I want to say it

Hermione's P.O.V. on telling Ron

I want to say it.

It wants to be said.

I wish you could hear.

What I really think.

If I wasn't exactly like I am,

You'd know.

I really want you to know.

I say good-night to you every night.

And I kiss your picture above my bed.

I wish it could be said.

If you don't know already.

Your friends say you do.

My friends say you do.

I like you. I really do.

I liked you when I met you.

I like you now.

My friends say you like me.

I know your friends say I like you.

I've heard them talking.

And they are always talking.

I get tingles, when I talk to you.

Your Smile warms my soul

Your laugh calms my heart.

If you like me. As I have been told you do,

Why don't you ask me questions?

Why am I always the one doing the talking?

I guess that's just me.

Have you ever read my stories?

They are all for us. How I wanted it to happen.

In stories I write my own ending.

I have chills just thinking about you kissing me.

I imagine it sweet and romantic.

But what is it really? Can I know?

You've seen my favorite cute movie.

You like all of my songs.

You are like me.

But do you like me?

No matter what you say.

I will always remember you.

And How you made me feel.

But most of all I will remember how you made me happy.

And sad. Which I know is feeling.

You've changed it.

I wish you were getting this.

I wish I could give it to you.

I wish I knew how to tell you, but I guess I'll just have to stay silent.

And keep it in.

I'll have to deal with the wistfulness

Over the embarrassment.

Someday you'll know.

But that day is not today.

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