a moment.


"Well, what?" Don said absently, noting the slowed remote response time; it'd need new batteries soon.

Leo balled his fists.

"I asked you to do something Donatello. I'd appreciate it if you followed through!"

Don sighed. It was a trial being a younger sibling at times.

Most of the time, actually.

"Listen Leo, I am not getting off this couch, and I am not following your orders this time. I'd do it for Splinter, but not you."

"Right, right. You'll listen to Sensei, but not me. I get it. Now I really know how it is. I never thought you'd be like this Don. Obviously I've been wrong," Leo said coldly.

"You, wrong? Better make a note of that," Donny said, sarcastic, marking an imaginary scoreboard.

"Oooh," Mike breathed, "D'ya think this is gonna get physical?" he asked Raph.

The elder turtle considered.

Donny apparently had no intentions of getting up for anything, even a direct order from their Fearless Leader.

"Nah," Raph said.

"Remember this Donny, next time you ask me for something," Leo snapped.

"I ask, I don't order!"

"You're not the one who has to look after three obnoxious little brothers!"
"Hey," Mikey protested, stepping out of his room, Raph on his tail.

"For Christ's sake, Leo, is this worth it?" Raph asked, rolling his eyes.

"Yes, it is! I thought- I'd hoped- that you thought more of your oldest brother than this! But that's fine, just fine," Leo said icily.

He pulled himself out of his chair and the most comfortable position he'd ever managed.

"I'll go get my own glass of water!"